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  1. Iv got a 2010 forester. My roof rack is narrower than your. Im going to try using 2x4 or metal U channel ( can't think of the name at the time) and just U bolting it ro my running bars to make them wider. Might stick out a little more but i need to for my new outback and my wife's sit in on top of the car and that's the onky option i can come up with, with out buying a trailer
  2. I'm going to be getting into fishing for fluke trans stripers out of my kayak in the back bays this year with my kayak. I was wanting to get two new rod and reels. First rod i want to be for Sheephead, tog,potty and flounder. I was thinking a 7 ft Medium heavy up to one ounce lure weight. For the second for bigger bass and blues i was thinking 7 ft heavy 5/8 ounce to 1.5 or 2 ounce rating for tossing big buck tails and poppers but i just don't know much about what to get. I fish the Chesapeake bay with my largemouth gear catching 15-25 inch stripers. Can anyone help me out please? I was going to pair both rods up with a 3000 size reel
  3. I just bought a 2018 outback after going to look at the 2019. The 2019 looks great but i don't like how much lower it sits in the water. Also didn't like the whole floor being flat. For some reason i feel that will just hold water if it comes over.
  4. Striper 46 do you have any other pictures of your setup?
  5. That's what i think. Good enough of an idea for me to do it in spring
  6. I hope this is allowed it could help a lot of yakkers out. Here's the link. If it gets taken down pm me and ill send it to you through pm. Btw this is not me and am not trying to sell it to you or convince you to do this. Just another option is all
  7. I think it depends on what kind of terrain your in. A little pebbles and mud tape would be fine but hard concrete or rocks from rivers I would take the pvc Any day. He also lays ice water rag on the kayak to cool it and heats up the pvc away from the yak and molds it after he's done. Looks good works good and leaves no sticky residue
  8. There is a giy on YouTube who makes one from pvc for him pa14. It looks great and in going to try to do it to my outback. Not sure if I can post a link on it or not
  9. I did end up pulling the trigger on a new 2018 outback with a 2 year warranty that starts when I pick it up in march. Got it for 2300
  10. I love the berkley ripple shad. Kill the stripers on them in the Chesapeake
  11. I actually just put a down payment on a 2018 outback. It was 500 off from the 2019 and i get any hobie accessories half off the full year of 2019. Hopefully pick it up on my birthday which is the third of March
  12. I Havnt seen a video of him and his compass yet only one i seen was him in it right when he got it a review of it. He did not like it
  13. Barrel could you explain what advantages it has? Only thing i could think of is no front hatch to leak but idk
  14. I have been wanting to get a hobie for a long while now. I rrally want to buy new because of the warranty but every time i get funds together something goes wrong. I'm now thinking of getting used. Im just worried about buying a used boat for what is still a lot of money and having it fail. How many people have actually had a hobie fail
  15. The price is a bonus but im looking at the weight. Only thing i would add is the square hatch fishfinder and maybe a scotty rod holder. Plus as much as everyone likes the looks of the 2019 outbacks i don't much care for them. I like the 2018 ones more. Looks like the 2019 sits lower in the water. As well