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  1. Buddy im coming from pa im willing to meet any one at any part of jersey to fish with lol. Its the same distance no matter if i go north or south I plan on it man just seeing if anyone would want to go out and meet up
  2. Hello everyone I'm planning on taking a trip down/ over to jersey in search for my first keeper fluke this weekend or early next week. All depends on weather as I am going to be using my kayak. im really going to shoot for Saturday or Sunday though. Would anyone want to meet up and help a fellow member try to get his first keeper fluke? Im going to be making a 3.5 hour drive for it!
  3. Ahh yes yes that's what i mean lol
  4. Im looking to go on my first salt water back bay kayak trip this Friday in jersey area. I have never done it and want to try to target fluke or blues or both. Would any one like to meet up and fish? Maybe i can learn something new lol. Im coming from PA
  5. Thanks for the link. Its an awesome app now i Just need to figure out which one. Thanks a bunch
  6. Hello. I got a hobie this year and have been itching to use it in the bay. I'm from pa and the shore is a 3 -3.5 hour drive for me. Im curious if anybody can pin point me to some kayak or boat launches? Google earth isn't helping me to much. Would like to try to go for flounder even though I have never fished for them and maybe some croaker or whiting. I'm guess blues will be out of the back bays by now. Thanks!
  7. I would like to be able to throw some smaller poppers like the smack it jr and still be able to throw an sp or jig structure with a 1 ounce jig. I guess I don't need to heavy of a rod for that stuff i think im just worried about being under powered bit don't want to be over powered as well.
  8. Yea Unfortantly I got the 6.6 medium rod. Its 1/4 to 1.5 ounce rating but the butt end of the rod a foot in a half to 2 feet of the rod. Very stiff and uncomfortable because of this If the but was normal then it wouldn't be to bad.
  9. Yea but doesn't have much if any salt water gear. Half an isle of trolling gear Thats it
  10. I took another look at mine. The transducer was at an angle maybe 10-12 degrees i guess from being to tight. I lossned and put a zip tie on it to keep it flat against the guardian bracket. I will see if that works in a few days
  11. This is what i would love to do especially since i already wasted 48 bucks the thing is I live in York pa no one around here has inshore rods like this. I need to drive 3 hours Just to rod shop
  12. Could you elaborated what you mean? I tightened the transducer tight not to sure what tiy mean about the zip tie. I think mine may be up a half inch or so from the guardian
  13. Didnt get an email or anything back. Trying to get a hold of them via phone but that seams to be impossible to lol
  14. Checked for obstructions and all seems fine. Going to email lowrance now. Thanks
  15. Its in a hobie lowrance ready transducer plate