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  1. Ill use Gamis often because they are the sharpest hook I can find with short notice, but if you are searching for togzilla you may want to step up your game. If you are rigging, then i agree that you can beef up your line. But if your jigging you should not jig with anything more than 20lb leader, Youre hit ratio will go up exponentially and your catch ratio will therefor benefit. Plan to lose every jig in your bag.
  2. i watched a guy catch tog after tog on a circle hook with a bell on the top of his rod. IMO it takes the fun out of tog fishing. You're in it for the strike, not the fight. Dont use Gami hooks, theyre brittle. If you plan on jigging, use much lighter line than you would if you were rigging.
  3. Why is there a difference? Ive read that the bunker swim into the wind because they can easily filter out the microscopic algae that is being pushed by the wind. But why would it be different on the island?
  4. It very well could be the hook set. I fish very hard currents are well and I've noticed that I hook fish better with the SP when theres a wind factor and my line is bowed out. it allows for less human error. The fish hook themselves with the sp and the bow in the line will keep me from setting the hook and ripping hooks out. Try to let the fish take the plug and give a smooth lift of the rod to set the hook, rather than giving it a quick hard set.
  5. i dont like regurgitated information. Trial/Error and experience talks. Its important to watch reports and such north of us to find where the main body of fish is but that does not imply that there is not a population of fish in our waters. Also i never said temperature does not matter, i meant that sentence to be comparitive (SB vs other fish). Lots of other fish such as pelagics heavily rely on the gulf stream and its warmer waters to supply them with food and such, or tautog rely on consistant water temps due to their environment and food source. But SB make a long migration and endure a wide range of temperatures along the way. They have to feed no matter what those temps are. Saying that the "warmer" water is the cause of fish not being present is not a valid reason, however you can convince yourself that it is a valid excuse if youd like but im not buying it.
  6. The first push of bass is almost always the biggest bass of the population (except for the herring eating bass) you dont want to miss it. It will be rats rats rats, then giant bass. Water temps do not effect Striped Bass like other fish. These are migratory fish that can easily withstand temps from 40 deg-75deg. Saying that the water is too warm is a sorry excuse for not catching anything or your wife making you stay home.
  7. Next time give me a heads up that your going on vacation so i can take off work. I hope you get into some big bulls down there
  8. how do you know theres only small fish out there? Id absolutely beg to differ. And you sure as hell wont know if you arent out there trying. Just 2 years ago i was ripping up teen size and 20# fish every trip by now
  9. West winds forcasted for the next 10 days. Reminds me of 2016 Fall
  10. that sky is breath taking. great capture!
  11. Im in!
  12. moco last two nights with the main intention of scouting. Found some great structure, healthy amount of bait swimming happily, and a few fluke to keep the skunk off my back. If the bait times up with the bass we could have something magical happen.
  13. Im surprised they arent pumping more sand into the lot
  14. I'm not overly familiar with the species on the OBX. I know that the few times i've been down there I've caught some drum and trout at night. There's one reason why I fish at night, but there are quite a few perks that come along with it. Predators use the the cover of darkness to swim in shallower water. This shallower water is generally abundant with baitfish and highly oxygenated water (in the surf). Shore bound anglers rely on the fish to move within casting distance in order to catch. The benefits of fishing at night are that things are much more tranquile. You can really focus on what is going on with your plug or bait. My tips for anglers that are new to fishing at night are to arrive atleast 1 hour before dark or 2 hours if you have never fished there before. DO NOT USE YOUR HEADLAMP in less there is an absolute dire need of light, which you should then use a red light or a dull yellow light. Once you turn on your light your eyes will rely on this light and demand more of it. Make sure your gear is prepped before heading out. I pack my bag before every night trip, even if that means i am taking out plugs and putting them in the same place. It allows me to familiarize myself with the locations of all of my tools. Lastly, Take it easy. Not even the veterans walk into complete darkness and bomb out their first cast as hard as they can. You have to start slow before you can take off running.
  15. ill let you use my night vision goggles when we fish together