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  1. Saturday was looking so good but we just couldnt get on any sort of consistant bite. Pool fish wasnt even 4# with 20 lines in the water.
  2. First trip of the year for me on Saturday. Spent my last surf trip collecting crabs rather than casting
  3. Ive found so many different plugs and gear. My favorite finds were stainless Orvis pliers that ive used for the past 4 year, a 60lb boga that i still use, and the lucky plug that sits in my truck for good vibes. Found a nice tica/penn combo last week and i was able to get it back to the original owner
  4. unfortunately LSMDJ hit the nail on the head with the current state of regulations. These fish hit 28" and become a target before they ever had a shot to grow to a respectable size. We need to increase the keeper size for the next 5-10 years! It needs to happen before this biomass hits 28". According to a lot of SOLers theres a ton of 26 and 27" fish. Its now or never. Disclosure, I like to eat fish as much as the net guy, and ill keep 3 or 4 fish a season around 28-32". But, I enjoy catching these fish a lot more than eating them. Flounder are for eating.
  5. Two falls in a row of dinkfeast. When you guys are arguing about what regulations youd prefer and what not, you may want to think about protecting these " 26" " fish or the 14" fish rather than the non-existant/mythical 40"+ fish. We have a healthy young population and they will all turn to keeper size within the same 1 or 2 years. After a frustrating 4 years of skunk (shoutout adoboboy) more anglers will start to keep a fish every trip. Regulators will say theres a ton of small fish so lets increase limits. Next thing you know there will be no more Striped Bass. Please protect these "rats" and treat them with respect as you release them. Thank you.
  6. I keep a stash to read on a rainy day at work. Use the search feature and type in one word that interests you. i.e. tog. and read through some of the older threads
  7. No matter how excited you are to take the first cast, take a deep breath and stand up on a higher sand point, rock pile or whatever and observe what is in front of you. Often times youll see something that you would have missed if you just started casting at the surf line. Many times, IMHO, this observation is the missing piece to the puzzle.
  8. Fished Friday-Saturday 8PM-9am. The night bite is frustrating me. I had smelled bunker being harrassed around me but I couldnt pin point where and couldnt raise a tap for 5 hours. I slept from 2 and woke up at 4 from some guys high beams so I turn around and there was traffic on the beach. Hundreds of trucks chasing down 10" striper.
  9. It was an 8ft 3/4-3 oz tica paired with a Penn 550 ssg I cant imagine losing that much gear. and it sounds like a lot of the rods were sentimental to the grandfather, so im glad i can help put a piece of the puzzle back together for these guys
  10. Phil, it turns out it was one of their rods that I found
  11. I sure as hell need it with how my last 3 outings turned out haha
  12. Update: I was able to find the guy that lost the rod and reel and Ill get it back to him this weekend
  13. Ever heard of a wetsuit? Damn Delmarva guys. Hasnt Marty taught you anything?!
  14. Striper typing?... "Holy cow man, this is some good chit" - Striped Bass
  15. My favorite piece of advice out of these 6 pages.