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  1. good luck trying to top that! I had reported last fall that I quickreleased (dropped) a giant tiderunner right at my boots. So I had gotten a pretty decent look at it but never got measurements. The one last fall could have eaten this ~25" unicorn
  2. You have to be in the zone to fish SS darters. They have a very gentle feel to them because they dart and zig zag rather than swim. If you watch bunker in a strong current then you will understand why these plugs are killer. My advice is cast a touch up current, dig it with one smooth faster crank, then crawl that thing til its at your feet or out of the strike some. But ill stress again that you gotta be in the zone. Slow your breath, heart rate, soften the eyes a bit and picture the plug working in the current. Youll know what I mean when you get it.
  3. Not on stiff surf gear and a hard drag! I was targeting big bass when it hit so it was nothing more than a pleasant surprise.
  4. Last night was a grind. The body of fish that I’ve been on decided to go elsewhere but this unicorn saved the night when it hit my ML like a freight train
  5. PSA I found a chicken scratch SP that snapped at the leader. Id love to hear the story behind it. The front hook is straightened
  6. Not skunked
  7. My offer still respectfully stands at 20$ Thanks
  8. Post some pics and prices. Im interested in any slow sinking.Thank you
  9. Does it just have the larger swivel? Something is giving the shape a different look and I cant put my finger on it. I could respectfully offer 20
  10. Ill leave this open for another day or two to see what else is out there
  11. I just ordered one from Louis in that color. Ill take the scaled pearl. Thanks!
  12. Leave it to the cali boys to be stocked up on the goods Do you have a pearl without scales? if not Ill take it for asking.
  13. The pikie definitely pulled more fish. Id throw them if you have them
  14. I landed 1 that was high teens and I hooked and dropped 4 others that were a bigger than that based off of what I could see. No real giants last night though. Same cookie cutter size 20s
  15. bump!