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  1. vs150 with 30lb Makes sense that your enjoying the higher end of the rating. Like @Drew C. is saying, everything is relative
  2. Interesting... I have the same blank and I believe that the sweet spot is the lower end of the rating as i had posted above. Love that rod on the open beach
  3. Heres my analysis of my two main sticks. Both paired with vs150L Century 1265 throws the lower end of the rating better than the higher. Rated: .75-3.5 Sweet Spot: .75-2 Notes: Itll throw 3-4 but its performance drops off IMO. I dont mind lobbing out metal lips but I would never expect to fish them as effectively as I could with another rod. RH Custom 9ft 1 piece (idk the model) Rated: 1-4 Sweet Spot: 1.5-3 Notes: Typical jetty rod. Better be dialed in if you want to throw ligth bucktails, SP, or MD, because this rod doesnt feel the lighter stuff and wont load properly when casting. It will throw heavier plugs if need be and fishes them effectively for a 9ft rod.
  4. Still get some pretty gnarly glare off either. Red does not allow for depth perception, so you must be walking on flat rocks which in that case ill take no light. If its foggy the glare will be there no matter where your light is located, in which case Ill cup the lense to focus the beam on whats in front of me. *ill note that I dont use a light unless its pitch black and Im on some sketchy rocks or im landing a fish in rough surf
  5. The glare of the light on top of your head can kill your night vision and you dont want to lose your night vision in sketchy conditions on a jetty or on the rocks I use the same headlamp but its around my neck and use the foam/plastic piece as a mouth piece when i need two hands
  6. Listening.. Rather than blabbing I may be younger but I take note of the guys that keep their lights off, fish hidden, and lips shut
  7. Bring water Scout during the day and come back just before dark to get on ur rock or settup in your spot. Bring an extra light korkers are necessary Wetsuits are safer than waders but each have their own application. It helps if youre in shape and willing to walk for miles. I primarily fish NJ but I've been making weekend treks to M to challenge myself with learning a new type of structure. Last but not least... curb all of your expectations at the door. This is a difficult place to fish, to learn, and to figure out. My first few trips yielded nothing but a handful of rats. Last year I got into fish in the 20lb range without a soul in sight.
  8. Play around with the trailers when the bites hot and see if one is more effective than another and youll be pleasently surprised. When the bite is painfully slow, trim up the trailers for a more finesse presentation
  9. I've found the most success with curly otter tail styles in sweeping situations when rain bait is around. I will trim accordingly to mimic the size of the rain bait or anchovie. I dont like the curly tails around inlets or heavy water. I have however modified them to work in these situations. I keep a razor blade in my truck when i need to make changes to my trailers. in a pinch ill use my line snips. A curly tail grub is not the same as a curly otter tail.
  10. Mind sharing what kind of structure you are generally bucktailing? How do you like to work your bucktail? I have found that the curly tails have a specific application.
  11. From my personal experience I have found that each trailer has a specific set of conditions where they excel! Experiment with trimming and cutting the different trailers to get the action that youre looking for.
  12. No need for a wagon full of gear. Thats overkill. During a certain part of the spring I will equip myself to have my choice of either plugging OR chunking. I have the side pockets of my plug bag stuffed with lead. My bait fishing rigs are in ziplock bags in my jackets. My bunker is fresh caught where i am or I will throw them in a cooler on ice. If I need to make a long walk I can toss the bunker and some frozen water bottles in a plastic bag. My dive knife can double as a bait knife.
  13. That'll be a No from me dawg A few fish up to 30 lbs here and there but I never found a truly consistant bite. I refuse to fish with the crowds so Im generally on my own, which is why i dont mind posting a report here and there to give hope to some of the newer guys that want to do things the right way. My season doesnt feel complete without one or two giants, but that won't distract me from looking back on a lot of fun moments with new and old fishing buddies
  14. If they were smart they would consider releasing a VS200L But they arent smart... they had this niche market cornered, but they decided to let Tsunami and other companies in to compete at a lower price point
  15. The bonus tag is bogus. So i get annoyed when I see them talking about it. If they feel they need a bonus tag system I would support a lower slot w/ 1 trophy tag per year.