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  1. Swing them with a drop tip. You're welcome
  2. Big blues have invaded the bay in OC. Break out those fish grips and spoons ya filthy animals!
  3. I'll take them for $40. Thanks! I'll send you a PM
  4. FWIW he's into fishing and fishes most places he tours, so you may see him on the water. He's been out with Mike Iaconelli a few times. Just bought tix for 7 shows this summer. The dude is a heck of a live musician!
  5. This guy could be an SOL hand model! ^^^ @sikcrodbends
  6. Appreciate it QAR. I'll see if shops around me carry Revel to check out. Going to upgrade to CC this time around. As much as I love the grounded feeling of the heavier bike, I think I can do a bit more with the lighter frame.
  7. I need a new MTB. Suggestions? Full Suspension enduro/cc style. I was riding a Santa Cruz 5010. I remember checking out a Rocky Mountain and liking it.
  8. Pretty sweet mountain. Its laid back, everyone is friendly, and the mountain has some great features. I also like that its a bit of an outpost. Being in Northern Idaho means less lines and more fresh snow. We had a great day of high elevation pow and fresh tracks all day long.
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