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  1. Damn good deal here
  2. Custom, but the guy has a fb page
  3. Mystic. Greatest gliders ever made, take my word for it. If you find a chartreuse on the beach washed up it will catch you lots of fish.
  4. Came back from VT and fit in a quick afternoon trip before carrying on my road trip. Fields of bait and fish all to myself for a while. And man… it was A LOT of fun. My dad and good buddy joined and we double/tripled up. Dime sized nuts up to horse bunker
  5. I dont know about you guys but I turn cuz it feels good the cool cats call it "carving" @Kneel
  6. misery loves company
  7. I like your point about not exposing the leader to elements. This is an issue for me with prerigging. I noticed this while tog fishing. My pre cut leaders seemed to have much less elasticity after sitting around for a month of fishing. Salt, water, air together is corrosive. Coincidence or not, I was breaking off more easily with these.
  8. Lots to ski here! I'd imagine it isnt hard to find some untapped powder after a storm. Unfortunately, I'll have to stick to the Ikon mountains to stay in budget. Gas prices in CA are going to bankrupt me
  9. Precut leader drives me insane. They were always getting tangled coming out of the bag, they'd fall out of my hands and into the drink, and I find it cumbersome to tie a good knot without tension on the leader. With the spool in my bag I can tie a good alberto knot but i dont have to deal with all that nonsense and i can decide how much leader I need for that spot. I need a much different length and style of leader depending on location. I will pack 30lb and 50lb most nights. Jetty=50lb 7' Beach=30lb 5'
  10. Solitude looks awesome! I really enjoyed my short stint in SLC last Winter. Too bad Park City was a waste of time.
  11. Exactly. They suck and they know it, but they can get away with it because they'll sell out their villas and passes with rich Masswholes. The used splitboard I bought out West last season is too long for these tight tree runs. I am going to get stuck like a fatman in the bathtub
  12. Sell outs... Jay Peak was bought by some purchasing group as well. Smaller group, but I'm sure its only the beginning.
  13. I'll have to check out Copper. I'm looking forward to this winter after getting skunked on the snow last year. And I'll have more time to spend on the splitboard.
  14. Made the switch from ep*c to ik*n this year. My home mountain, Stowe, decided to charge $35/day for parking this year so I switched passes. These passes are good for exploring and travelling but I'd be happier if I could give my money to a family operation. Any way.. planning another trip starting around Feb-April. Initial thoughts are Revelstoke BC, Big Sky MT, Schweitzer ID, Tahoe CA, and some Colorado mountains. Trying to time up some storms this time around.
  15. I was in Utica NY for the weekend. The drive through Adirondack park is prime right now. Caught some on the fly, some in the conventional but I really enjoyed seeing some new places.