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  1. To the OP, the search feature on this site has 20 years of information from some of the best Striped Bass fisherman of our time. You could spend the next few years going through the old threads and learn a lot from it. Try typing in 'bucktail' to the search bar and go back to the older posts and youll see a lot of genuine responses from hardcore anglers. If you cant find what youre looking for there are plenty of guys here that would be more than willing to help answer the dumbest of questions.
  2. Send me a few plugs and ill make sure you get the basic SOL member benefit suite
  3. Couldnt find eels last night so I went to plan B. Found bass up to 15# slurping down larger bay anchovies. I had success with a new retrieve that seemed to cull some of the larger teen fish. SS bullet worked like a spook.
  4. anyone know where I can get eels in MOCO asap? I can be there by 6ish. @Eeeeels
  5. Here are some pics. Don’t mind the mess. That was my ford ranger and it felt a bit cozy in there at times. I’m looking forward to camping in my taco these days. you can see the rod “holder” being utilized. Less slack would have been better.
  6. I needed to get the rods off the floor and up onto the ceiling of the cab so that I could camp/sleep in the bed of the truck when travelling. I simply used to ropes that extended from the left side to the right side of the cap. One rope in the front and one in the back with just a little bit of slack to force the rods to the middle so they went through my sliding glass window. I cut a pool noodle (hollowed out kind) into 1" widths to partition the rods safely.
  7. S/O to the defunct H&L in Morrisville PA. The shop had what we needed but most importantly thats the childhood shop that helped keep the fire burning over the years
  8. Between Grumpy's and Betty & Nick's I can always find what I'm looking for except eels. In that case shout out to Brinkman's and good ol china town
  9. It would be helpful to know which state you plan to fish. Once we know where your fishing, we can recommend a good bait shop that wont try to screw ya over. You'll be screwing yourself when ya hook your first fish. The tackle shop will help point you in the right direction gear wise and youll help them out by spending some money in their shop. Your starter rod and reel shouldnt break the bank (around $100). This is a game of patience, so dont be discouraged when you can't get them to bite your hook.
  10. Thanks for the water condition reports! That saves me a trip
  11. There are quite a few LARGE palomino trout around town. LOL at the sheep that are crowded around the parking areas and refuse to walk. Side note for you fly guys, the white little gnat looking bugs have completely taken over Wiss
  12. A longer rod, lets say 9-10', would give you optimal casting distance from shore. Often times the fish are within 40 yards but there are certainly many times where you need 100+ yds to hit the jackpot. The longer rod is also a great tool for leverage over waves and the lower angle from standing on the sand with the fish out front of you vs a boat where the fish is below you. If you are willing to suffer in distance and leverage than you can fish with whatever you are confortable with. Make sure the rod has a rating that is sufficient enough to cast SP minnows, bombers, and magdarters. Learn to read the beach and find deeper pockets that are in tight to cast into and you will be successful. If you are using a rod under 9' i would advise that you use a 4000 size reel for comfort and balance. That size reel can generally handle 95% of the bass and blues swimming in our coastline. If you lose a larger fish than you will probably have enough reason to upgrade to a surf rod and larger reel. also Id note that 20# braid is plenty for what you want to accomplish.
  13. I'll chime in... You may be right, depending on which trailer you are using. There are all types of trailer and each works most effectively with certain bucktail jig "types"
  14. First trip out front last week was a bust. Snagged adult bunker so I felt optimistic about my plan but the fish never made an appearance. Saw an enormous splash shortly after my snagged bunker which blew my mind. I thought I was seeing things due to sleep deprivation. As the moon rose and things brightened up I saw a ton of dolphins and seals tearing the place up. I didnt stand a chance at catching a bass.