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  1. Thanks CaryGreene. Theres a lot to pick apart there for newbies or sharpies
  2. So much great information in one post. Thanks for chiming in. Time on the water is so important. I ended many of my nights watching bass and baitfish in the light lines around bridges. The small bass would feed on the bait pods in a much different manner than the big fish. Watching how the bait fish swam in the current helped me dial in a few different presentations. I think observing the water prior to throwing that first cast can give me a leg up when it comes to targeting bigger fish. I try to take 5-10 min to sit back and observe
  3. Good point and often overlooked. Have a plan
  4. I tried changing the tube on an old road bike that we have and pinched both before I made it 100 yards down the trail. Its been hanging on the wall since.
  5. Had a giant musky/pike follow me up last night. big fish seem more random in freshwater but I still get the feeling. bigger lures should do the trick.
  6. Check out Supreme surf bags
  7. brutal! I have come close but having loose clips has saved me a handful of times. I have a handle on my limitations but its still tough
  8. its always the slow crashes that get you. turning a hair pin switchback in 1st gear or just trying to clip in on a tight spot
  9. Both are tough but nothing can compare to falling off an 8' bridge into a dry creek bed, slamming a tree at 15mph, or simply slow falling into a rock
  10. Just some good trail riding. Nothing we havent done before! I generally know my limitations, nothing too sketchy while clipped in. Had a close call last year where i popped out of the clips just as I dropped into a techy rock spot, but Id rather ride with them loose so i pop out on crashes.
  11. Opening weekend on the trails for me was sort of rough. Saturday we went to a trail system thats mostly vertical. Climbed up and hopped on "connector" which took us to some unmarked trails that were lightly ridden. We ended up bombing down the backside of the mtn and got stuck having to hike our bikes up a steep hiking trail to get back. All in all good fun but late for an appointment. Sunday went out with a 4 pack to do a longer mtb ride. Out of the gate the crew was crashing left and right. One fella fell off the trail and slid down about 30ft and fell off of a 5ft bridge and gashed his head open. Then my girl who was riding great lost momentum before the biggest bridge of the day and fell down 8' into a nearly dry creek bed. GNARLY crash. pedals did not unclip, thought she hit her face, and split her knee down to the bone. Spent a few hours in the ER getting her stitched up and shes on the road to recovery. All things considered shes doing well but man this sport is not for the faint of heart.
  12. I've had bluefin within casting distance a handful of times. pretty wild when they're 75yds away and rolling on the surface
  13. hate getting this feeling and not being able to fish!
  14. Maybe some of the other big fish guys can chime in on this... Do you guys get the 'feeling' when a big one is down there? You know what I mean. There a zen sort of feeling that calms the body and the mind and you have a laser focus on trying to fool the one. Its not every night but you know when they're lurking within casting distance. Often times I get this feeling and I'll still go home skunked but I break it down in my head on the car ride home why I couldn't get bit. Newbies, this feeling comes with time on the water. You may be lucky to catch a big one, but you need to figure out what made you so lucky to tango with the bull. @SC would love to get your personal take on this
  15. I moved on from NJ so now I'll be invading your northern waters I'm going to need a plug or two from you