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  1. Too many fun nights to count at the plant. Big fish, small fish, lots of laughs, leaking waders, seals making me almost **** my waders, 30mph NE in a blizzard with fish on every cast. Definitely wasnt a place where you felt the pressure of catching large every trip. You went there to help with the cabin fever and enjoy some fresh air in the dead of winter.
  2. Fair point but youre not factoring in air temps. It can be in the 50s at night and when Im dead-still trying to be in a zen state Id rather not be shivering. You are right that the water temps are still semi warm which is why the fishing can be outstanding in october.
  3. Just get waders that dont leak and layer up underneath, wool socks with sweats tucked into them. I use the same gloves all season. I dont think you need wool gloves until late december or january. Jacket depends on what kind of fishing you want to do. Are you getting blasted by waves on a jetty or are you standing shin deep at the surf line?
  4. Theyre complicated pieces of wood. It takes time and practice to understand each metla lip, so the art of fishing one is an attraction within itself. And when you get your first hit, youll know exactly why people fish them.
  5. Id rather not have 25 guys stacked on a point casting tins over my head. But hey, whatever your into
  6. You can let the jig slide on the bottom. It allows you to pitch around more and lose less gear. I like jigging around slack with 1-1.5 oz. Sand Fleas on jigs are deadly
  7. Where the hell was there lock at that place? I did all sorts of tricks to get inside that plant and succeeded but i never came across a lock To the OP, the internet is a tool and I pass a lot of time at work looking at navionics, tide charts, google earth and this forum to help put together the week's plans.
  8. If I am in a tidal area or an area that is primarily known as a LMB location I will bring a snakehead or two home for dinner. If I am fishing an area that has been taken over by snakehead or its a dead pond and snakehead have given some life to the area than i will release them.
  9. I put my time in to find the big fish. blitzes and fast action nights are just rewards for countless nights of no sleep, sore muscles, and lost gear. Ill take 1 big fish a season over a season of rats. With that said, I like to break the skunnk first.
  10. Haha yea ive had a few now that haunt me at night. But to your OP, I use the fish grips with Blues and Fast bass action. If Im specifically targeting giant bass I will bring the 60 boga to help with releasing and landing
  11. Been there done that (40#) and I should have had a gaff. Lesson learned. I dropped that behemoth because I got hit with a waves and the boga opened on me.
  12. It depends on the lake. If it is a known snakehead lake then ill release. If its a lake that normally produces bass and snakehead are new than I will take it home for dinner.
  13. I've fished gator bluefish blitzes with 1 pack of zman. Youll lose your rig before a bluefish bites a zman in half
  14. Darters on a death roll, Light Bucktails on the glide and drop, Bottles on a slow roll, and Wawa on a classic roll
  15. The easiest way to spot the googan on the beach is look for the guy that is soaking bait and standing 20 yards away plugging/bucktailing. DONT DO IT. Become a master of each seperately. Each has its own purpose and its own conditions where they excel. To answer your question: go with a light 8 ft settup and a 4k sized reel for bucktailing(penn battle was a good suggestion)