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    Easy going, carefree, always willing to help others, give advise to anything related to fishing, fishing locations, tackle and so forth. Florida is a fishing mecca and it's easy to get lost amid the fishing chaos. It's a big plus to know someone who is willing to share and share alike their own experiences in a friendly, knowledgeable way.
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    Fishing! I fish ALL the time ALL over the state of Florida for all kinds of fish. I tag sharks for NOAA's apex predator program. I work full time and have a wife who enjoys fishing as much as I do. I live a modest life and take the days as they come...or take the fish as they come LoL. I specialize in fishing for BIG sharks from the surf but enjoy other types of fishing as well, Snook, Tarpon, etc. I enjoy hooking up with others, going on fishing trips, doing whatever it takes to score the fish!
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  1. Bass gone wild! They can run but they cannot hide lol Tearing up the glades day and night. Crazy tournament action. Topwater rules this time of year. And the hits are insane….boom! Seems like these higher temps get them meaner!
  2. Tournament Tanks! Water levels dropping in the Glades. Makes for some THICK maneuvering lol Fishing is just as thick, day or night!
  3. Although I don’t take my yak out in the open ocean in 80 feet of water, I have taken it in 25-30 mph frontal winds with big white capped waves with no issues whatsoever.…..very stable and secure. The hulls are about the same, too. These OT Minn Kota powered yaks are basically built like small powered gas boats anyway.
  4. I have the Oldtown Minn Kota 106 Sportsman version and it has been a total game changer for all my needs here in South Florida, basically the King of the Everglades. When all things were said and done, it came down to it or the autopilot 120 but the 120 would be total chaos for me to transport and launch solo in some of these crazy remote everglades launch sites, especially at night! Plus the motor sticks down almost twice the distance on the autopilot--it has to for the spot lock feature. Spot lock is simply no use to me, either. Just not practical in the glades. In the 106 I can motor it through mere inches of water topped out with the thickest stuff imaginable and basically park it anywhere and catch monsters. Having said all that, I would take the motorized kayak over everything else period! Case closed lol Especially for your intended usage. And that's what it all boils down to: getting the BEST boat for the intended usage Oldtown 106 doing its thing lol
  5. I use this Foreverlast net. It's a very light medium sized rubber net that is easy to stow. Although I am not a religious net user off a kayak, they do make sense and come in very handy when bringin in a 8-9lb largemouth bass with a big treble hooks thrashing all over the place. Trying to lip-grip a fish like that is just asking for trouble, in my opinion.
  6. Pullin in the sunshine!
  7. Lock that sucker up! Especially here in Florida. So your usual cable thinking was spot on and should remain and there is no other options, no unpacking and carrying it up a flight of stairs to put in your second floor hotel room lol.
  8. I hear ya on the dragging and banging around. I was at a dealer and saw a 5k Hobie Pro Angler with long scratches down it’s side, amongst other issues. Seems they unpack these things and aren’t so careful. Or they give out test drives lol I’m sure this damage doesn’t happen at the factory, either. I’ve seen some of these delivered strait from the factory to people’s houses and the packaging looks extremely robust! When unpacked, the hulls were perfect. Can always go that route if you replace yours. As for Old Town even offering you another kayak, that’s about as fair as it gets for an off-center drain plug. Up to you if you take their offer or not. At least they offered, which I think shows a lot…like making their customers happy!
  9. Maybe you should send this exact photo to Old Town and say exactly what you say on here. Maybe they can correct this for you, one way or the other. I mean, if they do not know about these quality control issues, even though they are supposed to know or even though they should know, does not mean that you cannot at least try. Voice you concerns and put the ball into their hands. I've heard they bend over backwards for their customers. Even though this might appear trivial to some and not worth the hassle, they might respond in a very positive way to make you a happy camper!
  10. Everglades has been on fire here in South Florida, day or night, slamming most anything. Topwater has been especially exciting! p
  11. This is what I have waiting for me when I get home from day of fishing! Now that’s a good wife, plain and simple, sweetest girl of all!
  12. My personal rating is thumbs down. The migration wasn't much of anything this year compared to other years. Sure, sharks are around and most of them are residential. I didn't even fish much for the migrating fish this season. I have spoken to NOAA about this and they are of the same opinion. Most marine biologist attribute it to an increase in temperature. Call it global warming or whatever. The main player is temperature. Our water temps are just not the same. Nothing really abrupt enough to get them moving. No trigger. Heck, we only had one or two semi cold days this year. Last week we had a big front move down, and I was on the water the next day with temps clawing at the upper 80's almost into the 90's! I've noticed very warm temps on the freshwater side of things as well. By and large, all the typical Floridian migrations, runs, etc. have seen drastic declines every year....IMHO.
  13. I have this Diawa belt, a soft belt. It’s very light and about the best I’ve used for beach fishing. Sometimes when I get home and into my house, I still have the thing on! lol
  14. Catching sharks in rough surf
  15. Sunshine Skyway lit with Ukrainian colors! I was there that wet, windy morning when the old Skyway span was knocked down. Not a pretty site. But all things come back, sooner or later, as example here.