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    Easy going, carefree, always willing to help others, give advise to anything related to fishing, fishing locations, tackle and so forth. Florida is a fishing mecca and it's easy to get lost amid the fishing chaos. It's a big plus to know someone who is willing to share and share alike their own experiences in a friendly, knowledgeable way.
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    Fishing! I fish ALL the time ALL over the state of Florida for all kinds of fish. I tag sharks for NOAA's apex predator program. I work full time and have a wife who enjoys fishing as much as I do. I live a modest life and take the days as they come...or take the fish as they come LoL. I specialize in fishing for BIG sharks from the surf but enjoy other types of fishing as well, Snook, Tarpon, etc. I enjoy hooking up with others, going on fishing trips, doing whatever it takes to score the fish!
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  1. With your stated budget and expectations, might want to look into the Star Stellar Lite surf rods. They have a 2-5 and 3-8, both 11 footers. Have both and they are very nice rods that get the job done. The 2-5 is around $130, 3-8 around $140...not too bad for what you get out of them, which is light weight, durability, and great casting.
  2. I've gotten them up to 100lbs on a 9oz Stella 4k 20lb line, 7.6 Avid Inshore rod....but that was in an inlet, big difference. Also on a Stella, big difference. I would not recommend targeting the larger Tarpon on the open beach with the light stuff. Getting spooled is, well, a thrill but not so good for the fish swimming away with hundreds of yards of line dangling from its mouth (if a break-off). If not, then the fight time could do them in. All said and done, it's doable and certainly possible. However, I would recommend gearing up to get the job done as fast and as efficient as possible. My 2 pennies.
  3. Jumping them is part of the learning curve to get a good sense on how to stick them. Smaller fish tend to be easier to hook than the larger ones, but the smaller fish can be out of the water much longer. When you get into fish over hundred pounds, the real fun begins! Tarpon action was wild this year down here on the SE coast of Florida, lots of beach and inlet action with lots of landed fish. You should do well over on the island. Will be in the deep Keys myself getting into more of them this weekend. Tons down there. Best of luck to ya!
  4. Great Tarpon fishing over there in Puerto Rico during the winter months...not so winterish but perfect for both residential Tarpon as well as some big cruisers. Water temps keep them contained and active over there. Water is crystal clear, fish are very on/off but when they eat, they eat well. Might want to look into some of the Hogy products. I do well with those in the clear water, places like the Keys. Tarpon will nail those lures, paddle tails and big swimmers. They hit hard baits when it's dark, small or large, depending on the bait around and their size. Leader up. I usually run 60lb floro leader as a minimum standard. If targeting the bigger fish or happen along a pod with giant fish, then go 80 to 100. I only use floro leader because Tarpon have big eyes and see extremely well. Guides down there know about the fish, their immediate location, back bays and many other secluded areas that have activity. You may "jump" a bunch of them before you actually hookup solid to one. Just the way it is. They don't call them Silver Kings for nothing LoL.
  5. That idea sounds far fetched and I don't think it would fly with the USGS. My dad worked for USGS and was one of the first in a group to pioneer deep well injection here in the state of Florida. These geologist are very specific to what works and what doesn't work with deep well injection. Regardless of these so called ideas, the Feds have just approved a 1.6 billion dollar reservoir that will take about 2.5 years to build. The reservoir will be the southern most containment area instead of the current east and west drainage routes. Yes, progress is happening. So things are in motion to solve this Lake O problem, which is a real and observable step at this point in time. Action is what counts.
  6. Gotta put in my 2 Pennies on these Hogy Pro Tail baits in south Florida off the beaches. Simply speaking, I am totally impressed! Was in a blitz this morning, Tarpon, Jacks, Bluefish...you name it, like every single cast hook-up kinda fishing. The fish were so thick chasing the bait and causing the bait to jump out of the water onto the dry beach to get away. The one Pro Tail that I had on would not stop catching fish, every single cast, cast after cast....fish on. Yet the lure held up completely intact. These are toothy fish, the worst kind for any soft bait. Had no problem with swimming it, either. Was tossing the 2oz. Certainly had no problem hooking fish after fish after fish. Amazing, in my book, for a soft plastic. Usually have to change out after one hit. Hats off to Hogy.
  7. Was solo fishing in the deep dark night on a lone beach for sharks. Bad enough hauling baits out 300yds in pitch blackness. Was sitting on the beach, you know how it goes, all the little subtle sounds, whispers, wind, waves clicking, cracks and creeps, just sittin there chillin, waiting on the rod to go off when, suddenly, I heard a strange growl-like sound right next to me. Whipped around with the light and low and behold a big fox was flashing it's teeth at me, inches from my shoulder, growling! Yikes! Seems the bait I had laying around lured it in. Moral of the story is: watch thy back, not only for demons of the night or punk skunk people but wild animals as well. Anything is possible in the dark of night, anything. Solved most of those fears by packing hollow points. Good feeling having help when needed
  8. Okay, so you've lived here 5 years.....So tell us why fishing on the east coast of Florida sucks unless by boat? Sounds rather absurd to me. Really, tell us why the fishing is so bad that you felt inclined to make an absurd blanket statement like that. All ears.
  9. I’ve ran across this before with shark fishing here in south Florida. It’s important to establish an equal footing with all aspects of the sport to all team-mates because down here it takes a team effort to catch and release some these monsters. Came across a few guys buttering up, putting on a big show, all friendly and willing and nice and open and once they learn all the tricks….GONE! All grown up LoL. Then the spot burning begins and the fish die and the press has a field day….blah, blah, blah. Really hard to weed out those who are the real deal. Kinda hardens the soul, if you know what I mean. Can be very disappointing to think you’ve made a great team-mate only to learn in a bitter way that they were only there to get what they can out of you for their own ego infested fishing adventures. Don’t really think that there’s a clear answer to sum up anyone, either, whether it be for fishing or anything else. Gotta roll with the dice, sometimes, see how things work out. Regardless, I never let them “win” by not giving others a fair shake, or by clamming up for good. Lot of good people out there with good intentions. Gotta have a little faith and, just like fishing, keep on plugging…..would be my 2 pennies.
  10. ^ Very good assumption, here (for east coast). I, too, have spent not only hours but days on the beach, days and nights….all night and all day in all these areas, both on the beach and off the beach, and have seen no dead fish, no red tide. Only thing I have seen is TONS of action, action all over, rivers of mullet with Tarpon and everything else under the sun busting them. So much hype going on about this red tide here on the east coast with more people spending more time yapping about it instead of actually being out there fishing it, spending more time scaring off folks from being near the water. Tons of seaweed the last few months, tons of it, more than I’ve seen in years. And I’m quite sure this has something to do with a lot of the nasal assumptions taking place. Even if small concentrations of red tide is confirmed, so what? It’s the natural deal of Nature’s cards. Live with it. Fish around it or in it. Heck, I’ve had some very epic days fishing right in the middle of it! Point here is to not let this stuff scare ya off or change those travel plans. Lot of fishing action and excitement to be had here on the east coast, in some cases better than ever. My 2 Pennies.
  11. Might want to check into Yo Zuri MAG minnow. It’s supposedly designed for superior casting. Has some sort of magnetic weight transfer system built in. Can hear it load up or click when casting. It flys....all I can say.
  12. Well, you do get what you pay for, as the saying goes. I went with a much cheaper one because I did not want to spend the money and thought wheels are wheels LoL. Was like pulling a tank through the sand! I'm too old for that LoL.
  13. Man, is this thing nice! Should've gotten it a long time ago. I used it today and in the deepest sand I could pull it with my pinky finger! It's that easy with loads. Feels like its motorized LoL. It's built very sturdy, TIG welded, stainless fasteners....very thought out. Tires are poly, very durable, literally "float" over sand.
  14. Guys it’s only a 48 hour closure/warning thing in certain public parks. We’ve had tons of seaweed activity, so that may be why the resp issues. Nothings has been confirmed yet. Jupiter beach is a common bacterial closure related to the St Lucy river dump, Carlin Park. Relax and stay tuned. Fishing is still great. No dead fish on ANY beach. Red Tide very rare here on east coast. Will keep ya posted real time.
  15. I’m over on west coast right now, Skyway area. Was also out at Dunedin. No issues to report in real time. Big Tarpon jumping all over the place at Skyway, tons of bait activity. Air quality excellent! Very nice. Not so doom and gloom. Looks quite normal these areas. Get your rods out, dust ‘em off and go get ‘em! Only thing I saw red over here was the sun drop lol