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    Easy going, carefree, always willing to help others, give advise to anything related to fishing, fishing locations, tackle and so forth. Florida is a fishing mecca and it's easy to get lost amid the fishing chaos. It's a big plus to know someone who is willing to share and share alike their own experiences in a friendly, knowledgeable way.
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    Fishing! I fish ALL the time ALL over the state of Florida for all kinds of fish. I tag sharks for NOAA's apex predator program. I work full time and have a wife who enjoys fishing as much as I do. I live a modest life and take the days as they come...or take the fish as they come LoL. I specialize in fishing for BIG sharks from the surf but enjoy other types of fishing as well, Snook, Tarpon, etc. I enjoy hooking up with others, going on fishing trips, doing whatever it takes to score the fish!
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  1. ^ Very good assumption, here (for east coast). I, too, have spent not only hours but days on the beach, days and nights….all night and all day in all these areas, both on the beach and off the beach, and have seen no dead fish, no red tide. Only thing I have seen is TONS of action, action all over, rivers of mullet with Tarpon and everything else under the sun busting them. So much hype going on about this red tide here on the east coast with more people spending more time yapping about it instead of actually being out there fishing it, spending more time scaring off folks from being near the water. Tons of seaweed the last few months, tons of it, more than I’ve seen in years. And I’m quite sure this has something to do with a lot of the nasal assumptions taking place. Even if small concentrations of red tide is confirmed, so what? It’s the natural deal of Nature’s cards. Live with it. Fish around it or in it. Heck, I’ve had some very epic days fishing right in the middle of it! Point here is to not let this stuff scare ya off or change those travel plans. Lot of fishing action and excitement to be had here on the east coast, in some cases better than ever. My 2 Pennies.
  2. Might want to check into Yo Zuri MAG minnow. It’s supposedly designed for superior casting. Has some sort of magnetic weight transfer system built in. Can hear it load up or click when casting. It flys....all I can say.
  3. Well, you do get what you pay for, as the saying goes. I went with a much cheaper one because I did not want to spend the money and thought wheels are wheels LoL. Was like pulling a tank through the sand! I'm too old for that LoL.
  4. Man, is this thing nice! Should've gotten it a long time ago. I used it today and in the deepest sand I could pull it with my pinky finger! It's that easy with loads. Feels like its motorized LoL. It's built very sturdy, TIG welded, stainless fasteners....very thought out. Tires are poly, very durable, literally "float" over sand.
  5. Guys it’s only a 48 hour closure/warning thing in certain public parks. We’ve had tons of seaweed activity, so that may be why the resp issues. Nothings has been confirmed yet. Jupiter beach is a common bacterial closure related to the St Lucy river dump, Carlin Park. Relax and stay tuned. Fishing is still great. No dead fish on ANY beach. Red Tide very rare here on east coast. Will keep ya posted real time.
  6. I’m over on west coast right now, Skyway area. Was also out at Dunedin. No issues to report in real time. Big Tarpon jumping all over the place at Skyway, tons of bait activity. Air quality excellent! Very nice. Not so doom and gloom. Looks quite normal these areas. Get your rods out, dust ‘em off and go get ‘em! Only thing I saw red over here was the sun drop lol
  7. Best thing to do is download the ‘Fish-Hunt’ free app on your phone. It’s an FWC app that answers ALL of your fishing/hunting questions and does ALL the necessary licensing instantly for Florida fisheries. Your license stays on the app for whatever you are fishing for, even has an auto renew function and an auto update function if regs change. App also has species ID and bag/size limits for each. Very handy. Get it and go fishing. End of story. lol
  8. In a nutshell, rough surf turns up the bottom crustaceans, clouds the water, and disorients the bait fish, a delicious recipe for predators, which they ALL take advantage of. Some of my best fishing has been on the wildest days....or nights, times when no soul would dare go out lol
  9. I bought one of those SeaStriker carts and the thing literally fell apart. Guess you get what you pay for LoL. Don't know how many have pulled a cart with those big Poly tires, man, does that makes ALL the difference! Like Wow. The thickest sand feels like a flat road. So I got one of those Fish N Mate Jr carts with the big Poly tires, all aluminum, TIG welded...seems like a nice cart, waiting on it to arrive.
  10. Lot of PP "imposters" out there, especially on the Bay, which has given it a bad rap in some camps. Bought a bad or "cheap" batch once and had nothing but break-offs. Looked official, same name, same packaging, etc. Sure did fool me. I try to buy only from reputable places that have always giving me the real deal. No break-offs or performance issues since. Just be mindful of that.
  11. Exactly. I'm 6-1 and the tail was over my knee cap and fish flat against my chest like hugging a log, not held out like they usually do. Camera operator was very, very lame, some Googan flipping out...too bad. Fish measured out just over 50 inches. And if I had my official IGFA measuring device, could've submitted it and gotten a length record (current length record is 44.4). Next time I will snap a pic of the tape on the big girls for the all the doubters LoL.
  12. Hit the inlets. I've been getting so many Tarpon on lures it's like a blitz! Fun fish on light tackle. Nights kinda tricky because have to use sound to bow to them instead of the usual visual.
  13. They can get big here in Florida, too. This one although a blurry shot was big Florida snook caught at the local inlet...over 50in. Guy with the camera had no clue Lol
  14. Ford vs Kavanaugh. For those who don't know LoL Brett Kavanaugh was appointed to the supreme court by Donald Trump. Some chic (Christine Ford) suddenly comes out, accusing him of attempted rape back in the early 80's at a wild party. Ford is now a prominent professor, Kavanaugh a prominent judge, both of whom allegedly uphold the highest moral and ethical standards. So WHO IS LYING?
  15. Well, then, why don't you just use the same Stella c5k you have now on different rods? That's a very nice reel you got there for the area. That's what I do here in S. Florida with my 6k, which makes sense in my book. When I pull out the surf rod, I slap my 6k on it. When I'm working plugs in the inlet on an inshore rod, I slap the same 6k on it. Or if I'm on a bridge in the Keys, same 6k slapped on another rod. I could get a few more 6k's tomorrow if I wanted to but I can't justify the reasoning in doing something like that other than to have a bunch of 6k's on a bunch of different rods sitting around. I have other Stella's for other situations but none are the same. Regardless, that's your call and probably makes sense to you and you alone. Seems like you already have things figured out, I guess. Best of luck to ya.