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    Easy going, carefree, always willing to help others, give advise to anything related to fishing, fishing locations, tackle and so forth. Florida is a fishing mecca and it's easy to get lost amid the fishing chaos. It's a big plus to know someone who is willing to share and share alike their own experiences in a friendly, knowledgeable way.
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    Fishing! I fish ALL the time ALL over the state of Florida for all kinds of fish. I tag sharks for NOAA's apex predator program. I work full time and have a wife who enjoys fishing as much as I do. I live a modest life and take the days as they come...or take the fish as they come LoL. I specialize in fishing for BIG sharks from the surf but enjoy other types of fishing as well, Snook, Tarpon, etc. I enjoy hooking up with others, going on fishing trips, doing whatever it takes to score the fish!
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  1. Topwater chaos. The sharks of freshwater. All caught on topwater from the bank, no boat, no fancy electronics, just two feet and a fishing rod. All released unharmed and all swam off strongly.
  2. Topwater Time! When those water temps go on the high side, it’s time to pull out those topwater baits. The hits are immediate and aggressive. They wanted the whopper plopper this day lol
  3. Maybe so....I use dehookers by ARC, various sizes. Never cut the leader if it can be avoided.
  4. I’m not quite following you about what I do with the hook or lure but if you’re asking me how I catch sharks with them, same as the bass, looking for those right conditions, finding that pattern, getting out there and hunting them down, lotta leg work and a heck of a lotta casting. The retrieve can be fast, slow, or even finesse style. There’s no absolute. Depends so much on conditions on what retrieve or even what lure used. And those conditions can change instantly, so it’s good to have on hand numerous presentations...just like with the bass, sharks aren’t so different, that is, on how they’re tracked and caught using artificial lures. Probably why I’m diggin bass fishing so much lol Hope that captures some of your question
  5. If you mean the lure, all depends on the situation, conditions, etc. Havt to see what the fish want on any given situation. Sometimes big bass are waiting for it lol I’ve had them jump clean out of the water attacking a lure before it even hits the water!
  6. Bass fishing has been awesome here in south florida. Been getting them on various lures but the spinnerbait has been the go-to pattern. Just changing out blade combos can ad 5lbs to the size of fish! But bass luv to spit them like tarpon lol
  7. Can be a short distance off the main road or miles. Depends on where they’re at. I’m tracking them on land, btw. I can do it by water but I’m actually doing better off the bank. Bass move around a lot, gotta track them down either way...all part of the adventure!
  8. Spring madness.....bass fishing on fire in south Florida! All fish released unharmed.
  9. Your best bet on foot for those species that you mentioned is just north of you at Agustin Inlet, preferably not on weekends....jammed packed. Further north at Vilano Beach is a nice pier on the intracoastal that is decent. Good luck!
  10. The day in the everglades started off kinda slow with lure after lure pulling in mixed results. Topwater twitch lure was the early morning pattern with the big spinnerbait pattern kicking in later in the day. Then I switched over to a custom spinnerbait with smaller 24ct gold plated willow blades....yep, real gold did the trick! The mother load of big bass, cast after cast! Amazing how a slight reflective change can make such a major difference. This is what makes bass fishing so exciting and challenging...and very rewarding! PS: This time of year (April) alligator courtship/mating season. Super aggressive! They will attack with no warning.
  11. Sometimes the ocean is full of surprises! Tiger on spinning rod with casted bait
  12. These big Florida peacock bass are beautiful fish, beautiful like a women yet can be so vicious!
  13. Windy day in the glades. NE wind 25-30mph...just perfect for spinnerbaits. If there is wind and chop and clouds, the spinnerbait rules!
  14. Nice fish! They hitting good now with this warming trend. Gotta luv them spinnerbaits...can tune them for so many different patterns.
  15. Getting it done on the spinnerbait, from largemouth to peacocks, they hitting good on every outing.