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  1. Thanks Mangomania, That's one I was looking at.
  2. Looking for a cheap blank for salt and fresh water. It will be for a 7yr. old boy. 5'6" or 6' blank will work. thinking a 8-15 # line class lure rating to about 5/8 oz. This will be my 1st build wish me luck.
  3. was this built by Ryan or off the shelf version? what type of guides and reel seat? will you ship? Why are you selling it after using it only 2 or 3 times?
  4. I have had excellent service from Penn. Like the posts above said go to the Penn forum.
  5. Hey Mike, do you use the same guide spacing as the factory builds?
  6. Tinman tackle has quality bucktails. he has many different styles to chose from. He also uses a lot of hair which makes them sink slower. Check him out. S&S bucktails is a good option but they are closing their business and they will be hard to find soon.
  7. one last try. anyone have one to sell?
  8. Catchg22, I believe the 2nd gen has a beefier shaft and main gear I think a vr200 would work well on your 11' stealth. Is it a s1 or s2?
  9. I like Century rods. Very lite and minimal effort to cast. They are not cheap but you said you didn't mind spending money for a quality rod. In my opinion they are the best quality.
  10. As title says looking for Dark Star 2 tube surf bag.
  11. I agree with JimJ on the size of the reel. 6000 too big for a 9' pole.
  12. I have Dark Star. so far so good. I purchased the 11" add a tube for my big pencils. I like that I can take the tube off if I don't need it. which is most of the time. Jeremy and his brother are great people to deal with.
  13. I believe red drum. you will need something long to throw far.
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