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  1. I'll take the Jigmaster. Thanks. PM me for your details. I can do paypal or whatever.
  2. I have a Shimano Baitrunner 6500. Needs a handle. $50.
  3. I did mine at Mariners Learning Service based in Princeton. They offer an online course. You have to be self motivated to study. If you are, it's pretty straightforward. They have audio and video help. Once you are ready to test, they offer testing sites all over the tri-State area.
  4. Go to the SAMS website. Find a SAMS surveyor. Ask for a sample survey of a boat similar to the one you are purchasing.
  5. Hi Tunnie. I’m going to take the Spinfisher for 100 shipped. I can do PayPal or Venmo.
  6. Tunnie. I’ll take the spinfisher. Let me think about the slammer. I’ll let you know tomorrow. They both look in excellent condition. I haven’t fished the slammer. What is your experience compared to Spinfisher?
  7. Catch 22. Interested. Can’t see photo very well. Out fishing. Will respond later.
  8. Tunnie . What are you asking for each?
  9. Great video. Thanks
  10. How much for the slammer?
  11. Hi Dave, Sorry, have been offline to take care of some business. it's a decent deal on the clash, but I'd rather find a spinfisher for the increased drag. just found one new for a little more than a hundred. Still looking. i think i'd really prefer the 4500 spinfisher or even an ssg. Thanks
  12. I'm going to pass on the Tica. It's a little big for yellowtail and such. Thanks.
  13. Does it have a bit of rash on spool? Do you know line capacity? Thanks
  14. I'll check it out. You can take some snaps. How'd you rate the reel. The reviews are decent. Is the 5000 the same size as a Penn 5500? Thanks.
  15. Looking for Penn 4500 reel or two for Florida fishing Would be interested in other quality reels of that size too shipped to 33050