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  1. has been sold.
  2. Location in ocean city md area. $300 Price is firm.
  3. tho I never met Earl, always enjoyed reading his Earl
  4. Not to stir the pot more, but how in the heck do you get almost 40 yards further on a head then a chunk? You just throwing the nostrils part of the head, or the whole darn triangular shaped head. If your casting, like you said earlier in the thread 200 yards with a head, that darn chunk or squid should go to the moon.
  5. Come on Now...200 yards with a head and 8oz...great stuff, luv it! should throw in "using an ugly stick too!"
  6. fished Saturday with friends...nothing but spiney doggies.
  7. I would think 1 under 28 and 1 over 28 would help the stock...but Iam sure there is an advantage to the current regs.
  8. prefer peelers and have some good success...but find myself using fleas mostly. Cant find peelers and on top of that, can get expensive when I do find them. Love clam late fall and early winter when crabs are gone.
  9. I thought it was only one over 28 at the beginning of the season...was told by someone before the season and never thought to really check it out. Ran into a fellow fisher on the beach and was corrected. My mistake and should of checked it out with the dnr before targeting the particular fish. I will not make that mistake again.
  10. Nice Jim!
  11. several hours yesterday am...caught zip
  12. NICE!...didnt know there was a slot, thought only 1...bummer...Current regs from what I read - allowed 2, nothing between 38-44. Guess i should check before fishing. Was told wrong.
  13. gonna disengage some of the brakes today and see what happens.
  14. sweet reel...really like it! Iam running with 4 brakes and pretty loose spool tension, which is way to slow and 0 fluff. Going to go down to three...Question, it makes some noise casting them, both of them...can I assume its the brake blocks engaging? I have similar reels that using a breaking mechanism but they never made any noticeable noise, tho I think those bushings are nylon.