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  1. Thanks my friend,,,,
  2. Ok so I was fishing today and a Thunderbird was watching me,,,thay haven't been around here for a long time,,,then he started dancing around the bank
  3. Got 1 small trout today,,,,,but a Thunderbird was watching me fish,,,that haven't been around here for a long time,,,,,,but thanks to the state of Virginia I got a new friend
  4. Last one just came in paying $.01 and and $7.70 shipping ,,,,,a little adjustment and it's right on the money
  5. Got 1 small rainbow today
  6. Hehe,,,,,and you have the river all to yourself the best day I had it was 38f and freezing rain,,,thay just stocked the day before,,,,got 26 and 8 was trophy size,,,,
  7. Got this chatillons 100lb $15 gave it a little polish and it tested accurate
  8. Skunked,,,,, couldn't find red October,,,but the truck does better in the snow than the Saturn it was fun
  9. Minn kota and hummingbird,,,the ruler is at 60"in do I need that
  10. Got 3 small trout,,,,but I did find red October,,,I'll be back for him
  11. That answers another question for me 209 handles fits 109's
  12. Very nice and on nice gear
  13. And big trout
  14. that's the way you do it,,,, I see the nice fish people catch or send in for trophy and the math just doesn't add up 22in × 1rainbow =6lbs like a old timer told me once a fish has scales on them,,,,,but it don't tell you how much it weighs
  15. I got 1 today