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  1. I got 6 marlo got 6 today,,,,,,,,
  2. Me,,,marlo and dewayne got fish all day,,,,,no big ums,,,,but that's ok,,,,,,,,,,
  3. I got 3 marlo 1 today,,,,,,,,
  4. The grass is coming along,,,,,, planted some move burmuda seeds last week,,,,,,,, my garden with some reach and agriculture development I might be able to stop world hunger and global warming,,,,,,,,,,
  5. Your mission Beastly backlash, should you chose to accept it" and as always if you or any of your members of your IM force cought or killed, the secretary will disavow all knowledgment of you and your actions" good luck on your mission this message will destruct,,,,,,,,
  6. I got 5 trout and marlo 1 red eye today,,,,,,
  7. Maybe it's when someone goes number 2# in the urinal,,,,,,,,,,
  8. I got 5 and marlo 1 today,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. Nice lightning trout,,,,,,you must of hit a gold rush,,,,,,,,,,
  10. Corn,,,, everybody else has been throwing spinners and powerbait in that stretch of water for two weeks,,,,,,
  11. Hit the river today I got 2 and marlo got 2,,,,,,,,,,
  12. I got 1 today on the fly after a light buff and wax on the big blue tank,,,,,,,
  13. I got 1 4lb Brook 4 times last year,,,,,every time he was a quarter or half mile down stream a month later,,,,,,,,
  14. I got 2 trout,,,,,, and I got a sticker in the mail today from pbay so I turned this pump house into a outhouse,,,,,,,,
  15. No just fishing,,,, we got a big orvis office and warehouse in Roanoke va,,,,,, nice guy but I don't think he was using the right fly for this river it's not Colorado river,,,,, it's Colorado bridge in Salem va,,,,,,,,,