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  1. Got 2 rainbows today and then checked on the progress of my friends 1970 Camaro,,,,it bad a#,,,,
  2. There's a nice view here,,,but the wind got up 30mph,,,the fun part is when we are done and throw the old conveyor belt over the rail,,,,, 20190213_104112.mp4
  3. Today I was at shady pines retirement home,,,, had to get 20 gallons of water for the cookers in this building,,,,didn't know the roof was caving in,,,,then up to the top after the cookers,,,
  4. when they jump drop the rod tip I did that with a muskie I was not targeting,,,no steel leader
  5. Thank you very much my friend,,,,,,and yes"Jerky boys" once said,,,,this is American baby,,,survival of the fittest,,,
  6. Sts and tatsu is the best,,,,there are the same material the factory rep told me,,,,
  7. Thank you my friend,,,, at work I'm paying $365mo and the Gov of Virginia got In big trouble over healthcare reform,,,,,I think there just going to go up again,,,,
  8. I just use 8lb the same dia. As 6lb If you hook a big trout and there's a nick in the line,,,,
  9. Got 3 rainbows 1char,,,,corn was slow,,,I switched to the fly rod and got 3 quick,,,,
  10. Got 1 rainbow today,,,, it was slow,,,,,,but did get to see Larry,dewayne and dave,,,he is in the background,,,,,really nice guy and a heck of a fly fisherman,,,,,
  11. My dad got these at a sale
  12. Got 3 rainbows and 2 chars that where small,,,,,but with 19mph winds,,,,I was happy,,,
  13. Got 2 rainbows and 1 char today,,,,,,and seen Larry he is doing great,,,,
  14. I got 2 rainbows and 2 chars today after work and seen some really big goats across the river,,,,
  15. That a boy,,,,, great job,,,, it been rough this winter for everybody