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  1. Yes,,,,, my friend whenever the river floods you see the kayaks then you see the rescue team,,,,,,,
  2. Yes it's a rock bass,,,,, we just call them red eyes here,,,,,,
  3. Yard sale today?
  4. I me and marlo just started this 2 years ago deferent trophy fish,,,,,,it looks like you're doing it too,,,,,,,,
  5. Great trip,,,,one day I got to get a trophy size sun perch and a blowfin,,,,
  6. Skunked today,,,but last flood washed this up under the bridge,,,,22" wide 1/2 thick the Coca-Cola raised 1/4" a fan stand? But it's the best find on the river yet,,,,,,
  7. Got 1 small smallmouth and 1 red eye today,,,,,,
  8. I got 10" Suzuki with a 3500 pfueger patriarch,,,,,,,total weight 15 to 16oz alot easier on my back,,,,,,
  9. I use a black hole Suzuki,,,,love it,,,,,,
  10. I got 2 smallmouths today one spit out a Roanoke log perch,,,,,,
  11. This was my last restoration got this rod on pbay for $7.99 a older local rod repairman $68 did it and put a bridge city on it for $38 and uncle sal service the reel with carbon fiber drag washers,,,,,,,
  12. That's some great information,,,,25 years ago my layer did the same thing but I think his partner did it,,,,,, when he found what his partner was doing,,,,,,,
  13. Thanks man,,,,I got this 1 for $36 and the restoration will be fun,,,, I would like to fish it someday,,,,,,,
  14. Didn't know they were in the sporting goods business,,,,, same as the zebco 870,,,,if you have any of this stuff around it's $,,,,,,,,,,
  15. Getting it ready,,,,, soon my friends,,,,,,,