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  1. It was raining hard and we got 1 after another for 1 1/2hrs then they just stopped,,,,,,,
  2. I like the 45mm
  3. If you buy a early 1900's chatillons scale it's the best,,,,,you mite got to buy 2 two get the best weight do but a gallon weight,,,, but it's 100 years old and still does the trick and if get is wet it doesn't crap out like this cheap
  4. I don't smoke,,,,, but I got 2 super silver haze growing in the back bedroom that's doing great 36in tall now,,,,,,,
  5. That's a fat one,,,great job my friend,,,,,,
  6. I got skunked today temperature in the 90's hybrid season almost over,,,,,
  7. I got 1 cat 1 hybrid and marlo got skunked but Larry did good,,,,
  8. It's been difficult peeing stones and catching fish,,,, but I got 7 today,,,,,,
  9. I got 6 and Larry 5 today,,,,,
  10. Thanks my friend,,,,, i have made the same mistake holding the fish out real far and my finger was in it's butt hole,,,, I just hope it was female fish,,,,,
  11. If you but the fish on the ground or next to a ruler ok
  12. I got 1 cat 1 hybrid and Larry 3 hybrids the makes 51 hybrids this year or two weeks,,,,,,
  13. I got 1 hybrid and Larry 4,,,,,