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  1. Yes this lure is no good "bad luck" for you,,,,you could but some anvil dust on it or a juju charm,,,or have mambo break the evil curse,,,,,,,
  2. I use a 9ft mh 905-2 8lb to 17lb,,,,it's good for 8lb hybrids and 12lb carp???
  3. I have been to 5 or 6 the Hamburg was the best,,love the bargain cave,,,,hate to hear this,,,,blank blank bps
  4. Ugly sticks or cables whuppin' stick 8ft mh for hook set,,,
  5. Had to call it a day,,,,,
  6. That's a green drum,,,,,very rare,,,,,
  7. Thanks,,,1 was handicap and 1 guy had memory loss and wondered off???
  8. Sometimes when fishing I look behind me and there's a little kid,,,,,I hook a fish and say come here,,,,,"I can't find my mommy" ya well your with us now you got to catch a fish that's the rules and marlo hooks a fish and hands the pole to them and mommy shows up "oh there you are I hope they haven't been a problem" I ask marlo how many times has this happened 3 or 4 times "oh no way more times than that" they built the walk way next to the river
  9. I was at a estate sale one day and hit the holy grail around here and a antique dealer told me she wanted to buy some of those old plugs from me for a nautical theme,,,, that's where they white wash and antique them,,,,I just laughed at her,,,,,
  10. Love them,,,,great fine,,,,,
  11. Got 1 rainbow today and 1 really small drum,,,,the water was hi and muddy,,,,,
  12. They stocked trout today and we had a blast and Gene stopped to see us,,,,
  13. Welcome from Virginia
  14. Got 1 char today after work,,,,,
  15. Got 1 rainbow today,,,,they stocked green hill park 1 hole me and dewayne call little myrtle beach that's where this guy that looks like "Jorge"from Hawaii 5.0 started throwing rocks close to me,,,,, I smiled at him,,,, he had know idea how close he came from eating that ice cream,,,,,,,