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  1. Ok I was on alan tani zoom meetings tonight and 33% of line test or but 14lb drag 40lb braid is good,,,, and just tested my freshwater rods and I'm not even running 1lb of drag,,, I'm not pulling hooks or breaking knots,,,,,,saltwater different storie 35lb of drag can pull a chair up,,,,, and i have burned up a reel with over 50lbs of drag on a gothic grouper,,,,,, so what is you target fish,,,,,,,,,
  2. Needs Blinker fluid,,,, spray the fuse box with wd-40 pull the fuses out a little way then put back and if you put led in it can make them flash faster and show a light out,,,,,,,,
  3. Depending on what you're fishing for and where you're at,,,,,, you can look up how much drag for the fish,,,,take a scale and match it,,,,,, but most people don't know how much drag there using lbs
  4. Dewayne called me up today and we whent fishing,,,,,, great day but had to stop dewayne from stepping on a snake then I flipped it up on the walk way and hit a 20year old in the leg with it,,,, I didn't see him till it was to late and he had his ear pugs in and was looking at his cellphone,,,,he never looked down,,,,,, me and dewayne couldn't stop laughing,,,,,,
  5. Yesterday seen the biggest trout ever but wouldn't hit anything,,,,,, same today,,,so got dewayne on him no luck just small one,,,,,,
  6. God bless,,,,,and hope there's another album coming out unrelated
  7. As long is doesn't has pepper extract,,,, I might try it,,,,,,,,
  8. One of my friends got me this truffle sauce and it's off the hook,,,,, truffles is a required taste and how it's done makes it,,,,,,,
  9. What my girlfriend buys is ok but,,,,,,
  10. Yes I'm testing my limits at the same time best flavor,,,,,, im not doing 357 mad dog platinum 9 millon scoville i have seen 2 that whent to the er,,,,,,,,
  11. I'm glad to see some better sauces on here,,,, just youtub hot one's and see the interviews like Gordon Ramsay's,,,,,, now my best cool down on chicken wings is hot mikes honey and favorite BBQ is rib rack bourbon and all my redneck friends say no sweet baby rays,,,,,,
  12. That might be good ,,,,,, but If it doesn't have pepper extract,,,,,,,
  13. We did davis and it had pepper extract not good for your stomach,,,, but had really good flavor,,,,,, and Elijah's XTreme regret 1 million scoville tasted like a burnt tire pepper extract,,,,, bae sauce was good and eye of ra sauces made from a chif who was working on a headboat out of California,,,,,, but my friend has been throwing money at the problem so I will give you a updates on his purchase we have tried some and there great,,,,,,,,
  14. Just had to take off a power knob off and couldn't,,,,, just saying,,,,,,
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