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  1. Google "sml dock and lounge" and tell me this guy isn't a mixed up sick individual,,,,,,,
  2. I got 2 carps and marlo got 1 turtle today,,,,,,,,
  3. Apple's or orange's,,,, I use a penn 706,,,20lb mono and a torque 5,,,30lb braid,,,,, but i have meet a big cat fish fisherman and he likes 1970's 80's zebco 808's but you can use anything that has some drag and holds line,,,,,,,,,,
  4. I got 5 and marlo 6 trout today,,,,,,,,,
  5. I got 8 and marlo 6 today,,,,,,,
  6. Cats in space,,,,,,
  7. I got 8 and marlo 10 today,,,,,,,
  8. I got 2 trout 2 crubs today,,,,, but tomorrow the river will be fishble,,,,,,,,
  9. Me and marlo skunked again,,,,, but that's ok,,,the river is trashed,,,,,,,
  10. I got 5 and marlo got 8 trout today,,,,,,,
  11. Yes sir,,,,,,,,,
  12. Hehe,,,,we started off like that,,,,,,but at the end of every month we would have to start it over again ,,,,,,and sometimes we where just to drunk to do it,,,,,, so now we don't have any problems,,,,,,,,,
  13. Yes my reel is registered,,,, fished and was serviced by mystic parts,,, I do take very care of it,,,,,
  14. I got a penn torque 5 gold with a new spare knob and handle,,,,never did but a power knob on it,,,,,,,