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  1. I got 1 carp and marlo got 2 cats
  2. And Keith fixes more reels than anybody
  3. Tonight with a toque 5
  4. I did get 1 nice 1 on the unstopble 9/0 uncle sal built
  5. Yes he is and the family,,,,great job that's just to cool
  6. Nice very nice
  7. Great job man,,,nice fish
  8. I got 1 cat 1 largemouth and marlo got 1cat and marlo wants to why thay dont have any stripes?
  9. Thanks man,,,,,hope see him back soon
  10. I got 1green lagermouth and marlo got 1 hybrid,,,,,and my friend looks like he got a nice 135lb
  11. This is when I hooked a Russian sub he got away