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  1. Thanks I'll look into some of those mentioned reels. I picked up a spheros 4000 at a yard sale recently I love the way the reel works would like a 6000 but don't think I'll find one for the $20 I paid for the 4000 on a 7' ugly stick...lol
  2. Thanks for the info much appreciated.Could you recommend a reel to pair with this rod.
  3. I'm new here to the forum been looking around for info and there seems to be some serious knowledge here so I've got a question. I'm getting into surf fishing and I had an uncle give me a Lamiglas BSB 1363 M-2 11'. Can't find to much on this particilar model is this a good rod or too old. I've been looking at new rods but a good one can really set you back. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks