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  1. I don't feel like derailing the thread, but compared to the other manufacturers, I wouldn't say so. No disrespect to Shimano, though; they absolutely create fine products. After seeing your breakdown of the FL, I had to pick on up in time for last albie season, and I don't remotely regret it. That being said, in the rod department, if they actually put their resources towards making higher-performing rods than currently available, their rods just wouldn't be as popular. Admittedly, I don't have numbers to back this hunch, but I can only imagine that the profitability of rods designed for the guys looking for the latest and greatest will always, always be less than that of rods that cater to the broader audience of people who want rods that work well enough. As the title of the thread states, the OP is looking for the "Best all around surf rod 9'-9'6"..." Companies like Century, BH, and Zenaq, among others, cater almost exclusively to the audience that wants exactly that. They can't compete with larger manufacturers like Shimano, Daiwa, et al., which can market to, and produce, volumes of product that satisfy the demand of the larger share of consumers looking for more mainstream rods. That being said, I'm no expert and the above are my logical conclusions from premises I have observed. If you think I'm mistaken, let's make a new thread and clear it up there or do so over PMs. I'm only happy to learn more.
  2. Yep, Century's different than most manufacturers in that they design rods to push the envelope, and I would say the same for BH & Zenaq. With a few exceptions, the rest of the pack takes a while to catch up---months or even years. I think you'd really, really like the graphene Stealth, in that case. They're lighter and much deeper-loading than the Slingshots, but thanks to the incorporation of graphene particles into the carbon fiber pre-preg with which the blanks are rolled, they still have awesome recovery rates and can sling lures a long ways. I can see either the S-1 1084 or 1145 pairing up perfectly with your Ultegra. I'm not sure about Red Top, but Tomo's Tackle up in Salem carries all of the rods mentioned in this thread. Until the currently-scheduled May 18th statewide business closure is lifted, they're allowing up to 7 people into the shop at a time, including employees, and everybody must wear masks and gloves. If you have the time, I would definitely recommend a trip up there to test drive to your reel on those rods.
  3. I've handled all the above rods, and with respect to your list, I might add a couple suggestions of my own: 1. Century Graphene Slingshot SS1145, 9'6", 3/4-3 oz 2. Century Stealth S-1 1145, 9'6", 1-4 oz 3. Century Stealth S-1 1084, 9', 1-3.5 oz 4. Century Surfmachine SM9TKWSG, 9', 3/4-4 oz 5. Century Weapon 9'6", 1/2-2 oz (somewhat conservative rating) 6. Black Hole Suzuki Special 962, 9'6", 3/4-3 oz If another 6" isn't too scary, and you're looking for true refinement, the Zenaq Defi Muthos Sonio (10', 0.5-2.5 oz) and Defi Muthos Acurra 100H (1-4.25 oz) are definitely worth a peek. That said, you won't know for sure until you feel them all side by side. I may be a bit biased, but my non-graphene SS1145 has provided me with nothing but pleasure doing the things you're looking for in a rod, and the newer Centurys that incorporate graphene are a cut above the previous generation. For reference, I'm located on the North Shore, and I've a bit of experience doing that kind of fishing on the Cape. Besides the Slingshot, and to some degree, the Suzuki, all of the above rods have a more forgiving action that sounds exactly like that you're looking for. In particular, the Stealths have the most parabolic action, but they are still incredibly light, sensitive, and they cast their entire ranges very well.
  4. Much appreciated. That sure was quick!
  5. Shipping included or excluded? If that's $25 for all three, absolutely!
  6. Would you consider splitting the three High Hooks?
  7. Thanks for the kind words! Agreed with everything you said, and it sounds like your kids are going to be just fine. More than anything, it's a temporary bummer for most of the youth that I can only hope will effect a much-needed and lasting shift in support for greater preparation for this kind of situation in the future.
  8. While my teachers maintain regular communication with students and assign minor amounts of homework on a daily basis, we've had absolutely no live classes since school was cancelled. I don't really see that changing for us. In stark contrast, a friend of mine whose semester in the Bahamas was cut short now participates in 18 hours of Zoom classes per week and completes no fewer in assigned homework. I would assume that's pretty much the whole spectrum of the magnitude of different remote learning plans. One of my classes has continued on with almost no interruption, though, and that's because it's a university course that I enrolled into with an online option from the beginning. Recorded lectures are posted weekly and homework assignments are uploaded to be graded virtually. It's worked for years, and if that's what college looks like in the fall after professors and directors hash out all the details, I wouldn't be all too disappointed. The one drawback of this plan is that all exams are based on the honor system, but for students with any academic integrity and intent to actually learn something from their classes, this shouldn't be an issue at all.
  9. Class of 2020 here: looking forward to exponentially more time on the water. In all seriousness, it's the best call we could've hoped for. I can't speak for all schools, but if so much as one person were sick at my school, I have zero doubts that the rest of the school could be infected by the end of a single week given that walking between classes almost guarantees tripping face-first into the person in front of you at least once. Crowded hallways, crowded stairwells, and crowded cafeterias. Trying to maintain any kind of level of "social distancing" would interrupt the educational process as much as "remote learning" already does, except it would also carry a much, much larger chance of passing on infection. I sympathize for peers who depend on school for playing sports and maintaining social groups, but I can't begin to imagine how it is for students in less privileged districts than mine. That said, I hope this closure serves as a wake-up call to any of my peers who don't strive to maintain the best possible lifestyle under these circumstances and can't cope with their effects. There's still plenty to do to stay occupied and productive if one wishes. If anybody's interested, I'd be glad to offer my $0.02 about remote learning, AP testing, and college attendance come fall from my perspective with the full disclosure that my public high school experience is fairly atypical and YMMV. Dan
  10. You have deal! Thank you, thaistick and SOL!
  11. Thanks! I really appreciate your offer of $1250. I don't know if you saw my initial two threads where I was asking for offers under $1000, but I realize that it's just not realistic, so I'd be willing to come up a bit from that. Would you consider $1100?
  12. That's really cool! I'm sure I'll be looking into it in the future. Could you please tell me how much and what kind of backing you've got on it at the moment?
  13. Hi @thaistick, I'd appreciate the pics very much! If you don't mind me asking, how did this Mako come to have a ceramic coating over the standard type III anodizing? Do you know if it affects the warranty at all? Best, Dan
  14. Hi all, I'm interested in a Mako 9500 with 810 spool 9550 with 1012 spool, but tentatively considering a 9550 with 810 spool. Color and aesthetic condition are secondary considerations, but mechanical condition should be like-new. Open to any and all offers. Thanks in advance, Dan
  15. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a Charlton (Signature Series) 8500 1.2, but would definitely consider a Mako 9500 with the 810 spool. Color and aesthetic condition are secondary considerations, but mechanical function should be like-new. Charlton must have left-hand retrieve, and I would prefer for the Mako to be LHW as well, but I'd consider RHW. Looking to spend under $1500 for the Charlton or under $1000 for the Mako. Thanks in advance, Dan