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  1. Very interesting results. Seems at least the braid is somewhat consistent. Will go 50lb yozuri 65lb Prospec.
  2. Yeah I couldn’t find the PM function. I’m really interested in if the 50lb Yozuri is the same quality as the other sample because I am about Order 3000 yd of it soon.
  3. Thanks, I really appreciate all of your efforts Lee and insight that they bring.
  4. I was thinking 50lb Yozuri Superbraid (S/W=2.29 abs 81lb) over the 50lb Prospec (S/W=2.22 abs 71.9lb) for my Saltiga 5000 w/80lb fluoro. And 65lb Berkley Prospec over the 65lb Yozuri Superbraid for Saltiga Exp 5500 w/100lb fluoro. It was disappointing to see how much the Yozuri 65lb dropped off compared to <50lb lines. I always prefer the best line but Yozuri Superbraid is a bargain. From what I've seen 3000 yd of it is almost same price as 1500 yd of Prospec.
  5. Spoke to Yozuri yesterday. They were setback from the hurricane but will be sending 10yd samples of 50,65, & 80lb Superbraid to you.
  6. A shop actually gave me this sample to test. I do not have any reels spooled with this or own the spool of line. Most likely I’ll go with Prospec 65lb metered because only metered comes in 1500 yd spool size, unless 65lb yozuri superbraid is better. According to my phone call to Berkley, Prospec white and metered is the same line. I’ve sent you the 20lb Metered Prospec and I will send you the 65lb Prospec metered when I get it.
  7. Hmm I see I’ll contact Yozuri again about the samples. Looking forward to seeing the results on samples I sent you. Curious to hear your opinion Given cost is not much of a factor, 50lb w/80lb fluoro and 65lb w/100lb fluoro. Looking for high abs, Fg knot strength, low wind knot chance, and castability. What would be your go to braid(s) for a 50lb braid? And 65lb braid? will be spooling Saltiga 5000 & Saltiga Expedition 5500 used for topwater casting for tuna , pelagics and reef fish.
  8. Also, What would be your go to for a 50lb braid? And 65lb braid? will be spooling a Saltiga 5000 & Saltiga Expedition 5500 used for topwater casting for tuna , pelagics and reef fish 50lb w/80lb fluoro and 65lb w/100lb fluoro. Looking for high abs, Fg knot strength, low wind knot chance, and castability.
  9. Hey, i believe you received the samples I directly mailed contains Prospec 20lb metered, J-Braid 30lb, Seaguar 50# (used), JB HC 40# (used), Prospec 50-80lb white and a number of other lines. Did you also receive 10yd samples mailed directly from Yozuri containing 50,65,80 lb superbraid?
  10. Also, I'm gonna send out the 20lb Berkley Prospec Metered, 30lb J-Braid, 40lb JB HC and some other lines today.
  11. That makes more sense. For 50lb I think I'm going to go for Yozuri Superbraid. Disappointed by the 65lb Yozuri sample quality. I'll wait until the 65lb and 80lb results to decide between Berkley Pro Spec and Yozuri. I've also considered JB solid core 65lb (only 6 strands) but I like 8 strand braids. Is there any particular braid qualities you look for that decrease wind knots? Qualities that Increase castabliity (maybe softer also helps with friction knots?)?
  12. I remember app???? tests thats why I bought the Seaguar HC 50# and it has been very strong. I'll continue to use HC on my conventional reels as I can get away with a thinner braid with 100% connection, just have to be wary about initial drag/shock load given it's thinness. I was concerned about the following. Stated LB Actual Strength Weight per Foot Strength / Weight Stated Diameter (inches) Actual Diameter (inches) Actual Diameter (mm) % of strongest UTS (1.32xs/w (Gpa) Source ABS T1 ABS T2 ABS T3 FG (A) FG 1 FG 2 FG 3 FG bobbin FG knot strength PR PR % Relix Knot Bimini (A) Alberto (A) Albright (A) double uni Twice Thru Palomar Berkley Pro Braid 65 lbs (W)(used) 65 61.47 lb 45.50 mg 1.35 0.0186 in 0.472 mm 54.22% 1.78 Nick 63.20 lb 61.30 lb 59.90 lb 47.90 lb 47.90 lb 77.93% 56.50 lb 91.92 % Berkley Pro Braid 65 lbs (W)(New) 65 102.55 lb 42.80 mg 2.40 0.0180 in 0.458 mm 100.00% 3.16 Nick 102.75 lb 104.50 lb 100.40 lb 65.22 lb 64.60 lb 62.59 lb 63.43, 70.24 63.60% 87.30 lb 85.13 % From 102.55 abs (new) to 61.47 abs (used) is quite a drastic change! I believe both the used and new came from the same person/sample, right? Isn't that ~40% drop unusual for a used braid unless there is significant abrasion or damage? What is strange is the FG Knot % increases for the used braid. I will give that FG Knot version a shot next time for >50lb test lines.
  13. Hey Lee, I just looked through your excel spreadsheet. I now see that you've already tested the 65lb Yozuri and it doesn't seem as good as some of the lower lines. I guess we'll see how the samples I sent you of the 65 & 80 will compare. What solid PE5-6 lines would you recommend for casting with FG knot (high FG knot %) using between 80-100lb fluorocarbon leader and fluorocarbon shock leader (YGK Galis Castman FC absorber)? I'd like abs to be at least 80lbs to ~100 lbs. I was using Seaguar 50# Threadlock & JBHC60 but it twists so much and I've given up on using hollow core with casting due to excessive wind knots despite maintaining the twist and using ball bearing swivels from my own experience. The 65lb Maxcuatro does not seem strong enough for me. Is Berkley Pro (white) supposed to be the same line as the metered, in that case I may get metered because I definitely prefer measuring my casts, depth, etc if it does not affect casting. The Berkley Pro 65lb seemed very nice but I was very concerned that the abs diminished so much when used. Is this common amongst braids or unique to that line? I did not see any other cases where you tested used braid. Also, Is it soft enough for a high FG knot strength? I got 425 yards of Seaguar 50# Threadlock HC on a Saltiga 5k which I believe is roughly similar diameter to other PE5 line (I believe the actual PE5 diameter is probably much thinner?) and over 300 yards JBHC 60#. My thought process is I might get a PE5 line for a Saltiga 5000 and PE6 for Saltiga 5500. Or just get PE5 for Saltiga 5500 and more capacity, your thoughts?
  14. Hey Lee, I have some 10 yd samples of 65 & 80lb Yozuri SuperBraid coming to your address. They are 8 strand like the 50lb. I’m very curious on how these lines compare to the exceptional lighter lb test Yozuri SuperBraids. I’ll also send you some samples of 20lb Berkley Prospec metered to see how it compares to Fireline (but being 8 stranded) and 30lb JBraid metered. Thanks, Edward