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  1. @z-man I think we have a winner. Muchos Gracias!
  2. Hi all, Probably a long shot, but looking for help on a lure identification. Found this topwater spook last year walking the beach and immediately fell in love with it. About 4in long spook, filled with beads, loud and casted like a bullet. Crushed blues and bass a few nights on it until I had it break off. Karma for finding it I suppose. Anyway I've tried to find this bad boy online and saw the River2Sea Rover but that has three trebles and a slightly different head. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. didn't find them in the usual numbers last year, but had some mid fall in a MonCo inlet on a teaser in front of a soft plastic, then late fall out front actually on a sandeel soft plastic imitation. Had to be the biggest hickories I've ever caught. I most often get them with a white teaser in front of tin however.
  4. I'm in! Thank you!
  5. "they are in" Thank you!!
  6. Super low tides got me out today to walk and check out the beach. Really have the itch to get back out there after seeing all the troughs and soft structure around the jetties. 5-6 more weeks, 10 degrees of ocean temp. Officially counting down now!!
  7. I believe it’s a non-harvest. So C&R only for Recs.
  8. Speaking of North Carolina, I lived there for two years in grad school and get emails from Fisheries management still. They are voting soon on potentially closing recreational and commercial striped bass harvest. They had two good spawn years down there with their local population and want to protect that with closing the fishery....
  9. On a positive note, I guard on the beach in MonCo during the summers and while snorkeling this year, the nearshore beach and jetties were absolutely alive. Calico crabs, sand fleas, cownose rays, bullnose rays, big bottom-sitting sting rays, rainfish, blackfish, small fluke, triggers. Also saw tons of big pregnant female blue claws hiding under every single jetty rock. Schoolie bass were there some days, gone others. Snappers were around at the end of summer but moved out quickly. Schools of bonito and Spanish mackerel were here for a few weeks, even had small mahi follow an epoxy jig in while on a kayak after work one day about 200yds out at the end of August. No offense but devoid of life is a little bit of overkill and I seriously doubt the 4 or 5 jetties I check out are an outlier. If anyone gets a chance and some clear water, throw on a mask and swim around the jetties. Plenty of life there most days. Something is definitely keeping the adult bunker out of range though. The only time I saw them come in close all summer was when a pod of dolphins pushed them into the surf. This is also 6 years post-replenishment so there has been some time for things to come back.
  10. Saw it this morning in central MonCo. Large building surf and wind. Surf forecast tomorrow is 5-8 foot with west wind at 20mph. Surfers paradise. I don't expect the water to clean up enough until at least Sunday. 2-4ft with offshore winds on Sunday.
  11. Its sad, people just don't care. They just want to take, take, take. People have no respect for other living creatures in an ecosystem if it inconveniences them. You see the same mentality when people complain about beach nesting birds shutting down parts of a beach for a few months. They complain about not being able to throw a line in the water while endangered species just try to rear young. Look at how developed our coastline is! Give them a few acres of beach for a few months and fish somewhere else.
  12. Pink Superfluke. Nothing else was even close.
  13. Few things here, and i'll try to put as coherent a thought together as I can: 1. Yes, you are absolutely correct that these charter party boats are in the business of providing the vessel (no pun intended) for recreational fishermen the opportunity to catch fish on the water. To that point I think it is imperative that there is a change in the mindset of all fishermen, no matter where or how they fish, to see the importance of releasing more of the biggest, healthiest breeders. 2. I think the a big point of contention that those of us who do not have vested interests in party/charter boats is that they don't take enough responsibility in the conservation of these fish BECAUSE they are so good at finding, catching and killing them. To blame only the customers for killing the fish and leaving no onus on the captains is like blaming only a drug addict for their use and putting no blame on the drug dealers. (A harsh comparison I know, but i think it gets the point across). I don't see any advertisements or posts from these entities educating the regular recreational fisherman, who may not have the knowledge about the state of a given fishery on the importance of conservation. You'd think that someone who's livelihood depends on the the future of a fishery would preach that. 3. To your last sentence regarding the shore based comparison to boat anglers, at least in my area (see screen name), there is absolutely a disproportionate number of large bass being killed on the party/charter boats compared to shore based anglers. It doesn't even come close to be honest and to say otherwise is just false/excuse making. We all need to make changes and sacrifices if we want the future of striped bass fishing to improve. And i think it would help if some of these businesses who can reach a different segment of the fishing population would step up to the plate.
  14. @MakoMike to avoid going further down a rabbit hole on what segment of what economy is affected by which fishing industry, I have a separate question regarding the charters/party boats/commercials. etc you seem knowledgeable about. What are these entities doing to conserve this resource? When the big girls pass by my area all i see are Facebook and Instagram posts from party boats and charters with hundreds of dead breeders, every day for a few weeks at a time. Rarely do I see these entities promoting C&R, especially of the best breeders in the population. I'm sure there are exceptions but it seems to me that recreational fishermen are the only ones pushing for conservation and C&R. In the end we all want the same thing, more fish for everyone to enjoy, but sometimes it seems like recreationals are the only ones that care about the future of the fishery. Thanks for taking the time to read/respond.
  15. Isnt that dependent on what specific commercial industry we are talking about? Sure commercial lobster fishing for example is much bigger than recreational lobster fishing. But striped bass and other inshore species? I would think its much closer if not outright in favor of the recreational fishermen, in terms of economic impact.