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  1. Had been on a decent schoolie bite out back last week, MoCo, but that has died down to a trickle this week. Me thinks its because the big demons showed up.
  2. I disagree. I think some people have been acting differently already, without the laws changing. I see more and more people releasing fish, more people promoting C&R than ever before. Not enough to save the fishery but enough to make an impact. There will always be a lag time, years, before the laws catch up to the present state of any fishery, so its up to the individual to look beyond the laws and make a personal decision. And I am so put off by the lawmakers and believe that they are bought and paid for, that corresponding with them isn't going to make a difference. I'm of the belief that individual people need to make a choice: Is keeping this fish so personally important to me, considering the state of the fishery, even though it is my right to do so? I believe that those who are lucky enough to land a big fish, especially this time of year, have to take on personal responsibility to protect the stock. You don't need laws to recognize thats the right thing to do. And if you think calling people out and promoting C&R is more "machoism" than keeping multiple 40-50lb fish, multiple trips a year, posting those pictures online and defending themselves by saying "its my right" I don't know what to tell ya. Thats bananaland.
  3. @coolhandfluke Hmm that's interesting. So you attribute Hurricane Sandy or a perceived migration pattern change or beach replenishment to the lack of fish in your area since 2012. Not a decrease in stock numbers? - Asking seriously (no sarcasm)
  4. May I ask why you haven't targeted them?
  5. "Striped Bass are overfished, and overfishing is occurring" - But hey, its you're right!
  6. Lol. Idk what's worse, your suggestion that fisheries management is remotely competent or your attempt at sarcasm
  7. It's such a joke. Charters, party boats, etc. etc... The amount of prespawn bass being killed has me disgusted. Big healthy breeders with millions of eggs just going to waste. No wonder the species is in decline. Could you imagine the state of the stock if regulations just prevented the killing of egg laden bass this time of year? It's a shame how widespread the disrespect for our local fish stocks is. And give me a break with the "its my right" argument. Thats just an excuse for machoism, self importance and/or greed. End of rant. Don't @ me.
  8. Maybe we should stop rebuilding in flood-prone areas like barrier islands...
  9. As others have reported, decent numbers of micro bass outfront, MonCo the past few days. All on small plugs/soft plastics. Got some big wind and water coming our way next few days...
  10. "Striped bass are overfished and overfishing is occurring" - yet people still kill pre-spawn breeders full of eggs at an alarming rate and claim it as "their right". Put your egos aside and be part of the solution, not the problem.
  11. @z-man I think we have a winner. Muchos Gracias!
  12. Hi all, Probably a long shot, but looking for help on a lure identification. Found this topwater spook last year walking the beach and immediately fell in love with it. About 4in long spook, filled with beads, loud and casted like a bullet. Crushed blues and bass a few nights on it until I had it break off. Karma for finding it I suppose. Anyway I've tried to find this bad boy online and saw the River2Sea Rover but that has three trebles and a slightly different head. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. didn't find them in the usual numbers last year, but had some mid fall in a MonCo inlet on a teaser in front of a soft plastic, then late fall out front actually on a sandeel soft plastic imitation. Had to be the biggest hickories I've ever caught. I most often get them with a white teaser in front of tin however.
  14. I'm in! Thank you!
  15. "they are in" Thank you!!