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  1. Should happen, but wont. We need to rebuild the stock somehow and the poaching is out of control. Bleak outlook unfortunately.
  2. i like using lighter jig heads with softplastics paired with a teaser. especially if there's not a lot of bunker around anything that looks like a spearing will get them feeding when they wake up.
  3. There's bass on almost every jetty tip almost all year long. I'm sure its not like what it used to be but the fishery has changed too. YOY numbers have been horrible for several years in a row. I feel like conservation of the species and pushing C&R, stricter regulations are fight we need to be more all in on instead of beach replenishment. Beach replenishment isnt going anywhere. Lets control what we can control. Protect the breeders, cut down on poaching, protect the spawning season for example.
  4. I think most fishermen, surfcasters and boaters, as well as surfers are considerate and understand that the ocean/water is there for everyone to enjoy. There are some that are very inexperienced and unaware of what they are doing when it comes to crowding someone and a brief comment will usually do the trick. Then you have the real d*ckeheads, who know what they are doing and simply dont care. They get no sympathy from me. Miss Belmar Princess, I'm told from multiple sources now, has a bad reputation.
  5. Was fishing SRI recently and had slot bass rolling on peanuts at my feet on the tip of the jetty. awesome bite. Then the Miss Belmar Princess sees a bend in my rod and proceeds to nearly dry dock the party boat on the jetty a quarter cast out from me. Ran over the blitz. They had about 2 of the 40 people aboard hook up. Needless to say the blitz got broken up and resurfaced off shore out of range. Will never go on or recommend that head boat to anyone again.
  6. finally some onshore winds in the forecast. NE and ENE later this week should bring in some warmer ocean temps. sick of this super W and NW wind already
  7. 100% yes. sometimes they are on really small spearing this time of year
  8. Ocean temp around 39 in MonCo. Bays are probably 35-36 if not cooler with all this snow runoff. We'll see what this warmer weather does but from my experience i usually start catching on plugs/jigs when water hits the mid 40s
  9. Theres already enough poachers all over the state that take short bass in the back bays the other 10 months of the year. I like that they get somewhat of a reprieve for 2 months.
  10. Any updates to help us get through the dark cold winter months?
  11. UPDATE: Jim from PENN reached out to me via SOL and I sent in the reel. They were able to recreate the bouncing issue but were unable to diagnose problem. Strange indeed. PENN was great and covered the reel under warranty and are sending me a new reel free of charge!
  12. Good morning! I am having an issue with my Penn Spinfisher 4500 BLS and thought I would ask for some opinions before I spend more money on the reel trying to get it repaired. For over a year I had no issues with this reel whatsoever, I've had it paired with anything from a 7ft St. Croix Triumph Surf, 9ft Mojo Surf and an 8ft Tica with 20lb Braid and have had no issues at all. I do not believe this is a pairing issue. Out of no where, upon retrieving a bucktail, plug or anything, the reel made the rod tip of my set up bounce. It seems to bounce about 4 times per handle revolution, ultimately affecting the performance of my plug. I took the reel to a local PENN warranty/repair center and paid $50 to have the reel serviced. Line roller replaced, as well as other small components and general servicing. When I tried to fish it again, the "bouncing" persisted. I took the reel back to the service center for reevaluation. I was told the reel was perfectly balanced and they could not find an issue with it. Tried fishing it again, and the problem is not resolved. I'm at a loss here haha. I really don't know if I want to spend another $50 to get this issue figured out as that would be $100 dollars to fix an issue with a $160 dollar reel, give or take. Any ideas on what the issue may be or course of action to take? Thank you in advance!
  13. Hi everyone. Thanks again for all the great responses. For clarity: I've had this reel paired with this rod for over a year with no issues whatsoever. When I pair this reel with a different rod, the same issue happens. I do not believe it is a pairing issue. I tend to think the reel is improperly balanced or a rotor issue. I'm going to go over to the PENN forum and will update here. thanks everyone!
  14. Using braid. @Fishtale7 - according to the gentleman who did both inspections/repairs of the reel when brought into service the reel is perfectly balanced. I do tend to agree with you and think the issue is something with the oscillation though. Its almost like the reel is skipping on the retrieve. There are just about 4 "bounces" per handle revolution. You wouldn't notice this however if the rod and reel were not rigged up. The reel seems fine on its own smooth with no issues or noises. As soon as its rigged up, the rod tip bounces, no matter what rod it is paired with
  15. First off thanks for all the help and responses! I’ll try to get a video. 1. I had the 4500 BLS on this 8ft tica for a year with no rod tip bouncing before. 2. Other reels have not caused this bouncing to happen on the 8ft tica 3. I’ve tried the 4500bls on both a 7ft st. Croix triumph surf and a 9ft. Mojo surf and the same bouncing phenomenon happens on those rods with this reel Im going to try to take some line off the reel as @shark lobster suggested