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  1. Not sure im ever going to understand whats. Being discussed here
  2. Ive never not owned at least one pickup truck
  3. Democrats have spent six years perfecting a police state while obama wipes his ass with the constution and the op is worried about the results of a free democratic election too funny
  4. I would think maybe you could polish them though
  5. That's an amazing fly some talent needed to do that
  6. Very pretty looking animal I wonder if they make good pets
  7. Why not just say cat
  8. What is an Ocelot
  9. Voter ID laws are a good thing even Obama admits they don't tnfringe on anyone's rights or stop anyone from voting
  10. Read this whole this whole thread twice and still no clue what the hell you people are talking about LOL
  11. I have a similar set up for my canoe... works out pretty well
  12. I hate snakes evil creepy vile things
  13. Its 7:05 in ohio
  14. i dont understand what this has to do with the first post about racism??
  15. Commaraderie is what drew me to kayak fishing in the first place that and catching a lot more fish sorry to hear thats changing for some