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  1. I recently tried these. Very good
  2. i recently tried these. very good
  3. Rest In Peace SIM
  4. So can you help me find a new sweatshirt?
  5. I'm in. Merry Christmas!
  6. ^i know this guy and I agree with everything he says except for the part that he is unlikable. Don’t name specific spots. No need for a debate. It’s a rule on this site.
  7. Any other lordship lures in the stash?
  8. No thank you. Going to break it up
  9. Thanks for sharing this story. Very cool
  10. Gibbs casting swimmer, Sebile Magic Swimmer, 2 Mambo Minnows, Tsunami popper, Sudsrat popper- see pic of chip, Al Gag's needle, Norman minnow repaint, 2 knock off minnow plugs, Dan Tinman's Bluefish Busters and tins and bucktails, Bigfish Bait co savage tadpole, couple of flies. $65 shipped, paypal or venmo
  11. RIP & thank you for your service
  12. Dick's consistently sends out emails if you're on their list $20 off of a $100 purchase and they have BGs
  13. Surfcaster's Quest by Roy Rowan. Not as much of a how-to as some fishing books, more of a vibe. The author was quite an interesting guy. Congrats on the house and baby!
  14. Learn all you need to know about catching the crafty, cagey, mighty Sea Robin on my new site.
  15. Looks like you're all set. Making stock is a something new to me but it really makes a difference in taste. And it's nice to have a pot bubbling away all day on the stove top. I recently read this about beef stock. Surprising. What's Wrong With It: Federal regulations for canned or boxed beef broth require a paltry 135-to-1 ratio of moisture to protein, and almost all options on the shelf hover around that point. The result is that most boxed or canned beef broth contains almost no beef at all, instead relying on yeast extracts to provide it with a savory aroma and flavor. What to Get Instead: In most recipes we've tested, boxed chicken broth will provide far better flavor than boxed beef broth, even for traditionally beef broth–based dishes like beef stew or onion soup. This is because, despite the fact that there is no minimum protein requirement set by the USDA, most boxed or canned chicken broth contains around 60 parts liquid to 1 part protein, twice as much as in beef broth. If you really want a deeper beef flavor without having to make your own stock, I'd recommend Better Than Bouillon Beef Base, which lasts forever in the fridge and contains a fair amount of actual beef, along with plenty of other flavor enhancers, to give it a rich, hearty flavor. The only downside is that it also contains lots of sodium, which makes it impossible to reduce like a traditional beef stock.