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  1. Fly by night- can’t wait to see the Lake George video that Mr Curmudgeon assumes you will be making. Will it be on your YouTube channel?
  2. Lake George has fish?!? Thanks for the intel. I just booked a vacation rental.
  3. From Lordship Lures old website. "I like to crush the barbs as soon as I get a new plug rather than the first time I take it out of the bag while fishing. I found that using a pair of 6" diagonal cutters, or dykes that have a flat spot ground in the back, are the best tool for the job. The leverage you get by using the back of the cutters is much more efficient than using the jaws of a pair of pliers. (Think of how a nutcracker works) Any tool with a flat spot behind the cutters or jaws will work in the same manner"
  4. Right next door to some good pizza too. Letizias
  5. I did well with it. Almost exact opposite of your experience. Had a week in October when the stripers were in really tight to shore. It can be fished in real shallow water. I kept switching off to small plastics on jig heads and that wasn’t what they wanted.
  6. Read and signed. Why debate whether it's an effective strategy or not? It takes 10 seconds to do.
  7. Can't find any videos? Try John Skinner or On The Water on youtube. Or better yet, go buy one for $8 and go fish it. It's very user friendly and a proven fish catcher. Just keep your line going on the reel tight if youre fishing with braid
  8. Hey Surf- Read the rules about mentioning specific spots before you start calling people names
  9. Head to IBSP. I will save you a spot..
  10. If you do, then try these. Very good product. Buy em thru the SOL amazon link...