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  1. Ordered my new boat and have a few things to work out. One project is to adapt the 6 console rod holders to accept fly rods. maybe only need to do 3 on the port side tho. My CC is a 222 Wellcraft Fisherman with a G2 200 HO. The pic is of a 24' model but with same molded in holders. So has anyone here know of a non destructive method to adapt these to a saltwater fly rod/real set up?
  2. No rocks just thigh high water on the sand. I rarely use my waders so 2 pairs of shoes will not make sense. Thanks tho. I don't know why I'm thinking Crocs would do it.
  3. Hello, I'm in a situation where I traveled to Cape Cod for 6 months work. Brought my stocking foot waders for some occasional shore fly fishing but left my shoes at home. Not looking to spend much, but I'm thinking maybe picking up some Crocs or something to use here for a temp substitute. Any ideas or thoughts on what makes an affordable temp wading shoe? Thanks, BD
  4. "MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark"
  5. Northshore flyfishing. Go to any fly shop in Essex county. Just ask directions to the "Candy Store" in Gloucester.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I was at the pass last weekend with the intention to try out some new patterns. Got a look at the crowd there and reconsidered. They were fishing shoulder to shoulder on the Sanibel side, and that line continued right across the bridge. I used the facilities on the Captive side and noticed lots of bait guys on the shore set up with tiki torches and coolers.
  7. Yes JonC, you got that right. Gotta get a copy of Jack Gartside's book. Although things may not be what they once were. Its the definitive writen work on this subject. And if you can google & you tube Dave Skok from Winthrop. Read as much as you can there, since for some time, Dave guided shore fly fishing trips in the greater Boston Hartbor area.
  8. Rotary vices are worth the investment. I tied on stationary vices for decades before I caved in and bought an Anvil Atlas. I tie for salt water exclusively and am a bit heavy handed. The weight and mass of that vice is just right for me. Also it's priced affordably around $150.00 The feature that improves my work is the ability to view the fly from 360* while tying. Great for centering eyes.
  9. I had my knee scoped recently. Of the locations you generously listed, which is the easiest walk? I'm from out of state & desire is to fly fish there for a couple days. Don't need spot burn type info jusy a parking location. Tight lines BD
  10. Geez that's pretty close. Thanks, I might've made an error by saying Albies in place of Bonito. But it's all good with me. Going to Google map that area. Tight lines BD
  11. What am I missing? Can someone ID those yellow cones? Super cool basket. Looks like it came right out of an LL Bean catalog.
  12. Speaking of Carolina surf fishing. Is there an area that has tent camping available within a short distance to surf fly fishing? Blues or Albies? I just have the urge to shore fish that part of the east coast.
  13. Nope not derailed yet. You provided what I'm looking for. I also appreciate a defender of inexpensive rods because I've owned my share. I'll look at my notes on Echo 10 wts. Since I did look at them either at Bears Den or Bass Pro. I'm not one to $100 dollar bills around but the TFO Clouser did have better cork and finish than the Echo.
  14. Temple Fork "Clouser rod" 10 wt. Any thoughts out there? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on one as a beach rod. Setting a $229.00 limit for a 9' 4pc. 10 wt. Since, I'm able to order one with free shipping and no sales tax. So that's the one for me. If members here have any pro/con feedback I'd love to hear it.