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  1. Of course I do. I'll call and ask the Harbormaster.
  2. How are the RI Cops about open or concealed carry on ones boat? In Frorida its considered safe operating proceedure to keep some personal protection within arms reach?
  3. Looks good? Spoke with the Narragansett Harbor Master and he claims it isnt an issue. Saying half the sailboats on moorings are registered out of Florida anyway. Just got off the phone wifh Safe Harbors @ Sakonnet Maina South yard too. Have my boat & trailer storage all set for Aug, Sep and Oct, using their on site ramp.
  4. Ugh! I'll be staying in Portsmouth RI Aug, Sep & Oct right on the Sakonnet river. I intend to trailer my boat from Florida in order to do a boat on trailer storage at a facility TBD with ramp as near as possible. Did some reading here and discovered I may not be allowed to fish or boat in RI waters as a non resident. If this is correct bringing my boat is a huge mistake. Yes?
  5. Dave Skok ties one. He calls it his Speed Flounder. Fast and easy. I had one kicking around that I tied with him years ago. Alas, its gone but I imagine you can contact him for a pic.
  6. Where would you suggest? I'll be asking around the Lauderdale show for some tips on that. Maybe find a deal?
  7. Yes that's the ticket. Mac's and Bonita. Not wanting to do skinny water at first. I'm going to swi g by Bass Pro and get a echomap 9" installed early Nov. Then start venturing out off of Ft. Myers
  8. More like Ft Myers - I prefer to chase top water action with a 10 weight @ NH, MA & RI. But things changed and I will now fish in SW Fl via my 22' CC. Honestly I'm at a loss. When, where and for what? Do fly guys look for and fish under working birds down here? Any game fish that I can chase similar to Blues, Stripers, FA's & Bonito? Love to hear about it, possibly support groups/clubs/orgs etc..
  9. Getting an urge for trailering to Funny Fish waters. CT, RI or MA within 10 - 20 minutes to a ramp. Wanting to set up camp for a few days. Campground would need space to fit a 22cc on trailer somewhere and have a tent site with a 110 outlet. Any one here do that kind of thing? Please share info. Thanks BD
  10. Hello! Saw the Go East comment. However I can't change where I'm putting in Friday @ Waquoit Bay. 

    Is traveling towards Nantucket my best bet or following the coastline East? I'm strictly a fly tosser. No hardware. 22' cc. I'd be happy with Blues but very happy with some funny fish. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    1. golden


      Actually, I heard Nantucket was good - also the backside of monomy.  however, since you're putting in at waqouit, I'd head over to the vineyard, Cape Pogue gut

    2. BillyD0123


      I'll give it a shot. 

  11. Giving up on my Narragansett Bay/ Point Jude funny fish trips until further notice. It's been really uneventful. Born under a bad sign I guess. Anyhoo, I'll be back at it this Friday, but this time out of Waquoit Bay. Bring my Ouija board along to give me my heading once in the Sound.
  12. Beautiful Saturday morning. Launched at Weaver Cove. Ran straight out a few miles then over to Point Jude. Then immediately back off Newport a few miles or more. Got ambushed by a pod of 100 maybe 200 Dolphins. They were feeding aggressively on something no signed of bait fish or gulls overhead. Looked deep into the clear water the was what I thought was shredded remains of jellyfish or maybe digested squid Dolphin poop. Anyway, I hung out with the pod for 30 minutes. Some swam over and buzzed my boat. A few stopped on my port side and popped their heads up to see who was on my boat. Other than that, my morning was uneventful.
  13. Cut and paste, sorry for the font. Anyway it's a good beater for a boat rod, casts FW rocket taper lines real well. And the price is right. 10WT 9'0" 4PC , TFO 10 90 Temple Fork Outfitters TFO Lefty Kreh Professional Series II Braided Graphite Fly Fishing Rods
  14. I'll give them a drive by, thanks for the advice on both. I like weaver because it's also convenient to the bay too, and never busy so no chance of A-Hole ramp rage breaking out like at high volume ramps. If its snooty out front I can tool around the bay for schoolies. Go on the hook and grill lunch etc...
  15. Thanks pal. One time years ago when I was there, SBFT were crashing the baitfish just a mile off shore. thanks for the heads up this weekend. I'm trying flies for that trip as we speak.