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  1. snooze

    Georgia Coast

    I’ve never been to the Georgia coast but have read that there’s little surf.
  2. The names of the offenders should be posted.
  3. Saw my first Osprey for the year just beyond the Marine Parkway Bridge right on schedule, St. Patrick’s Day. Laughing Gulls (4) off the Silver Hole last Friday, March 24.
  4. I heard Spring Peepers yesterday during the day in Orange County, NY. The toads were louder.
  5. The ranger sitting at main reception for Floyd Bennet Field told me that camping remains closed for 2023.
  6. Please, any suggestions for favorite east end/ North Fork/South Fork kayak launches that don’t require town permits including parking? I plan on getting the Suffolk County pass and see that their website lists 3 self-launches. I’m especially interested in targeting Albies. Thanks.
  7. http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/East-End/131743/Johnnys-Tackle-Closes-After-70-Years
  8. This may be old news by now, but if not then I'm sorry to let you know that Johnnys Tackle & Bait in Montauk village closed this past December. I was shocked to see the store emptied out while driving through town this past Valentine's Day. A quick Google search confirmed the bad news. The only good news is that the neon sign and many of the historic fish photos have been preserved by the family.
  9. A retired engineer in Maine built a replica of a traditional Greenland-style kayak for me over the winter. I launch from the Sebago Canoe Club in Canarsie, though last week I was camping at and launching from Floyd Bennet Field.
  10. Happy to report catching 3 Little tunny off Breezy Point this past Wednesday, September 16. First I noticed rainbait, then schools of porpoising predators. Conditions were summer-like, with light winds from the south. I was paddling my skin on frame kayak and trolling a 4" rubber minnow a few hundred yards off the beach on the second half of the outgoing tide. The fish were small, probably 20" fork length. No luck with the Little tunny on Thursday, and Friday, just a few small Bluefish.
  11. Time your launches, and landings for the tides. Land on outgoing water (a wave leaves you high and dry on the beach.) Launch on incoming water (a wave picks you up off the beach). Also, launch between the sandy cusps that form along the beach front...less lateral movement of water.
  12. Visit the Sebago Canoe Club in Canarsie one weekend morning (Google it.) I've belonged to this club for nearly 20 years and fish from a sea kayak in Jamaica Bay and out Rockaway Inlet. Launch from our dock into Paedergat Basin, which is about a 1-mile paddle to Floyd Bennet Field and Mill Basin. I believe that there is some limited outside storage still available. Most members are into kayak touring and sailing, though there are about 6 or so dedicated kayak fisherman.
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