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  1. Really would like to sell everything as a package.
  2. Spent a bunch of money on a ton of fly tying material over the years, and a table to tie on and keep everything. Lost interest and life got in the way. Tons of bucktail,flash,eyes,hackle,peacock hurl,epoxy, another fly tying kit not pictured with bobbins and thread etc. 2 jig molds also. Too much to list. Looking for $500. Located in 08096. Jim
  3. Interested in a partial trade cash/large plugs?
  4. Closed due to lack of interest.
  5. I believe I still have the 30" cam for it.
  6. Oops, its right hand.
  7. Any interest in trading a very nice R/H Elite Compound Bow for a high end heaver/surf fishing setup/rod? I have a 2014 Elite Pure all set up for hunting. 70#/31" with stabilizers, sight, case,release and arrows. Looking for a nice surf setup, century, Ballistic, Lami etc with reel. Looking for around 500$ in trade value. Located in Southern Nj.
  8. Better pics of the SS? Eyelets, clearer reel seat etc...
  9. Still have them?
  10. Id like to buy it pending seeing it in person in a few days.
  11. Take a few pics and let me know how much. Prefer them to be in good shape.
  12. Sounds good.
  13. Going to pass Bronson thanks.
  14. Pics would be great.
  15. Anyone have any SloSh's laying around? Looking for one for a surf setup.