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  1. I have a 10’ rated 1-4 if that is of interest.
  2. I presume this is a typo. Is the price dropped by $25 or is the new price perhaps $325? If the price is actually $25, I will happily take it ;-)
  3. I have this in Gosa. I took it apart and greased it. The clicking is gone but now it have a more viscous feel when cranking so you lose that super light spinning action. Not a big deal for me but may bother others. For what it’s worth, the clicking was much worse on the Slammers I used to own
  4. Sounds good. Sending pm now
  5. I own the Frontier 9’6” and it has been my main rod for the last two years. The range you plant to throw is about perfect for that rod. It’s a bit faster than some popular rods on the site like the GSB 1201L which I also own (10’) and still own (9’6”). For me I prefer the ODM crisper action to the GSB. It has tons of backbone as evidenced by the fact that I caught my PB 49” last spring on it. I have not tried the 9’6” Slingshot but used to own the the 2-6 10’6” version which I did not like at all. Way too stiff for my taste. In 9’6” rods, I also own the Tsunami SaltX and the Blackhole Stripe Bass Special moderate-fast version but I have no time out in with those rods. Fwiw the Tsunami seems more moderate than the Blackhole and Frontier but not as much as the GSB. I do think the ODM is very expensive but so too is the Century. Perhaps another reason to consider the Blackhole or the Tsunami Good luck in your search
  6. My elbow tendonitis makes casting a longer rod very painful. I’ve been doing rehab for it over the winter but as a general rule, shorter is better for me right now. I was very curious of the more moderate version of this rod so I pulled the trigger. I own four other Blackhole surf rods and liked them so I was quite confident that I would like this rod as well. It doesn’t hurt that at $335 with free shipping for the 9’6”, the rod is much less expensive than some other high end rods.
  7. I have both the original faster action 10’ version and the new 9’6” moderate-fast version. I have zero time in with the 9’6” (trying to recuperate from my elbow tendinitis). That rod is brand new so there’s not going to be many people with any experience with the rod. Don’t know if I will be able to answer your questions but feel free to ask
  8. 49” on a 6” white swim shad with a Joe Baggs jig head. The Joe Baggs jig heads are great for large soft plastics. Really hold the plastic well without the need for superglue. Big beefy hooks as well.
  9. In looking over the plugs, I now realize that the two bone colored floaters are 5 1/8” not 6”. Sorry about that.
  10. I thought I had some used ones I could throw in but it seems not. Let me know what you decide. Thanks
  11. I have these 6” floaters. I also have these two sinkers and (one 6” and one 5 1/8”) and these three 6 3/4” floaters. $8 each for the 6” and 5 1/8”. $12 each for the 6 3/4”. Minimum purchase is 5 plugs (because of shipping) or add $8 for shipping. Thanks
  12. I think I have some. 6” or 6.75”?
  13. after shipping cost and fees, I would get around $140 so I think we are too far apart
  14. No thanks. I’ll just keep it at that price.
  15. By the way, I have the box with everything at came in the box. I think I only used it once or twice from the beach (never dunked). I have a lot of reels and I bought this on an impulse