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  1. I fish this area and as others have said, it’s very much a night game. Even 11 pm might be a bit early. My recent fish have been after midnight. Bucktails have been by to far the most effective lures this season (90% of my fish this spring although I have gotten a few on swim shads and Sluggos). Bluefish are out in full force so be forewarned in you are throwing soft plastic. Fishing has been very good for mid-late June with quite a few slots and bigger fish being caught among me and my acquaintances. Good luck
  2. I own that rod and unless you are throwing tiny amounts out bait, that is the wrong rod. I wouldn’t throw more than 2.5 oz (total weight) with that rod. Maybe 3 oz. I also agree that the 150 is not the right reel for bait.
  3. Which model in particular. I have several of their rods
  4. Hey, I’m leaving for vacation out of the country in Wed so let me know if you want to go through with this sale. Otherwise GLWS. Thanks
  5. Btw, it’s important to keep the meat submerged… it sometimes floats especially if there is any air trapped at all in the bag. I use a vacuum sealer but it’s not absolutely necessary
  6. I’ve done steak with it (NY strip). Worked great. You can add some seasoning in the bag before you start circulating the water if you like but with steak, I just leave it plain. What worked really well is I used a piece of chuck cut like a steak and put it in for 24 hours and then seared it. Worked out great… tender but with the great beefy taste of chuck
  7. If you are willing to ship, I will take it for asking shipped to me on Long Island. Thanks
  8. Are you firm on the no shipping?
  9. I have one but the previous owner (I am the second owner) cut out two of the bucktail loops so there only two remain8ng. Let me know if you are interested or need photos. Thanks
  10. I checked and I have no blurple. Good luck with the search
  11. New or used? Only blurple or is black also ok?
  12. I have the 9’6” Frontier and might be interested in a swap with the Stealth. I know you said you don’t make it to Long Island but do you make it into Manhattan?
  13. I tend to always use a swivel and pre-tied leaders. I find tying leader material onto the braid on the beach (especially at night) and do it right without overlapping wraps, etc very difficult. Add to the mix wind and even a simple knot like a uni-uni is challenging. The other reason is that I like to replace the leader as soon as there are any nick of abrasion on it (especially if the nick were cause by blues). Attaching the leader to the braid with a simple Paloma’s knot makes the swap a breeze
  14. Not sure I understand. The 10’mSuzuki is rated 1/2-2, well below your stated range of 1-4.
  15. I have the 10’ Blackhole Striped Bass Special rated 3/4-4. It would need to be picked up in eastern Suffolk or possibly NYC. Let me know if you are interested