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  1. I presume the rod is a Lou Caruso build? I have the exact saman color scheme with Paco grip on the Cousins 10’ Lou built for me
  2. I’m in
  3. Thanks for the photos. They’re more beaten up than I was expecting. Do you have anything in new/near new condition, like a pencil popper around 2 oz in a light color (yellow, white parrot, etc)?
  4. Both #20 & 22 raise good points. For example, I spot I fish has a “hole” while is quite a bit deeper than the surrounding area. I cast a 2 or 2.5 oz bucktail into the hold which I retrieve for perhaps 20 feet after which I have to burn it in. Without a heavier bucktail, it would never get down fast enough.
  5. Unless you have a lot of current or really heaving waves, 1.5 oz is definitely too heavy and 1 oz might be as well. Try 3/4 oz
  6. I also like Dan's bucktails and use them a lot in the heavier sizes 1+ oz.
  7. I tend to disagree on this point. There are many bucktails with good hooks. The problem for me has been getting light bucktails with big hooks (I often throw 3/4 or even 1/2 oz bucktails in shallow water). In those situations, I like Andrus and Jecks bucktails.
  8. Great. Thanks No problem. Just didn’t want us to get into the Moderators’ bad books
  9. Just to be clear, if you are making that offer to me, you are violating the rules of the BST. That is highjackkng someone elses’s post
  10. I’ll take these. Please pm your PayPal details. Thanks
  11. So I checked and I have the book and it’s in perfect condition. In term of plugs, do you have a pencil popper around 2 oz?
  12. Do you have any super strike black eyes poppers? Thanks
  13. I think I have this book but i’m Out of town right now. I can check on Monday night. If I have it, i’m happy to swap it for a plug.