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  1. Thanks for looking into this. I didn’t realize the shipping would be that high. I will pass. Good luck with the sale
  2. I would happily take this if you are willing to ship to Long Island. Thanks
  3. I think you are referring to the 10’ Suzuki Special
  4. Payment sent. Thanks
  5. I will take both shipped. Thanks
  6. I’ll take the rangers and line stretchers. Thanks
  7. Just try calling Jane. I wasn't on the waiting list but was able to purchase a 10' 3/4-4 oz rod.
  8. I skinned it. You use the head as a grip to ripped the skin off (there are videos on YouTube showing how to do this). I grilled the whole skinless tail. The meat is quite firm so it held together well on the grill. Give it a try.
  9. I grilled one on the barbecue this past weekend. Absolutely delicious. Much nicer than the porgies which I also grilled.
  10. Good choice. You will like it.
  11. Take a look at my comments in the post below. Short answer, I think it is the best all-around rod I have ever used and I own/have owned a lot of rods including: Century KNE 1-5, Century Slingshot 2-6, ODM Frontier 9'6", CTS Vapor Trail 1-3, Shimano Tiralejo 10'6", FSC 1086, 1087 & 1088, Lami GSBC 1201L both 10' and 9'6", Cousins 10' 1-4, etc. Several of these rods are much more expensive than the Black Hole. Just to make it completely transparent. I have no affiliation with Black Hole other than owning some of their rods. I have met Kilsong exactly once at a show 3 or 4 years ago.
  12. I have the 9’6” and for the lure range you are talking about, I suspect the 9’2” is a better bet. I don’t have any first hand experience with the 9’2” other than a couple of casts but the 9’6” might be beefier than you need. I find the blank just starts loading at 1.5 oz. I own a lot of rods and for me, the 9’6” is really limited to an inlet I fish with ripping current. Have you considered the new 10’ 3/4-4 Striped Bass Special? I think it is the best all-around rod I have used.
  13. Ok good luck. The 9’6” Black Hole Suzuki that song mentioned is an excellent rod for $195. I highly recommend it.
  14. Here are the pics of the FSC 1087. There are some paint loss on the reel seat hood and one of the guides from hanging hooks. I don’t see any gouges in the blank. Let me know. Thanks
  15. I will pass. GLWTHS