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  1. I found this beauty snagged in a big clump of seaweed on the beach ast fall.
  2. Found another mangled hook photo. This was after a hooking into a bunch of big PO’d bluefish. Lots of filets for the smoker for my friend and I.
  3. Great plugs.
  4. Reel sold along with Ballistic LT I had in another ad. Thanks
  5. Funds received. Thanks
  6. OK. Sending PM now.
  7. Shipped or picked up?
  8. The schematics are the ones that came in the box. You are spcorrect about the difference between the two sizes being just the spool size. I can do $230 shipped. The reel is $280 new and it is in immaculate condition. Thanks
  9. Manhattan or eastern Long Island (Greenport to Orient)
  10. That’s the model but I am firm on price. Thanks
  11. This is the reel that Scooby gave such a rave review. It is brand new in a sealed box. I have way too much gear and am trying to reduce the amount of stuff I have as back ups. $225 PayPal shipped. Sorry but but not interested in any trades. Thanks
  12. Saragosa 6000 with 20lb Trilene Tracer braid. The reel and line was only very briefly. I can only find one tiny mark on black anodized top of the reel spoolright beside the drag knob (it’s around the 10 o’clock point in the first photo). The reel comes with the box and everything that came in the box. $240 PayPal shipped. I’m trying to reduce the amount of gear I have so not interested in any trades.
  13. I’ll probably be listing a Ballistic LT shortly.
  14. Actually, i accept the offer of $150 for the 5500 as well. Thanks
  15. Funds received for the 4500. Thanks