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  1. You don’t specify length but both the 9’’6” Blackhole Suzuki Special and 9’6” Tsunami Airwaves Elite are good rods. Suzuki in particular is great.
  2. No need but thanks for the offer. Good luck with them
  3. I’ll take it for $22
  4. Can you post pics of any scratches,marks, etc? Thanks
  5. I responded to a post about a person who wanted to buy some Stick Shads. I offered up a couple, he negotiated the price and we agreed. He then PMs me asking on how to proceed since this is his first purchase. I explain how people typically send payment and then the seller ships the goods. He mentions that he wants to send a bank check to which I responded I though this would be an expensive approach for 2 Stick Shads with a total of $20. Since then, he has not responded to any PMs even though he has been on the site. I'm not out anything since I had not shipped, but I would have expected the basic courtesy of a response. I wonder if he was trying to scam me with this "bank check".
  6. Kil, What are the specs for the 9’? I love my 10’ 3/4-4. So light but with good backbone
  7. Sorry, I forgot to specify that I would like all bullet head. Thanks
  8. Dan, I would like 20 x 1/2 oz and 15 x 3/4 oz, all unpainted, all short shank. I think that works out to $41.75 plus shipping. Thanks
  9. Are you still planning to buy these? I haven’t heard from you to complete the sale
  10. Thanks Lou
  11. Lou, where can I buy this tubing? I’ve seen this recommendation before but have never been able to track down a source. Thanks
  12. I don’t have any personal experience with it but if it is based on the GSB1202L blank, Lou Caruso (Redhawk) has previously stated that this blank is far inferior to the one price version. Given how many rods he has built, I take his opinion very seriously.
  13. I agree with this. I found 9’6”. Yo be the best combination of weight, ability to work pencil poppers, ability to cast for long periods. Having said that, I purchased a 10’ Black Hole Striper Special and it is without question the best rod I’ve ever used for the fishing I do. That includes other Black Hole rods that I own. I think this is an exception to the rule. I’ve many other 10’ rods and generally I prefer 9’6”.