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  1. Sorry to hear about your father and thanks for the details. Let me think about it a bit.
  2. Just curious but why are you selling it? Also, from the specs, it seems smaller than a VS 150. Is that right? Also, specs say 30”:retrieve rate which seems really low.
  3. Only US made? I have VSb 15o but not IS made.
  4. No hijacking
  5. I have both of those rods. Great rods with lots of back bone. The 9’2” is beefier than some other rods of similar rating (Mojo, Tiralejo, Frontier x, cut down 1201L, etc) that I’ve used and somewhat faster action. Reminds me a bit to the FSC 1087 but with even more backbone. Similarly the 9’6” is really not a 1-5. Closer to 1.5 oz on the low end. That one doesn’t see much action for me because I don’t tend to throw such big/heavy lures where I typically fish.
  6. Try Simms boots if you want wider. They work for me with my wide foot. Good luck
  7. Really annoying but I just checked my order information and I paid for the Darkhorse but KTP shipped me the Buckskins. I didn’t realize this until now. Price dropped to $130 shipped.
  8. If someone can let me know how to edit the title, I will change it. Thx
  9. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. I have a virtually new set of Size 10 Korker Buckskin boots worn briefly once in sandy bottom area. Great boots they’re just too narrow for my size EEE feet. Korker boots run small. By way of reference, I normally wear size 9 shoes. $130 shipped Let me know. Thanks
  11. Good luck with your search
  12. How much did you have in mind?