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  1. 11 mins ago, UncleJohn said:

    That's the plan ... 


    When i make a hole, i just put a nail in vise grip pliers. Heat the nail up with with a lighter. Make a hole just off center by the head. Most times when sealing the plug back up. You can reheat nail and use thr plugs plastic from hole to reseal. As SC stated, i go over hook hangers and nose on all redfins. I also noticed tsunami talkin poppers have the same problem. And back hook hanger on cotton cordell pencil poppers.

    Good luck & Happy holidays...


  2. After making hole and draining, seal hole with epoxy and also go over hook hangers and nose clip with epoxy. Let sit overnight, then a coat of hard as nails. Let sit overnight, then weigh. Put in a bucket of water overnight without hooks, check weight. If the same, add hooks and ready to fish