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  1. Please update on ss bunker popper, money was sent pp yesterday. Along with my address.



    1. Steelstripe


      Yes received and it was mailed yesterday. 

    2. Batman67
  2. You still have bg4000?

  3. If hook hangers are all in good shape. I would be interested at $20.00 shipped pp, for all the 7 inch. You can keep hardware on lures.. not interested in 5 inch.

  4. Interested in pics of t-hex lures.

  5. I fish with girl also. Maybe this spring we can set something up. You in Suffolk?


    1. ThrowinPlugs


      Yeah man, central Suffolk. 

  6. Hoping you can help. My 4 year old shimano saragosa 6000sw. Only under load sounds horrible when reeling. With no load no noise and smooth as can be. And line lay started to mushroom, had to add 2 washers to correct.

    1. scoobydoo


      Hey man,

      For starters

      Have you inspected the obvious.  Making sure the line roller bearing hasn't died?  That would cause a raspy grindy sensation when under load 

      and potentially throw off the  line lay.

      Also make sure the roller itself doesn't slide too far to one side which would create a gap allowing line to get trapped in between the roller and arm.  that would cause the line lay to mushroom.

    2. Batman67


      Pretty much much I figured and was afraid off. The bite is on fire south shore, long island. On hlod with shimano now to order new bearing and roller.  Thank you for your quick response. 

      Tight Lines,


    3. Batman67


      Shouldnt I take out the 2 washers I added with new bearing. 

  7. Dont sweat it, alot of jerkoffs in the long island form. Thats why I never share info or post in it. Alot armchair quarterbacks who barely fish and bitch.


    Tight Lines..





  8. Are you still looking to move the 2 ss darter repaints. If so I would take them for $50.00 shipped. If that works for you..

  9. You back around yet? And are you in ny?

  10. Interested in smokey joe darter.