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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Striper46 I use them as well on bucktails with success. FYI they bleed so don't keep multiple colors together. I use white n chart in 6inch Thanks, just put them back in bag so they don't bleed.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Vin S I've used 4 in forever on bucktails. Works great Seems small, any color?
  3. I couldn't agree more, great company. They even load some lures, if you don't want to do it yourself. I bought a loaded Red Fin 7 inch, very happy.
  4. Great info guys! I also bought the rayovac at Walmart prior to reading this. Seems decent, 2 light settings and pivots.
  5. I have used the Bomber "Badonkadonk" 1/2 oz. mullet and red head. They killed the cocktails in a back bay I fish. They cast pretty well on light tackle and have a nice rattle. Some are high pitch and some are low pitch. But no Bass or schoolies..
  6. They have some good deals there, just try not to deal with the son "Andrew"... He is a piece of work.
  7. Heard there are blues still running at SPB..
  8. Too old for jettys, rock climbing, no studs and going chest deep in water. Just a good pair for the beach. I was leaning towards boot waders, LL Bean seems to make high rated ones.
  9. About $200.00 sound right?
  10. Thanks for the advice Delaware Surfman and Barrys. Should I get breathable and just layer?
  11. Will do, thanks again TWilson615!
  12. Very cool, thanks AMMO! I have to look into the Ron Z's and sluggos. New Dick's just opened close by. "You need a BLACK Bomber 16A, remove the middle hook.", isn't that the 6 inch 7/8 oz. ? I have heard it's tough to cast with? I was looking at the 7inch 1.5oz. one, any good? Or is the 16a the right size? I have little 1/2 oz. creek chub's I use for cocktails in some back bays I fish. It's a blast with light tackle, 6'6 ft rod with 6lb test. I caught a 7lber that way this summer, well 20 minutes later and almost spooled twice with 200 yards. Not new to fishing, just new to the surf. My slow-pitch softball days are over at 47 years old. Please keep it coming, I will be mostly fishing South Shore beaches, maybe a bridge or two.. No Montauk for me, not ready and doesn't sound like fun to me at all! Not for a fish I don't need for dinner.
  13. Thanks, TWilson. I was looking at the "Sebil Lures" the other day. It looked like a well made product. How do they cast? As far as Black Bomber, I heard they are or have come out with a new one. I guess since the sp minnow is killing them. Waiting to hear about or see them. I just picked up a Rapala X-RAP walk xrw11 in olive. 5 1/4 inches 1 1/4 ounce floater. $7.00. Figured for that price worth a shot. Anyone have any success with them?
  14. I have only been doing it that way for the last few years. I'm glad to see someone else does it with great success, 20+years, Beatonem.
  15. I don't blast or soak in hot water. I take handle down on shower and go just down the rod and reel, never up or sideways. It takes a few minutes, I let it dry standing up in the shower. Next day like a new set-up. I was told cold water just moves the salt around, it made sense to me. When you wipe it down, your getting the salt off the rod but not the reel.
  16. I have found over the years, it has nothing to do with fishing. It's just common sense and a lot of people fall short. The things people will do for a fish. I like the 3 strike rule, after that I just quietly cut there line.
  17. I'm just a newbie to this site, great pic's. I'm looking forward to posting a few myself. Some blues, stripers and weakfish..
  18. I just picked up the book by Zeno, looking forward to reading it this winter.
  19. I'm no pro, but as far as I know. As long as it is not submerged underwater you should be fine. I would put it in the shower and wash it down with HOT water. Melts the salt.
  20. On a bunker chunk, off a pier. On a 7 ft penn fierce combo with 20lb braid. 20 minutes later, 42/25. On the beach, 7 inch Tsunami swim shad. 34/15.
  21. This is what I have so far. 5 inch 2oz. old Rebel windcheater popper in blue/silver. Storm Mag Thunderstick 16 7 inch dark blue 1.5oz Creek Chub Ice blue sinking popper 2oz. Cotton Cordell Pencil popper 1oz. whit w/red head. 6 inch Atom white/blue 7/8oz Andrus Jetty casters 1-3 oz uncle josh pork rind red 70 Sp minnow chicken scratch 6inch 1 1/9oz floater Superstrike Needlefish 1.5oz Black/gold belly Yozuri darter 5inch 1oz bronze Yozuri sashimi bull 150 2.5oz (got on sale for $10.00) at west marine. Alot of metal from 1-2 1/2 oz. Hopkins, Kastmaster and Krockadiles. Any other lures that are proven fish killers I should invest in?
  22. Anyone know anything about the Storm Thunderstick Mag 16, a friend gave me one in dark blue. It seems like a solid lure, seems like it swims like a Bomber.
  23. Thanks Micodese, that's were I got the book from the library.
  24. I just joined this site. This is a great thread for a guy like me is just getting into fishing from the surf. I just picked up "The Art Of Surfcasting With Lures" by Zeno Hromin.