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  1. I'm in, thanks..
  2. Go help Dave C, he needs it. Good night girls..
  3. Pretty weak and yet another insult.
  4. I hope your english lessons are cheaper than your lures!
  5. Did I strike a nerve, lol. So is tight lines. So tight lines Dave C. ! And I offer you redfins that i will put a red dot on just for you, free. Only because your such a gentlemen.
  6. You have insulted me a few times. Isnt the smiley face passive aggressive? Asking for a friend.
  7. And your a moderator, wow! You offered wrong lures, bottom line! And yes I did turn down your 7 inch and got them much cheaper on hear. So, do your homework before go on a childish rant. And not at all a low baller and have paid full price plenty of times on hear. Once again do your homework. I also notice you sell very little of what you list, maybe your prices are too rich for most on hear.
  8. Since morningwood and dave c are talking directly about me. Let me clarify, since Tim S didnt. First things first, either block me or just dont respond to my post. Going forward I will not buy anything from either of you. Problem solved. Now, these will be fished means. I dont need box in came in or stock hardware, not a collector. Therefore it should be easier to box and cheaper to ship. Plus dave c offered the wrong item! Not a red dot factory loaded redfins, but stout redfins. Thought I was pretty clear in post. Morningwood when questioned about weight, gave a I guess answer. But you two have alot to say about everyone else. Tight Lines
  9. As title states, factory loaded red dot. Not interested in in aftermarket loaded ones. Thanks, Tight Lines
  10. Thanks and thanks for posting.. Tight Lines
  11. Sorry for late reply, was beating up on the stock trout. I can offer $45 shipped, no hardware or boxes. These will be fished. Pp.
  12. If hook hangers are all in good shape. I would be interested at $20.00 shipped pp, for all the 7 inch. You can keep hardware on lures.. not interested in 5 inch.

  13. Lol, better chance at winning lotto....
  14. Are the hellcats 7 inch?
  15. Rough sided 1.5 ounces each?
  16. Not what I stated im looking for, tight lines...
  17. Thanks for posting, the only color Im not interested in. Tight lines
  18. Are these factory loaded,, dont see red dot. They look like stout's, by the belly barrel swivel, LOL.
  19. Thanks for posting Dave, but your prices are always too rich for my blood. Tight lines
  20. Spheros 4000sw
  21. 8ft 8, tsunami airwave elite , shimano stratic 5000 and 20lb braid. Great for back bays in the spring and also albies in the fall.
  22. Best of luck Scooby, you will be dearly missed by all.
  23. I have the same one in yellow, always thought it was an old gibbs. It catches fish in the back bays. Only problem you have to put a split ring on the nose, too thick for a TA clip.
  24. You have this posted everywhere...
  25. Thanks for the responding, I will pass.