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  1. Thank you your a gentlemen.
  2. Done deal, please pm me your pp info.
  3. A rod between 7'6 -9'6ft, depending on where and current. A spinning reel that will hold at least 250 yrds of 20lb braid. And retrieves around 40 inches per turn. 20lb fluoro and tie direct. I use a 4ft leader. I use an 8'8 tsunami airwave elite, shimano stratic fl 5000 and 20lb jbraid. I use it on the beach and off the jetties. Its also a great setup for schoolie bass.
  4. Interested in bunker popper.
  5. I have used alot of the above mentioned shops. Some good, some not so good. Now in the off season I just send them to manufacturer, shimano, penn, etc.. its a few extra bucks, but to me well worth it. Being a lefty I dont own VS, but over the years always heard Bert was the guy to use.
  6. Not tsunami talkin poppers..
  7. Bump.....
  8. Try j and j in patchogue. ********
  9. You have a 250L?
  10. Airwave elite, 8'8, 1/2-2 ounce
  11. 9ft. Penn Battalion, 3/4-3
  12. And the old one is lifetime warranty, new ones 15yrs..
  13. You still have bg4000?

  14. Tight lines, Bill!"
  15. I'm in!, thanks
  16. Spray and wash.
  17. Are these 6 or 7 inch? Hard to tell from pics..
  18. When DEC measures a fish, they close mouth and pinch tail. So, I do,the same
  19. All the above great advice, just wanted to add. Fish a 4-5ft leader and wear gloves. Most times I can just grab the leader and pull them up.
  20. Shimano spheros 4000 sw
  21. Are these the captain bills? They catch fish, but the hook hangers are garbage. I have had cocktail blues twist them. Smackit hook hangers are much thicker and havent had any twist or crack plug
  22. Crocs, or even better walmart has there own crocs.. $10.00. Go up one size
  23. $100 picked up cash
  24. I will pass, glws...
  25. How much for just the airwave elite, cash pickup?