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  1. Stratic FK5000..
  2. Back bay 50lb, open beach 75lb, 125lb inlet/jetty
  3. Should be any day, last year was the 13th for most places
  4. Offer $15 shipped paypal..
  5. Had fish the last few weeks, then this cold front shut things down.
  6. They stopped making the 250L, they still make the 150L.
  7. Change split rings and hooks. I use rosco 65lb split rings and for back bay 1/0 vmc 4x on both. For the open beach i use 2/0's.
  8. Offer $90.00 shipped, pp.
  9. I use #2's, not to alter the v-wake. Split rings must be able to spin freely or will put too much pressure on hook hangers. I think I use 35lb test split rings..
  10. Interested in 7 inch hellcat if you split...
  11. As title says, new or used. 7 inch and 2 3/4 ounces.
  12. Last bump
  13. J and H Tackle in NY usually has both sizes. Try giving them a call.