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  1. Not drama, just the rules. We all try to follow. You can close this yourself. Not sure if you know that. Tight lines..
  2. Isnt this also on the bay?
  3. Yes
  4. Offer $14 shipped and you can cut off mustad hooks.
  5. Pm, missinglink08
  6. They just cancelled my order. Cant sell to NY.
  7. Same here, purchased on the bay for $7.60 shipped.
  8. Site rules, must list price shipped. And should move to wts. Glws..
  9. 30lb and try jbraid, a little thinner and rouder than most. 50lb leader and 75lb ta clip.
  10. Berkley cherrywood. $25
  11. Offer retracted
  12. Offer $28 shipped for sp's if all are floaters.
  13. Offer $32.00
  14. Its a shame there are no rules and/or regulations protecting the prespawn bass. Until there is, there is nothing to say to anyone keeping legal size fish. Unless your looking for an arguement or fight. I never understood why we never adopted the rules/regulations Florida did with Snook. A slot that keeps the breeding females in the water. If I am not mistaken 90% of bass over 36 inches are females. Which should also include commercial fisherman and party boats. They do more damage then the average surf fisherman does by far. 25 -35 inch slot?
  15. No thanks, glws..