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  1. Sounds good, please confirm weights tonight. We can confirm sale tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Very nice! Less than direct. What price can you do shipped for a pearl white and green mackerel 3 - 3 1/2 oz. ? Paypal.
  3. White or Mackerel patterns.
  4. If you can do $50.00 cash meet up. I will be in Deer Park Wednesday.
  5. Daiwa BG 3000
  6. Lot 4 how many are 2 3/8 & how many 1 1/2?
  7. No problem, I understand. But I will pass..
  8. Price shipped please, its the sites rules.
  9. Your correct, thats the size stick shad Im looking for. Just interested in the 3 though. $60 shipped paypal?
  10. Your right, i checked also. If you can do $35.00 shipped paypal. I will take outcast and magic swimmer..
  11. Thought stick shad was heavier. Just interested in the two, 9 inch 228's. But seems you want top dollar. Thanks for offer, I will pass.
  12. Thanks again but want green mac.
  13. Offer retracted..
  14. The red head, green mac and ghost stick shad. Is the green mac a sebile? And xize and weight of ghost stick shad. Thanks