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  1. Have to use fluorocarbon and tie direct. 20lb beach, 25lb inlet.
  2. Misunderstood your post, tight lines.
  3. Has nothing to do with during the week. Its more about tide, have caught plenty on the weekend.
  4. There has been a good amount of cocktails, some keeper fluke and triggers out east all week. Had a couple of 15-18 triggers.. and also some bonito.
  5. Not enough backbone and line capacity. They get that current and can be tough to turn.
  6. Cant see that setup working from an inlet/jetty.
  7. Penn Battalion 9ft. 3/4 - 3oz. , Daiwa BG 4000.
  8. 8'8 airwave elite,, 1/2 - 2 oz. Stradic 5000fk, 20lb braid...
  9. Did you actually see the bluefish? I was fishing one on the ss also yesterday. Saw birds working and mini bliztzes on bait, but it wasnt bluefish. Actually looked like spanish mackerel. Put an exopy jig in the truck, to confirm next time.
  10. SaltX got there attention I guess.
  11. This will be your most popular video to date. All of us lefties are looking forward to telling Van Staal. Stick your 18% up your ***!
  12. Smiths point doesnt own the parking lot before the bridge, no worries.
  13. Not buying a VS 250L.
  14. If you dont mind walking. You can park in lot before bridge and walk over the bridge. It costs you nothing. If you want to fish FiNS its a little over 2 miles walking.