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  1. Spro 130lb, goes through tip no problem. Try to keep your leader length the consistant. I use 3ft on beach and 5ft in most inlets.
  2. Thanks for posting, i will pass
  3. Only interested in factory loaded,, thanks.
  4. Saragosa 6000, 40 inches per turn. Spheros 6000, 33 inches per turn ..
  5. Post of the month, should be framed
  6. Ask the young lady who caught the big the main forum....
  7. He doesnt..
  8. He is pretty much a rookie also..
  9. Crushed barbs treble on belly hanger and dressed open eye siwash 5/0 on back of most plugs
  10. Thomas makes a spoon called little tiger, 1/8 ounce, gold and bronze.
  11. I use mine more for transport than safety. Otherwise rod and reel go in the truck when out of my sight day or night.
  12. I have the reel fortress, 2 rod holder on each side of the truck. They all have there pros and cons. $150 a side, it does the job. They are in bayshore, ny..