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  1. Tsunami 8'8 1/2-2 oz.
  2. Underarmour compression knee high socks .. suprised you dont have any from soccer
  3. Check utube, tackle direct has a video that will answer your question.
  4. Any tackle shop or online.
  5. 2/0 vmc 4x and rosco 4h, 65lb split rings on an sp minnow 6 inch.
  6. Super strike 2 3/8 black eye sinking popper, white. Smackit poppers both sizes. All three sizes in mag darters and a blurple sp minnow. 2oz kastmaster. And an ALL yellow superstrike darter. My 2 cents, tight lines...
  7. Let it load up and throw smooth. I had that rod and found it didnt respond well to me laying into it. It throws a ss 2 3/8 popper to china and works a nice pencil. Glass in the tip.
  8. A 2oz sinker and chunk for dock fishing it should be fine. Just throw nice and smooth at 80%..
  9. What kind of tape? .....becoming a big fan of jbraid 8 strand, 330yards for $19.00. No issues the last few years and cast well.
  10. For long island, one all white, one all yellow and one blue and white.
  11. For right around $100.00, look into the penn battalion 9ft. 3/4-3.
  12. I will take it, I fish alot of darters and also on long island. Pay pal ok?
  13. You know what they say "wood is good but, plastic is fantastic."
  14. Flexx wrap, google there website..
  15. Fireline isnt considered a braided line. Its a thermally fused line.