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  1. Trailheads it is, thanks all for your input...
  2. Thanks
  3. Said willing to spend up to.
  4. Which psi ones are you using? They are like $60.
  5. Finally ready to break down and buy a good set. Willing to spend up to $100.00.
  6. We need to have size slots for all fish to protect breeding females. For example most striped bass over 36 inches and almost all over 40 inches are breeding females. One fish 25-35 inches in season. Practice CPR, (catch, pic, release).
  7. I have the 6 and 7 inch bomber pencils. Much better hardware.
  8. 2/0 vmc on belly, 5/0 vmc siwash on back. If you want to get fancy add just a little birdshot for better rattle and casting.
  9. Offer $40.00 pp for 2 ss darters in lot 5..
  10. How many yards of jbraid is on the reel?
  11. Picked one up, will be spooling it with 20lb jbraid by machine. I will update with yards it holds without overspooling. Thanks all for your input. Going to use it for spring stripers and albies on a 8'8 airwave elite. Tight lines...
  12. 9'6 airwave elite and a shimano saragosa 6000 with 20lb braid.
  13. 2 inch curly tails, grass shrimp or 2-3 inch pieces of night crawler will work.
  14. Thanks , they keep me busy all winter.
  15. Yes, white perch on long island. Very good eating, they are actually in the striped bass family. They are a blast to catch on 5ft ultra light rod, 4lb test and 1/16oz jigs.