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  1. VANITY I think! Look , mine is better than yours! They can afford it . I can't so I go with what I can! You can have the same fun in a cheap motel without the cost of an expensive hotel. Is just points of view. Don't let it get to your nerves. Just look to the other side and BE HAPPY DUDE! Love yourself for what you are and not for what others have. After all, is the same water on the top as on the bottom. Happy fishing.
  2. I came back for a look since 2014 when I first registered as La Parguera PR. Tried to sign in but couldn't so I opened a new account using Papun instead. My first post then was about mackerel on season at my home town and here I am again with the update. This year they started earlier and since I am into FLY FISHING this beautiful saltwater reefs and shores I wanted to share it with you . This time I do not have pictures but many stories. Will be back soon to post and show you what a nice FLY can do for a long time fisherman. Happy fishing and better weather. Keep safe.
  3. I just wanted to share my day at La Parguera, PR. This morning was so nice that I went for a walk on the shore. As always I took my rod and some hard body lures I bought recently. Started spinning around the mangroves and some reefs around what is known as Playa Rosada. I saw some pelicans hitting the small sardines and noticed that they were fallowing a "ball" of them. But while they were on the water the sardines were acting strangely .So I took one small lure and casted about 6 feet away from the ball. And this is what I caught! 14 pounds barracuda on my first cast. Nothing big but I was only taking a walk on the beach! This are the lures I used. The one on the top was my choice. I only spent $10 bucks on them.
  4. Very clever idea. My grandfather, RIP, was a boat builder and left some laying around at the shop. Now I know how to build my tying press. I am starting fly tying recently and was thinking about buying a vise. But with this idea I will save my money. Is the right size for saltwater flies.
  5. I own a 105 since 1995 and is working fine. As anything, with good care will last. I currently use ANDE green tournament #20 line and so far all my catches has been successful. Is in like new conditions and I use it for saltwater only. I take apart only what is necessary for cleaning and avoid over oiling. do not , in any way , use high pressure to clean it to avoid pushing salt or any particles that can damage the internals. But when I go fishing I forget about it and use it as intended, to fight the big ones. My biggest , a 38 pounds mackerel(king). Not to mention the TARPOONS over 50 pounds, and a snappers( mangrove) that weighted 39 pounds!. It is reliable. Maybe mine is one of the few that is! Luck or just plain great reel for a reasonable price. I do own a 7500s Penn but parts are hard to get. I left that one on the boat once and someone took the handle and the spool nut! That was when I bought the 105 and so far so good.
  6. First of all let me say hello. A little about myself. I'm a 56 yrs. old fisherman. Fifth generation doing so. And I see two more generations coming up. My best teacher was my dad , Daniel Rosado "Pancho". A man of saltwater in his veins. My first cast was made when I was 3 , almost 4 yrs. old and will never forget it. A hand made lure dad made with feathers from a rooster. Pure white with a little red on the sides. He used a # 6 hook then. We fished for our fresh bait as well. Ballyhoo and mullet, bone fish, sardines, you name it. We even fished for flying fish! But the reason I'm here is because the mackerel is hitting the reefs around here. As well as many others as well. Come by and look for Papun Here some of my TOYS! Remember, Papun , at La Parguera, P.R.