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  1. That seems like a heck of a good deal. The tires are not as big as the orange ones but should work just as well. Also the fish n mate is longer, but it's also a $100.00 more.
  2. looks like a thresher to me with that tail.
  3. I have the fish-n-mate standard also with the orange tires, have had it for over 3 yrs take it everywhere even when I am not fishing, like just going to beach carrying chairs, cooler, umbrella etc. Taken it over parking lots, concrete, never a problem, still same tires.
  4. I loved reading of his fishing trips and all his reports. He will surely be missed here. RIP
  5. Can't imagine the pain, just hope it never happens to me, too old for that.
  6. This is a myrtle beach fishing report with charters. Charters&gclid=CjwKCAiA1O3RBRBHEiwAq5fD_KwRj7BvvWRYoPQeoXvJ8Ixr8M0kKcgzVTpfgETiobFe8XI2A5u1NRoCTyMQAvD_BwE
  7. Have a sage Vantage 8wt 4 pc 9 ft excellent condition $150.00 shipped.
  8. When ever I have the slightest doubt I either pass or pay with paypal. Never had a problem with them.
  9. And the police are doing exactly what about it. I always thought Belize was a safe country. Guess not so much anymore.
  10. Congratulations!!!!!
  11. They are still selling it for the same price I paid for 3 years ago $279.99.
  12. I bought the fish-n-mate cart from cabelas several years ago with these tires. I am sooooo happy I did. I use it not only for fishing but when we go to the beach, load it up with cooler, beach chairs umbrellas and boogie boards. It floats across the soft sand.
  13. That was a great video to watch, thanks.
  14. I sure would like that Mitchell 300, one of my first reels as a kid.
  15. I am with you and you can always fold them down to knee height.