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  1. That was a great video to watch, thanks.
  2. I sure would like that Mitchell 300, one of my first reels as a kid.
  3. I am with you and you can always fold them down to knee height.
  4. The Orange tires are much fatter and ride over the sand where the black tires are thinner in width and dig in the sand.
  5. Cabelas has a fish-n-mate with fat tires, have had one for years and it stays outside 12 months a year. love it, I cart it to the beach on a hitch carrier
  6. I'm in
  7. I have used tides 4 fishng never a problem, both in Jersey and SC.
  8. Check Cabelas, I got mine there years ago for the beach has the big orange tires.
  9. I have a 1083 surf pro I wonder if it will fit? What do you want for it?
  10. Funny picture Marty, send those straps down here I am sure I could use them.
  11. The way it keeps showing on tv it looks like the eye will make landfall at Wilmington, NC
  12. I have never broken a rod but the ceramic has fallen out of the guides because the rim has cracked. One was an Tsunami which the replaced without question the other was a shimano who gave me a lot of grief. So I only but Tsunami or something that has a good warranty. I also own G loomis and lami which both have good warranties.
  13. I hear you about the pain shingles can give you. I will check with my doctor about second shot. Thanks.