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  1. so how easy is paracord to clean if for example you get fish blood on it?
  2. sorry to bring this up but how do i edit my original starting a thread posts? i see an edit button in posts following my orig thread start bt not on the actual OP post.
  3. that's just an abu 5600c4; any mods at all apart from the handle?
  4. Thanks all; it turned out to be a 30-40lb trolling rod!
  5. Hi all There's a person locally selling these rods online but they know nothing about them (estate sale). Anyways I'm not sure what the line weight would be on them. I know they are 12 foot and cabela's brand (she thinks)....It's a good price of under $50 so I'm willing to drive but love to know what they are. Anyone know? thanks
  6. Ancient thread but I was curious if this was ever answered? I'm in the pacific north west and we free drift with floats on rivers for salmon quite often. So the ability for a smooth drift without drag is important. Does the 4600UC or 5600uc achieve this? I have a plain 5500c3 and the line guide moves back and forth when the cast button is pressed down achieving a decent drift...the US also do this? because I'd love to try it on local rivers..but if it's "weak" in the free drift category then I'd pass. Thank you.
  7. Great images; what camera??
  8. thank you. i looked for that part 23331 and it appears discontinued.. https://www.*********.com/inner-plt-p-1491283.html and the 6600 one https://www.*********.com/inner-lft-plt-mor-6600-cl0700-p-1491298.html
  9. Hey all. A strange one. Do you know if I can convert an abu reel that is Non-Synchronized to Synchronized? I have a morrum 5600 that does not move the line guide back/forth while its casting or line being pulled out fighting a fish. (the way larger 6600 DOES have syncd levelwind). Is there a fix. I like the reel a lot otherwise. Thanks ps. I'm guessing the lack of a post on the side plate would make it pretty tough to afix an idler gear there? schematic below Ambassadeur Morrum 5600C 06-01.pdf
  10. newb; does it have to be marine grease? i've got some moly-graph multi-purpose grease...can I use that without problems? thanks...
  11. the value of these old threads is invaluable. yup; thanks..this was my problem and the iar sleeve was the problem. thanks!!!
  12. sorry to bring back an old thread but has anyone found a real substitute for the abu c-clip? will these 3mm ones fit? great price like $9 for 100. https://www.ebay.com/itm/314032925516?hash=item491dd22b4c:g:mVAAAOSwKkJipTwd&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4IQIBcCp9xpxhRPfQrmHYapL6JB%2BpZFMO2EXzBePcWp7EXGSBunW6QCKGh%2BX94uijk3U%2B6e7xQfbj5oR1iYIxewT1FR9e5h5nxul9XsiKhZD0wPss%2BoxJyQsOUl9szHumZVS3V0cIuCXrKOOYjBbUy9aXEbmd100C8Yq7SDvWD3wNmTy1bjrUMFQIsMP9riQ1uESQ4fcedRN09mIVkLBErUOqpfvudbI4kNVRurYYNZWt%2Fhp8NQ%2Biu64bNfFC3FBV3s9wApRD6%2B%2F%2FVQZOnk%2FMfabCPnT2ryMGdqbNlvVR649|tkp%3ABFBM3qKpufZg
  13. Friends in eastern europe love it when going after big carp.
  14. or go crazy trying lol....I just can't get the hang of it and where i fish (pacific north west) the crowds can be pretty heavy so not much room....that's why a lot of us fish with baitcasters...