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  1. The smaller one is definitely a reef hawg, the larger one I don't think so, the overall shape and screw hangers are wrong. It kind of looks like a Sledge, but I don't think that's right either. The reef hawg uses cotter pins for hook hangers, popular on jerk baits. Tim
  2. His idea was going from 7' to 8 1/2'. And this is with high-end casting tackle.
  3. A fellow, talking about bass fishing tackle, made a comment. He said that, all other things remaining equal, a 20% increase in rod length will get you a 75% increase in distance, if not 100%. I'm finding this a little hard to swallow, any truth to that statement? thanks, Tim
  4. I saw a refurbished lure on Ebay, and the seller said it retained the original eyes, does anyone know of a technique for removing glass eyes without damage? I have a bunch of beat old lures I'm going to redo and I'd like to save the eyes, but I just don't see how. Any help will be appreciated. thanks, Tim
  5. BIN is just pigmented shellac for use with paint. Of the various undercoat products available, there are very few things available that adhere better than shellac. As far as exterior house type applications, Zinnsser only recommends it for spot priming, it is an excellent vapor barrier, moisture moving from inside the house to outside gets trapped under it and peels it, otherwise its fine for exterior use as it will be protected by paint. As far as BLO goes, I do know that shellac will stick to wet oil. My experience with shellac is strictly with furniture, never used it with lures, I hope this little bit helps. Tim
  6. That pretty much answers it. thanks, Tim
  7. The hanger on the tack eyed lure is original, that one has never been attached to a line. The other pikies I have are all the same as that. I think CCB didn't feel the cost of tooling was justified for a low volume bait, so they just used the hangers from their larger baits. I see what you mean now about the reinforcing screws, they apparently used them as anchors for the hangers, Heddon used that construction for their heavier baits, I didn't know CCB tried that. You gotta love pictures of little boys fishing, I'm guessing that's your son, he looks like good kid. thanks, Tim
  8. No offense, by reinforcing screw, do you mean the screws holding the lip on? I have 8 of these and they're all the same, theres only one screw holding the lip, are you thinking of the saltwater version of the husky pikie? The hanger I'm talking about is the part attached to the through wire that the belly hook hangs from. I attached another photo of a later version, if you look at the belly hook, you can see the hanger is a flat, stamped piece of steel. On my earlier lure, the hanger is more like a bent paperclip. The other photos are three SW pikies, two 700's and a 2300 husky. thanks, Tim
  9. It is a 700 and it is a saltwater series lure, the question is about construction, not the lure itself, but heres some pictures
  10. Does anyone know how often Creek Chub used wire hangers instead of stamped hangers for their thru-wired lures? I just picked up a 700 series saltwater pikie that has a wire belly hanger that shows no signs of it being replaced, all of my other pikies have the stamped hangers, I've never seen this before. Tim
  11. I just bought a husky pikie, its the two hook version, which I guess makes it a 2300-L, until now, I wasn't aware they existed. I was just hoping someone knew something about them, I was curious how common they are and what they were intended for. thanks for any info Tim
  12. I hit the football field again today - 2 rods, 3 reels. Both rods are 6 1/2' on Loomis blanks - a muskie rod that's good to about 4 oz and a bass rod that's good to about 1 1/2 oz. The reels were a 4500c with 10# micron, the 6000c with 20# Dacron, and a 7000 with 30# micron - all pre-80's reels. I tried a 1 oz sinker with the 6000 on the muskie rod and got between 50 and 55 yds. The 1 oz sinker with the 4500 on the bass rod was just about hitting 50 yds. I tried the 3 oz sinker with the 7000 on the muskie rod, I haven't used the 7000 for a few years and the bushings told me they needed oil, it only hit 55 yds. I'll try it again after oiling it. I know the 4500 has too little capacity for distance, but it didn't seem to do too bad. I really want to hit 100 yds with the 6000. Considering 3 oz only went 10 yds farther than 1 1/2 oz, I'm thinking something with the reel is holding me back, I'll try lighter line and see what happens. I appreciate the replies, but now I'm not sure if I should be happy with what I'm getting or if I'm not getting enough. thanks, Tim
  13. I suspect someone here might know, what sort of distance would you expect with muskie tackle? I put an old Ambassadeur 6000c on a 6 1/2' rod, older Loomis blank, spooled with 20# braided Dacron, with a 1 1/2 ounce sinker I was getting 60 yard casts, a 3 ounce sinker in 30 degree weather only added another 10 yards. Am I at the limits for this setup or should I expect more? Just curious, reading this forum got me to wondering how far I was casting, and I don't know if I'm doing poorly or not. thanks, Tim
  14. From the album ccb pikie

  15. From the album ccb pikie