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  1. Was gifted a few cigars for my birthday and a couple of them were new to me. This is one of them. Turned out to be a very pleasant stick. Enjoyed it with a michelada and called it breakfast.
  2. In Florida for red snapper and grouper. Cigars taste even better on vacation.
  3. And it’s hard to find a deal on padron or fuente on CB or anywhere really. They sell themselves.
  4. You won’t find this one at CI.
  5. Well played sir.
  6. I think I have. Don’t remember it being too much different. I’ll give it another shot if I come across one.
  7. I used to really like these. Now they’re nice once in a while. Tabak especial negro. Coffee infused but not overwhelming at all. Drew estate does the best flavored cigars period. These are nice and the original CI legends are nice. Also some of the Larutan which used to be called Natural especially the Irish hops if you have a sweet craving. The acid line is too much for me.
  8. Another windy user here on iPhone.
  9. Never tried a nub yet but that looks delicious
  10. That right there looks special
  11. I remember liking the gold too. I know I’ve tried the italia but I don’t remember my opinion on that on. I should try both of them again.
  12. I haven’t had a CAO in a long time and remember liking the Brazilia. So I picked up a few different CAO 5 packs recently. I still like the Brazilia and the Americas ain’t bad.
  13. It seems LGC may be the official standard of this thread, they pop up so much.
  14. I’m surprised. I really like the mi amor reserva and wanted to try the regular mi amor. Can they be that different? Or we just like different things.
  15. The difference between 4 and 5 is size only within the R series. The Rs are a different series from the regular LGC line so a different blend and different sizes.
  16. Thumbs up on La Aroma de Cuba. I still have a few of the mi amor reserva and they’re a treat. I’m not a big fan of box pressed but these are kinda subtle and don’t bother me. I remember them burning very evenly, which can be a problem with other box pressed that I’ve had.
  17. One of my favorites, especially the maduro. Number 5 or 4.
  18. One word: moat. Cuts the material cost down to almost nothing.
  19. Looks great. Every man needs a shed/garage/shop of some sort. I’d bet it ends up getting insulated after one winter.
  20. Perdomo champagne and a green spot today.
  21. Another thumbs up on the STS salmon. I’ve been using it inshore in 25 and 30 lb. for a few years now and I like it. Never heard of the inshore line until now. Interesting to hear that it’s the same line as the sts. It’s all in the marketing I suppose.
  22. Restocked the redbreast and green spot. And also picked up the Jameson stout edition to try for the first time. I like it.
  23. I would say Jameson is typical in that it’s everywhere, and because of that it defines Irish whiskey for a lot of people. Not a bad thing. I would pick Redbreast in it’s taste profile as is a single pot still whiskey which is exclusive to Ireland. Jameson is a blend.