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  1. As of tonight. Two shelves 6’ hold 18 bottles each. Scotch and bourbon on top Irish on the bottom. Polished off a powers (had a backup) and a glenlivet 14 tonight, thus the vacancy.
  2. Well thank you for that well thought out response. You spelled all 3 words correctly.
  3. Yea I think that’s too much for me. I’d prefer a 6x52. Just my preference. One of my all time favorite sizes is a simple 5x50 robusto which seems to have fallen in popularity compared to the bigger ring gauges.
  4. One of the biggest problems of American society today seems to be the intolerance of thoughts, ideas, beliefs that differ from one’s own. Beliefs are expendable if one is open to intelligent discussion. But people feel threatened by contrary beliefs, maybe because their beliefs are so much a part of their identity. They hold onto them like a security blanket. At the end of the day facts are facts and history is history. We should not try to rewrite history to align with our own contemporary ideas. Acknowledge it for what it is, learn from it, and move on.
  5. What’s the ring gauge on these nubs that you guys love so much? I’ve avoided them thus far because I’m not really a big ring gauge guy and I thought these were on the big side.
  6. Looks delicious
  7. I don’t have a big humidor but I don’t bother. There may be some merit to it but I still don’t bother.
  8. Is that a box pressed? I think that happens a lot with box pressed for some reason.
  9. Great video. Thanks for that.
  10. I think you’d be fine with that rod especially if you already own it.
  11. Congratulations and nice find. Looks to be in fine condition. I’d be curious to find out what year that’s from. I don’t know much about the older ones pre 1990s. Did it come with a schematic?
  12. Jigs jigs jigs. Bucktail or soft plastic. Or bucktail with soft plastic.
  13. Go with Practical Fishing Knots by Mark Sosin and Lefty Kreh. It’s like the Bible on knots.
  14. PayPal sent.
  15. Very well then. I’ll take it.
  16. Any interest in a trade for a 7000i c3?
  17. Was gifted a few cigars for my birthday and a couple of them were new to me. This is one of them. Turned out to be a very pleasant stick. Enjoyed it with a michelada and called it breakfast.
  18. In Florida for red snapper and grouper. Cigars taste even better on vacation.
  19. And it’s hard to find a deal on padron or fuente on CB or anywhere really. They sell themselves.
  20. You won’t find this one at CI.
  21. Well played sir.
  22. I think I have. Don’t remember it being too much different. I’ll give it another shot if I come across one.
  23. I used to really like these. Now they’re nice once in a while. Tabak especial negro. Coffee infused but not overwhelming at all. Drew estate does the best flavored cigars period. These are nice and the original CI legends are nice. Also some of the Larutan which used to be called Natural especially the Irish hops if you have a sweet craving. The acid line is too much for me.
  24. Another windy user here on iPhone.