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  1. Yup. That about sums it up right there. A man don’t need to ask permission to defend himself or his family or his possessions.
  2. Well if you can’t put more than 4 slices of meat on a sandwich you gotta put something. Lettuce is even getting pricey I guess.
  3. That’s a crazy size ro be called a Rothchild. They’re usually less than 5”. Maybe someone effed up the label. 6.5x42 sounds like and extra corona.
  4. True
  5. I’ve been on a fuente kick for a while myself
  6. I’ve been appreciating the Fuentes a lot lately. Maduro rothchilds. Got a box of 858s on order from CI whenever they come in.
  7. Can’t tell what it is with the cellophane
  8. Slainte!
  9. How much is $nz 169 in American dollars?
  10. I picked this one up in December and have been carrying it since.
  11. Yesterday’s delivery.
  12. That's a good one!
  13. Thank you.. My apologies for not responding fast enough for you.
  14. I have to stick to $45. Guessing it’ll cost me $10 to ship.