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  1. I haven’t had a CAO in a long time and remember liking the Brazilia. So I picked up a few different CAO 5 packs recently. I still like the Brazilia and the Americas ain’t bad.
  2. It seems LGC may be the official standard of this thread, they pop up so much.
  3. I’m surprised. I really like the mi amor reserva and wanted to try the regular mi amor. Can they be that different? Or we just like different things.
  4. The difference between 4 and 5 is size only within the R series. The Rs are a different series from the regular LGC line so a different blend and different sizes.
  5. Thumbs up on La Aroma de Cuba. I still have a few of the mi amor reserva and they’re a treat. I’m not a big fan of box pressed but these are kinda subtle and don’t bother me. I remember them burning very evenly, which can be a problem with other box pressed that I’ve had.
  6. One of my favorites, especially the maduro. Number 5 or 4.
  7. One word: moat. Cuts the material cost down to almost nothing.
  8. Looks great. Every man needs a shed/garage/shop of some sort. I’d bet it ends up getting insulated after one winter.
  9. Perdomo champagne and a green spot today.
  10. Another thumbs up on the STS salmon. I’ve been using it inshore in 25 and 30 lb. for a few years now and I like it. Never heard of the inshore line until now. Interesting to hear that it’s the same line as the sts. It’s all in the marketing I suppose.
  11. Restocked the redbreast and green spot. And also picked up the Jameson stout edition to try for the first time. I like it.
  12. I would say Jameson is typical in that it’s everywhere, and because of that it defines Irish whiskey for a lot of people. Not a bad thing. I would pick Redbreast in it’s taste profile as is a single pot still whiskey which is exclusive to Ireland. Jameson is a blend.
  13. I don’t think that the blended Irish whiskeys are bad at all. At least the ones I’ve tried. I like what I like regardless of price. I think I like green spot better than yellow spot. I like Redbreast 12 better than lustau. I always have a bottle Jameson. It’s the only thing I buy a handle of (except maybe 1800 when I feel like tequila or margaritas).
  14. I haven’t seen many favorable reviews of the Proper 12. But I really should try it for myself. At that price it’s not that big of a gamble
  15. This is the current stock in the basement. The empty spot was Redbreast 12 year that I finished Saturday that I need to replace.