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  1. Damn!! I missed out
  2. Neoprene Glacier Glove ice bay
  3. 1.5OZ and 1OZ tidewaterfly
  4. No finish on the heads , they'ye just bare lead. hooks are 8/0 mustads. I order them from a guy from Florida and he'll do whatever configuration you prefer
  5. Didn't take a measurement or weight, just a few quick pics and off she swam. She took a PPW firetiger pencil what a rush!
  6. 11' is all i really fish on open beaches , my chunk set up is 12' for casting heavy weight
  7. s2 and or s1
  8. I'm in
  9. s2 1326
  10. You put on a clinic that day brother!!
  11. Sparsely tied Bucktail jigs help