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  1. All yellow SS Darter Magdarter 5" Bucktail jig
  2. Yes sir
  3. Crank ,crank ,crank pause , crank pause --------- crank , crank pause twitch , twitch -------crank, crank, twitch crank, crank pause. Mix it up
  4. BAD@SS
  5. Mini Cordell red head
  6. 108” = 9’ the 6 is the power of the blank FYI
  7. I'm all set with plug bags and plugs, I recently had to drop a new motor into my truck which put a damper on funds for sometime. Thank you for considering though. I'm at work right now but I could take some photos of a few plugs if you'd like when I get home and we can go from there and see what happens if you'd like? But if you get a better offer before I get home don't wait on me
  8. I'm gonna have to pass unfortunately appreciate the response. $500 is more than I can do right now GLWS
  9. I might be interested in a trade. How much cash are you looking for? ( are there any plugs you'd be interested in?) I gave a brand new VR50 2nd gen I got off an sol member
  10. Yeah , for me its an easy enough knot I can tie in the dark pretty quick Eventually I do want to attempt tying an FG but I can't see myself even attempting it in the field
  11. 6 years with a dbl uni no issues
  12. Probably a long shot but would you be interested in any trades?
  13. I use 40# PP with my VS250 (slow AF) no issues yet going on 5 years now