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  1. Too far but that things dope
  2. I think its just mistaken identity by the shark Not an attack just my guess as a dumb fisherman
  3. Kml Is the gear stay something Thule offers? My turd gen has the stupid factory crossbars and the sit too low that my reels would scratch the roof Looking for options as well to keep the reels facing up TIA
  4. Century Stealth S1 1205B The blank will literally cast for you and wont leave you feeling fatigued Paired with a VS150 its a treat I have the old version and it has handled plenty of fish without any issues
  5. Got pics bud? Also butt to reel seat measurement please
  6. nchit

    2023 goals

    Just hopeful to get out more this year the past 2 years life has thrown a few sticks in my spokes
  7. nchit

    Century Graphene

    All of my custom Centuries have no decals I personally prefer that (incognito) look less of a chance of someone stealing my rods I've been telling myself to get one wrapped in Ugly stik colors lol
  8. Trust no one unfortunately that's just the way it is
  9. I thought the 250 and 200 were identical in size just a deeper spool on the 250 and more IPT?
  10. Excellent choice, one of my favorite blanks I have the pre graphene version
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