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  1. s2 and or s1
  2. I'm in
  3. s2 1326
  4. You put on a clinic that day brother!!
  5. Sparsely tied Bucktail jigs help
  6. 2 years ago I saw a guy with a custom gsb and he snapped it casting a rubber shad. Felt bad for the guy as it was in the middle of a blitz and it was the only rod he had on him.
  7. Seed420 popper fresh off the drying rack summer schoolie.
  8. Inshore Avid series
  9. I beat the f@Ck outta my Noreaster and my kevlar nor'easter, I have high sticked my s1 on big fish with no problems as well.
  10. I remember when I 1st started tying myself, that being said PM me your address I'll hook you up with a few jigheads to tie. Love seeing others get into tying.
  11. The more you tie the more you will excel, keep at it and you'll have so much supplies
  12. I fish a St Croix Avid inshore vis70mlf with a conflict 2k with 6# braid, super light and its a treat to fish for hrs.
  13. Open beach I am making it work with an S2 1326 paired with my vs150 , it launches 5/8oz epoxy jigs.