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  1. I suggest you lookup Pure Fishing who owns VS, and contact them about a replacement handle.
  2. I got my shot today too! About to have another!
  3. No they aren’t. I said this earlier too a few times, this is good though. We can now easily identify the communist supporters. Anyone who hasn’t yet, please stop wearing masks. I don’t want to confuse you with the actual communists out there.
  4. If your friend shoots an email off to pure fishing with his serial # and the other code on the reel, they will send him the kit for free, and you could tinker with it yourself if you wanted, if your friend allowed. If you want that pure fishing rep’s email I’ll post it for you. The rep was very nice, but I don’t know why they say the balance issues are fixed if they aren’t. I haven’t seen anyone else around here do a silver 50 bailess kit install either.
  5. So I was just in Walmart had to pickup a few groceries. Everyone’s got masks on, I don’t, so people are going the opposite direction, staying clear of me, cuz clearly I’m a danger. I walk down the produce isle. A little kid is laying on the dirty floor playing. I say to the kid excuse me so I could grab what I needed. The mother, like 300 pounds, clearly a Biden voter, sees me near her kid, again, playing on the dirty floor. She grabs the kids arm, yanks him away from me. Goes to the nearest employee stocking the shelf, yelling at the employee why aren’t I wearing a mask. Employee comes over to me asks if I have a mask, I said I’m not wearing one. Employee says okay, no probelm.
  6. No. The rep from pure fishing told me to remove the weight balance, and place it on the opposite side. There wasn’t a new weight included. The hole for the screw then is too big, but the kit includes a tiny like washer that fits inside the hole, then accepts the stock screw. Do you yourself have a 50? The wobble was horrendous on mine. I couldn’t fish it the way it was. I also don’t know why they told me they fixed the balance issue if mine was so bad. So I went back to bailed, and have no issues being bailed.
  7. Degenerate was canceled? Are we sure about that? I thought they were going to cancel it last year, I recall it had some negative press over something. That Lemon sucker on CNN got either canceled, or a different show I read about too. Hopefully that Madcow lesbian is next, and then that No-Joy Yenta from The View. That No-Joy Reid too, another anti trumper who spent years trashing Trump. Funny Trump is gone, I guess all these lowlifes got no ratings now.
  8. Yes it’s a grey tree frog. In south Jersey where I live we have tons of them. At night you’ll hear them doing their mating sounds. Last night I had one somewhere on my upper balcony, which branches off from The master bed room. He wouldn’t shut up, and I wanted to sleep. So, I started playing the sounds of other male grey tree frogs, that shut him up.
  9. Last I recall murder by the hands of Democrats are NOT a crime under this administration.
  10. “And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there, O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” P.S, F Biden.
  11. I haven't worn a mask in months in stores, other than my local restaurant, and wawa. Everywhere else in South Jersey i've walked into without issues. The stares you get are great though. People are so fearful, and keep away from me not wearing a mask. I love it. I also love how easily we can spot the communists now. It's great!
  12. Mass hysteria! It got them what they wanted, didn't it? Trump is gone, and we're under a form of communism. Over a month ago my local Walmart in NJ removed their Mask Nazi. They had this very large, black man, dressed in ALL black clothing, even a black mask. He sat by the door, and his presence was very intimidating to people. Once they got rid of his ass, I started shopping @ Walmart without a mask. The stares that I would get, it was nuts, but nobody said anything. Now corporate Walmart, and a few other big chain stores just the other day removed their mask policy for "vaccinated people." So that basically means ALL can shop without being harassed by store employees about masks. That is, unless they start requiring proof of vaccination, like in Nazi Germany, and having papers. That does violate HIPAA laws however. What's my point? Point is I guarantee either they start requiring our "papers," or pretty soon all major retailers will drop the mask crap, and the whole Covid BS will vanish completely. They already used it to install their puppet, crash the economy, kill the dollar, killed the elderly, they used it for what they needed. Next it'll be onto the next plague that that scumbag Fauci has a hand in creating with the Chicoms.
  13. I have gen 1 low serial #. Many fish caught on it. No problem either, yet. Only problem I had was the bailess kit. Vs sent me the bailess kit recently for free, and next day shipping. That was nice, however I was assured the kits were fixed for the 50. The kit I received had such horrible wobble. No way was it fishable, the thing wobbled. I had to put the bail back on.
  14. I bought a car like 20 years ago private sale in PA, drove car home to NJ. I recall going with the seller to like a notary, I think it was, in PA that issued a PA temp tag.