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  1. My old man God rest his soul, back in the day would use the left overs after cleaning our fluke catches. However I’ve always just used left over stale bread. In these lagoons, marsh where I live bread will have me a full trap within an hour or two.
  2. FJB, that’s all.
  3. Hey maxipad, your vagina is leaking once again. That time of month? You seem to have a lot of those. How bout you see a doctor, and take some Meds? You be one Sick deranged individual with Trump living in your head everyday. Get your Vayjayjay fixed.
  4. The Plano containers with red lids are good. I have a bunch of them storing various gulp in colors, Types, and sizes.
  5. I don't know the weights either, however I've held multiple St Croix Seage rods in my hand, and ODM DNA models, and went with the ODM. Much nicer rods in my opinion, however the St Croix warranty is superior.
  6. The only dirtbag is MaxiePad.
  7. The Hillary squad already have activated their game plan I’m sure. He won’t be lasting too much longer. It sure would be nice if he sung like a canary before they took him out. I’m honestly surprised Giselle or however you spell her name is still breathing, I don’t think she’ll survive them though either I’m sure plans are in works.
  8. How many were on that one bus? They were welcomed by the way in DC. It’s all a joke. The joke is on us the taxpayer, and American Citizen. How many more buses is he going to send? Yes his stunt brings media attention, that’s good. However he’s just doing this for a little press. If anything he should of bused them right back across the border, not moving them even further into the country.
  9. The guy belongs in an insane asylum. He?Cuts newspaper articles out, scans them, and uploads/posts them here. That’s like what insane serial killers do in movies. Of all places they post this none sense DemocRAT sponsored propaganda to what it seems is mostly an outdoorsman/conservative based website. MaxiPad is on my ignore list, as they should be on everyone’s. However, I do really wish this forums software would go so far as to even hide the posters thread titles, and not just posts. Has anyone ever met, or fished with MaxiPad? I can’t imagine by they’re posts just how disturbing they’d be in real life.
  10. Trannies are disgusting. Sickening creatures. If you wanna cut your co*ck off, and dress like a woman in the comfort of your own home so be it. If you wanna do so in public don’t expect people to accept you. These people need psychiatric help. I’m not a bigot cost homophone. I’m just saying if you were born with a co*ck you’re a man, and if you were born with a puzzy you are a woman. Case closed.
  11. Democrats are the scum of the earth. They are nothing more then demons walking this earth. Of course they love to corrupt, and fuc*k children, not to mention killing the unborn ones. There’s no explanation needed. Democrat = demon.
  12. Go China flu we be rooting for you this time!
  13. Honestly Tim I’m surprised you aren’t a Unix or Linux, even a Mac user. I stopped using Windows as a main OS in probably 2002 or 2003. I went Slackware, then later once Apple switched over to intel processors I switched to Mac. I never looked back to WinBlows.
  14. Hey maxiepad go ***** yourself. - sincerely, all of SOL members with functioning brains. Go get one, a brain that is.
  15. Ya ain’t hearing sh*t, cuz it doesn’t fit the narrative. Shooters are black hoodlums. Shooters were also released early from prison BY Democrats. Had years more to serve in prison. Yup. Can’t make this sh*t up. Also the weapons were illegally gotten, as these clowns were felons. So fuc*k the Xiden puppet calling once again for more gun legislation, more background checks, and banning certain weapons. Once again it wasn’t the weapon. It was the Democrats. It’s always the Democrats. It’s unfuc*king believable. Democrats hate human life, they hate America.