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  1. Interesting theory, lol. My Walmart had plenty of that stuff the other day tho. However they only had 1 roll of 30lb clear mono I needed for one my old fluke setups I don’t run braid on. Almost gave up looking, found it it another box. What they did have a lot in stock are the Abu Garcia baitcaster Black Max combos. For $69 you got the Combo, and a bunch of poppers. I haven’t bought an Abu in years, but for $69 I’m tempted to pick that up if they’ve got them next time I go to use as a freshwater backup rod.
  2. Fluke aren't hard to catch man. A bucktail, and some gulp should do the trick.
  3. Portarod is good, I finally picked one up this past winter. Time will tell how it holds up. I then bought some Python cabled Masterlocks, and I have the Portarod rack, and rods locked down, well secure enough for the average thief I'd hope.
  4. Not sure about PA. Not even sure about NJ. However there has been two times in NJ I’ve been asked to show my salt water registry card. As everyone knows it’s a pain in the ass to get to your wallet out of your back pocket when you’ve got waders on. Both times as I struggled to get my wallet out, I do recall the officers saying it’d be fine if I had it on my phone.
  5. I saw a bunch of pics today on Facebook of a few areas in several different counties. Let's just say there were a lot of stupid people out today, especially since Murphy earlier had threatened to close things up again if people aren't keeping distance. So I wouldn't doubt for a second come early next week things are closed back up.
  6. It's easiest to just take a paper clip or pin to a lighter, and press/melt a hole into the Redfin's head, and fill with mineral oil, epoxy the hole closed. If you use water it could either evaporate or rust out.. I just did a few recently myself. I forget what my 5 inch weighs, but I remember the 7 inch was 1.2.oz once injected with oil. Before you seal the hole, set them in some water to see how they float.
  7. A friend of mine lives the street over, I've texted him a few times since last night, and I haven't heard from him, God I hope that wasn't him.
  8. I don't kayak fish much these days. I would recommend though either a Penn Slammer or Spinfisher, they aren't fully sealed, but they should be sealed enough.
  9. Hopefully everything this man, and the other Democrats in other states, what they've done with the Constitution, the Bill of rights, and used this virus as a means to uproot such freedoms, and force their rule, their overreach upon us, that The People, the tax payer, remembers to vote these Un-American traitors out of office! Ps, F Murphy, vote Republican, and vote his ass out in 2021, if he dares to run again.
  10. South Jersey summer time, pink shrimp sabiki rig.
  11. I’m curious how that is tagging system works. Like can you go online, or make a call, and they tell you where the fish was last caught? Couple years ago I was taking photos of Monarch butterflies. Didn’t notice at the time until I had the images on my computer, but some those tiny little butterflies had sticker tags on their wings with a website. I sent an email off, and they informed me those tiny little butterflies flew all the way from Georgia. Stuff like that is kinda cool.
  12. Yes too many things are made in China. Yes we are also in a time where we all, not just the United States, but every country country should be distancing themselves from China. The most F’ed up part about all of this is the fact we allowed our drug companies, and medical PPE companies to put their production facilities in China. Look at what that did, China is holding our drugs, and 3m face masks hostage to the American people! China is a sick country, sorry to say. This is a country that locks up people of religion they don’t like, and harvest their organs for the Chinese Elite. True facts, go do some reading. So this is also the country responsible for this outbreak, and many many deaths. They’ve done this before with the Avian Flu, and SARS, so this all should be nothing new to people. I’m going to end this like this. If you can afford to, and if the option exists to buy an American product right now vs Chinese, please do so. If there’s no American equivalent or it’s too expensive, ok. The more we buy American though the more we can hurt that sick country’s pockets, and one day break the hell away from their BS!
  13. Where’s the memes of that “This is why we can’t have nice things?,” I know my state closed down much of the beaches, and naming out of state license plates as the reason for doing so. Unless you are fishing local, close near home, please do the world a favor and stay the heck home until this hopefully blows over.
  14. Past few days been finding them on my dog & myself. Tiniest little sons of beeches too, God I hate ticks.
  15. Holy moly, I live near same area. I hope my fishing buddies don’t think you’re me, or I’m you. Can I change my username? Good luck to ya tho! Haha