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  1. I have the Spyderco Enuff Salt, which is a fixed blade, myself. I found that the sheaths belt loop/clip was just a tad small in diameter for my tide runner belt. However by creasing the end of the belt which is pretty stiff, I was able to forcibly slide the sheaths loop through the belt.
  2. That's actually a good idea, I'm gonna try that. Thanks.
  3. Look at the Spyderco Enuff Salt. It’s made of h1 steel, shouldn’t rust, and is razor friggin sharp. This thing will slice down to bone very sharp. I carry it for safety surf fishing, kayaking myself. I’ve had mine for about a year, I really like it. My only issue is being a fixed blade, the hard shealth it comes in, it’s clip isn’t that of the width of my surf belt, so I end up attaching it to my surf bag. There are other shealth options, and the clip is changeable, I need to find a bigger clip.
  4. Well, where I surf fish there's quite a few wardens out here, especially at night. They've all asked to see my card. They'll usually roll on up just as your making your way to your truck. They like to watch from a distance. They've always been friendly, except the last one he was a little bit of a dick, a younger warden, and was saying he would ticket me for not having my registration, which I eventually found buried in my wallet. The guy didn't understand it's hard to get to your wallet with waders on..
  5. Savage Gear makes an incredible looking 3d eel. I have one, looks so realistic, can’t say I’ve ever fished it tho. As for trapping live eels tho as others have said minnow traps work, place it around shallow marshy/brackish water. Not sure what to use as bait tho. I’ve never intentionally targeted eels, they always end up in my trap to eat my minnows tho.
  6. I was just going to say Avid too. I have the 8’ model, and it’s my primary rod for the back bays. Also FSC rods, or like someone else said ODM, but they’ll probably be out of your price range.
  7. For $500 you won’t find an electric bike unless It’s a cheaper one, and or used. You could however build one yourself within that price range, possibly if you have a bike already to use. I was was looking into building one myself some years back, actually nowadays tho I’m more interested in these electric skateboards, now those seem badass. Anyways, There’s kits available all over online to build electric bikes. Do a google search, and look on eBay. On eBay I see kits which are in the 2-300 dollar range.
  8. Haha. Nice! hey Ksong, any update on 8’ Suzuki rods when they should be available?
  9. I’ve been using Rtic coolers for a few years now. Their built very tough, hold ice very good, and compared to Yeti their a heck of a lot cheaper. Nowadays though there’s like a milllion different companies using Yeti designs. Rtic was the first tho.
  10. I have no idea when did you order? I ordered first or second week of January.
  11. I’ve had a vr50 on order with J&H tackle since early January. I just emailed them, and now he says July! What’s going on with Van Staal? Does anyone kno who has stock of vr50’s? I live in Southern NJ.
  12. Looking forward to seeing developments on a one piece 8’. I’ve been looking for an 8’ Rod for backbays here in South Jersey.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I wanted to watch it on Prime about a month or so ago, but it said it wasn't available yet on Prime. I'll check it out now.
  14. Any idea on when you’d have an 8’ prototype Suzuki built? I’d be interested in an 8’ myself.