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  1. Well as you people would say Mrs. Trump is a private citizen, and she can do about as she pleases. See, there, I used your classic lines against you. It's what republicans should be doing. Use what they use on us, against them!
  2. That sounds like it excludes my dear dear friend @FinDiesel he’ll be heart broken to know this.
  3. Trump isn’t going to prison. Now how bout we talk those odds on our boy @FinDiesel making a post? We’ve probably got better odds getting struck by lightening.
  4. We must stop IRS bloodshed. Please, people, join me in saying we MUST disarm, and defund the IRS. It’s time we put an end to taxation’s violence. It wasn’t the FBI that took down Al Capone. It was a nerdy mofo tax collector.
  5. Do you get refills yourself at BJ’s? I am a new BJ’s member, I went there myself first time last week, and saw signs for propane refill. I always do exchanges but most my tanks are good condition. Is BJ’s cheaper to a do a refill vs doing an exchange at say Walmart, Home Depot, or gas station, etc? Do you know?
  6. No “day time” shootings? Wouldn’t those types of shootings be better? I mean then, at least many kids would be at school, instead of playing, getting shot dead during a drive by ‘’day time shooting’’ as they played in the street in front of their homes. Makes sense. No daytime shootings. Unhuh.
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