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  1. That’s good news! Now can we get rid of the plastic packaging that’s often ten times larger than the item I bought. Costco are you listening?
  2. Just a question; what grit did your last sanding take? I used a lot of rough sawn oak for framing in the clam boats I built. The rough sawn oak would soak up enormous amounts of Cupronol the real heavy copper laden product that is now illegal. I only ask because any of the oils waxes and other softer finishes are going to soak in and raise the grain. I like Bens idea of having a glass top over the wood. There was a product called Deks Ole’ that was a sturdy oil like finish we used on spars, decks and any bright work we didn’t want to varnish. Nice looking table, good to see stuff like this and the live edge stuff coming back.
  3. I wish I had done that with some All Star blanks.
  4. Gill nets do not have a pocket, you can’t engulf fish. There are no hoop nets to brail them out.They were called “run arounds” by baymen in GSB. But the fish were always gilled, and therefore dead. I remember seeing plenty of haul seine sets where pucker on the pocket was opened to let some of catch escape. Same for fish traps. If you try to use a gill net as a haul seine, the net will break. I really have to question more regs for these guys. The smallest most historic group of fisherman and the greatest number of regs per participant.
  5. Their families go back to the 1600’s, the earliest settlement and township on Long Island. A generation used to be considered 20 years. I think they are covered.
  6. I’m not sure if they are still open, But Island Fish and Net, Railroad Ave. had Guy Cotton and Grundens. And the warmest deck boots from Canada.
  7. If you do a search on this website for “Great South Bay Clammers” there were some more snippets.
  8. As was told to me: reel as slow as you can, then go half that speed.
  9. As was said before: CONFIDENCE!
  10. Totally agree. The lack of enforcement, for just basic size and bag limits isn’t happening. Now we’re going to have enforcement measure arcs of hooks? Close the rec sector, let all those schoolies spawn and get big to bring about what we had in the 70’s and 90’s. It works!
  11. JC was anything but. Soaked the flannel lined guncase in CRC, and that’s where she slept. Clamming in the 70’s and 80’s was a little competitive. Having that gun on top of your wheel house, waiting for the brant to fly into your slick, would make a few of the other clammers think twice about about pulling up on your bouys. Yes, it was the “Wild West”.
  12. Sidelined with rotator cuff surgery. Thought I’d take care of plug hook replacement. With the closing of TT where’s everyone buying bulk hook replacements, rings etc.
  13. Way prettier than my 870 or my JC Higgins that I used to keep on my Clamboat.
  14. We try not to use them when shopping. But the ones that make it home, are certainly given other tasks, before being relegated to the trash. I always kept a bunch in each of the storage areas in the doors of the truck. Poop bags for the dog, put them on your foot and easily slip into your wetsuit, then use as beach cleanup bag. Not perfect, but a start.
  15. The problem is once you get the case on, and secure, you don’t want to take it off. Or you have to go through all that test case stuff. So you’re stuck with muffled calls when you are not fishing.