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  1. Thanks for the Enterprise suggestion. The best deal thus far. I’ll let everyone know after we get the truck.
  2. So sorry for you and your children’s loss. She sounds like an amazing person.
  3. Read the whole thing. Good info. Hear ya about the kids, one son lives in San Diego, saw him at Christmas. My other son and his wife came down from upstate, where they have been quarantined and are staying with us while we search for a truck. My nephew was drafted by the Yankees a few years ago left MLB after a stint with the Braves (mostly farm). Today he’s selling Honda’s and is doing just fine.
  4. I have the Echo PAS SYSTEM. Edger, tiller, trimmer, hedge trimmer with extension. So far so good. Also have an echo battery blower, I bought before the PAS. Battery crapped out before the so called 2 year/5 year warranty. Fine print says battery not included. Like the PAS stuff, but I like my Stihl chainsaw as well.
  5. My son will definitely finance, he’s been approved for 1.9 percent. Far cry from my 18% in 1981. But my F100, 300 cube straight six with 3 on a tree was $1800.00. Ha!
  6. Thanks for the advice. The pandemic has changed the way to deal. I was hoping to find someone who had a recent deal in order to get a heads up. Had very little feed back from dealers on the web, thus far. I have to agree that financing seems to be another motivation for a sale. This is even posted in their ads. The posted price is the dealership financed price. Cash doesn’t seem to be king anymore. Although it’s hard to tell from the lack of response from dealers.
  7. I haven’t bought a new vehicle in a while. My married son is needing a new vehicle, and we’re looking at used F-150s about 3-5 years old. Found one that fits the bill. So is the asking price, the price? Any advice welcome.
  8. I made the mistake of adding a rubber worm to the tail siwash of a yankee. Not a mistake presentation wise, mistake because the rubber melted the plastic of the plug, what a mess.
  9. I’ll have to check it out. What’s a demo chain?
  10. Nice! Love the hook eye placement.
  11. Made of lead, actually remember when it was poured.
  12. When the yard bill or your buddies yard is going on the market, and your wife hates the boat; much cheaper to get rid of the boat. LOL
  13. I’ve had “free boat” on CL off and on since last summer. A few calls no lookers.
  14. Yup! Lots of bucktails and sinkers there.
  15. Pretty messy, I was thinking of a circular demo saw.