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  1. Walked past it a number of times. You know bleach is like the opposite pH of an acid.
  2. One thing I used to count on from boat fishermen, is they like to talk. Most smart surf guys do not. Used to use their daytime bragging, to bring on some successful nights on the beach. I just don’t get the loose lips stuff, just the way I was taught.
  3. Thanks for all the input. Lots of good advice here. Brick cleaned up pretty nice without the Oxalic Acid, have a stubborn stain on the bluestone hearth. But having trouble finding the oxalic acid. Is muriatic too strong and toxic for interior use?
  4. That’s not happening. Wondering if an air purifier would help.
  5. We used to warm the flue with newspaper. I might have to start buying a paper again. We use fat wood to start the fires, they tend to give off a black smoke? The AC return is right outside this room, I found the filter in the return picking up the smoke, but then the air goes up in the cold attic and down through the registers in the house.
  6. SWEET!
  7. After 10 years it’s time for a repaint of the main living level. There is soot build up from our wood stove on the sheet rock along beams and nails and fastener locations. I know we get smoke when we start up and the chimney is cold. Also my wife likes the look of larger flames so she’ll crack open the door of the stove. (That’s not changing). Is there a filtering system I could use to pull in the soot (smoke) during these times. I’ve been using the Ac fan to pull any smoke into those filters and it seems to help a little. Also what type of paint is more washable? And last of all anyone got a good cleaner for soothed up brick? Lots of questions looking for real answers, not the sales pitches I got when I did my search. Thanks
  8. Thanks what was your source for the extender and cables.
  9. Thanks, we can’t watch the projector in the sun anyway so no sun interference is going on. The only hookup I have outside is the HDMI cable that gets coiled in a weather proof box after each use. So maybe I could run an extension of the IR repeater through the same weather proof box and just plug the repeater in when we use it.
  10. Here’s my scenario: I have my TV, cable box, Blue ray hooked up to a 4x2 switch with one of the outputs going to the deck behind the TV wall. I run a projector outside for movies and football games from that switch. Problem is in order to switch channels I have to come in the house to the box and I can’t see what I’m changing to. Can I run one of these IR repeaters through the wall to the outside? Do they make a weather resistant one? Do they work with a Samsung box from cable vision? Thanks!
  12. The difference is you are not self contained with a tent in the bed. A slide on has all the sanitary systems in place for a longer stay at the beach.
  13. Some Hero?
  14. Hah! Reminds me of Thor.
  15. Heard there’s a vid of some altercation at Da Light. What’s the deal?