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  1. When I pull the camper out east I now take the secondary roads. Not chancing a high speed pothole with 14k pounds behind me. On a side note Route 25 on the way to the National Cemetery is brand new pavement. Riverhead town is the worst! It may take a little longer but I know I’ll get there.
  2. Yup! Been eating brown rice with my burger there since 1972.
  3. Yes the bolts that hold the gutters, and a few other bolts are weak spots. But for a thief time is there enemy. Hey if they were prepared with a torch, a crane and a flat bed they could steal the whole roof. LOL. It’s a deterrent, that’s all a lock, safe, Doberman is. But that’s better than a bungee cord around some pvc tubes LOL. In all honesty it is a Royal pia to remove my racks for the winter when I have my tool chest in the driveway in broad daylight. No guarantees, but a thief will certainly move to another truck before tackling yours.
  4. Two of my fishing related regrets are: not buying one Dietrich’s Coastal Bags and one of Jimmy’s Hunter Bags when they first came out. Like you said great craftsmen.
  5. Yup! And sinkers with rattles on the drift rigs.
  6. My son works for Nespresso corporate. I can’t relate, but I can feel your pain.
  7. When we process tuna on the boat there’s an assortment of tools used from the moment the fish comes aboard til the chunk is wrapped. When the fish comes aboard a hand saw cuts the head off from the dorsal side almost to the bottom near the laterals, a sharp flexible fillet knife circles the vent then slides up the gut till it reaches the saw lines. The head with all entrails is then pulled from the fish thrown overboard. The remaining carcass is then submerged in a chill tank of seawater and block ice. As we fish, the oldest carcasses make it to an iced fish bag while the newer fish chill. On the way in the rock hard carcasses are filleted off the bone with a dexter high carbon steel knives that get sharpened as we go. The chunks get placed in ice. We leave the chunks large enough to fit in a freezer, but small enough to fill the typical meal. The aren’t sliced into steaks until you are planning a meal. Not sure if this answered your question about knives. But the only skin cuts I make are just gutting and getting the chunk off the bone. Freezing skin on chunks prevents a lot of freezer burn and gives you choice about thickness of steaks for their cooking method.
  8. I was going to say short lobster but that also would be illegal. So I’ll say bucktail and a slice of salami, because I don’t bait fish and that’s something I would eat.
  9. These racks were the original Lock the reel stem type of rod rack. Jimmy D’Amico built the best custom cooler racks. When I made the change to a fifth wheel, he built a custom rack with a removable upright to allow me to carry my kayaks over the cab and hood of the truck. Besides the welded stuff he built the best plug bags, surf belts and various other gear for dedicated rock hoppers and extreme surf fishermen. The rod vault was another fine tuning of a home made idea. Mine are 17 years old, very abused and constantly on the truck. Jimmy sold rod vault a while ago, but I think they are still being produced. Here’s pic of his cooler rack and the rod vault.
  10. Thanks I’m going to give it a try. Wish there was a color chart for the some of their product names.
  11. It’s a ready made jig. Internal lead and a hook. I was thinking of a latex or “dip it”, the coloring on the lure looks like a paint except what’s baked in the rubber.
  12. Did the same thing to red fins, always darker, like black.
  13. Sorry I did that in 2006. In 1998 I bought the Thule tracks for a different rig Sorry I did that back in 2006. I would just google Surco tracks. They worked so well on the cap I put them on the cab of my F350 crew cab. I still have them with Trac Van cross bars and brackets to the artificial rain gutters and original Jimmy the welder “rod vaults”.
  14. When I had a cap I mounted tracks to it so I could adjust the distance between bars. Thule tracks were expensive and steel. I bought Surcos from autoanything. Aluminum (no rust) and inexpensive.
  15. I have a bunch of Tsunami jigs that have worked well for albies in the past, but their color is off. Red tails may work down south, but Need to color them pink or olive. What do I use for paint? Nail polish doesn't work. Thanks