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  1. I tow a 14k fifth wheel on the beach with an F350 with oversize tires. At the end of every trip, I have to dump 3 40 gallon tanks and fill eight tires from 15 pounds to 65, 70 and 75 pounds. To speed things up I made up a two tire at a time clip on hose arrangement with a gauge. This allows me to start filling, while I’m pulling valves and flushing tanks. Sometimes the weight of the hose with those clip ons bends the valve stem and nervously I often pondered if I lost one (especially at the dump station) hooked up it would be hours to change out a tire. Cheap insurance for a potentially bad day. I also carry a tire plug kit, valve cores and caps. A low and high pressure tire gauges, a 20 #CO2 tank, and a 175 pound. Compressor that runs off the fifth wheels generator. I guess it’s the Eagle Scout in me, to “be prepared”. BTW I also saw someone drive off attached to their clip on air hose, but not for long.
  2. If you air down you will be fine. Go slow, make wide turns, use 4wheel low when towing puts more tranny fluid through the cooler.
  3. 6k loaded? Remember water is 8.8 a gallon. Firewood, rescue/ repair gear, toys, all that stuff adds up. The gearing of your truck means a lot on the beach. My son has an F150 eco, with a 3:73 rear his friend with a v 8 but more of a Highway rear has much less towing capacity. Think long term because you will take 33% hit out of the showroom, get what you want/ need, if beach camping is going to be your thing. Still driving a 2004 Holiday Rambler fiver and a 2006 F350. Paid for long ago but still getting those sunsets, beach fires and good friends.
  4. I know it’s off topic, but do you kite up towards Isabella? There was a windsurf launch up there, that I’m sure is a great kite launch called Shacks. Most of my windsurf friends have all changed over to kiting. Not sure these old bones could handle it. I always add a few zip ties threaded through a crease of webbing near the zip. I tie with one color and leave different one for HS or Customs to zip back on. They usually do.
  5. What happens if something is broken or stolen out of golf bag. Used to happen to our surfboards all the time. Until we lined the coffin bag with door skin, and zip tied the zippers.
  6. Hey Beach Camper, Just tried to pm you, but I guess you are too new here. Ask away any questions on this thread and I’ll get back to you here. Sorry for the delay; haven’t looked on SOL in a while.
  7. Consumers almost have “free money” adjust your estimates. Last years estimates, are moot. When I was dock building, supply could dictate the final cost. If had to travel for poles, there was definitely a big add on. Seems like a lot of work out there. Everyone I know is booked up.
  8. I have a 1957 house also. I had a similar problem left from the contractor of the kitchen install. I built up the ceiling beneath the molding with a plywood backer, mud and tape. Then Dap Alex with silicone caulking. It’s not perfect but I wasn’t pulling the ceiling down. Don’t look too close still have to clean some paint off the molding. The guys here were a tremendous help. Wait till your nails start popping your Sheetrock, 1957 tech.
  9. I think it’s a generational thing. I love having my transfer case of my F 350 on a second stick on the floor. No dials or buttons, in a pinch I can crawl under push the linkage to engage. My 704s and 706s have the same confidence level. I can take the gear case down and put it back. Stack a bunch of HT washers on a sticking spool, flip a roller, make a bad situation better and still fish. The survival optics make this reel great. On top of that, that loud roller on the 706 would clue me in to the rate of retrieve that would put me in the zone. Those quiet, smooth reels don’t do that, they don’t talk to you.
  10. Don’t know why reply ended up like this.
  11. Must have been the old technique. I think it involved one of those one of those Apple peeler/corer gizmos. LOL. It was many years ago, and he said he’d never do it again. I’m actually not a candidate yet according to the ENT Doc. At 67 I’m averaging one orthopedic surgery a year. Don’t know when I’d fit the ear in. I will check out UT, I used to love “Operation”. I had one of the first hernia surgeries using a scope in my area. I asked my surgeon how many he had done and he said none. The guy before you will be my first. But don’t worry, I’ve done a hundred fetal pigs. Then he gave a VCR tape of the surgery from that TV show. Good luck if you do it.
  12. Long recovery, didn’t get in the water for months and months. Painful as well. The only joints not acting up are my hips. One was replaced in 2012. The other seems ok.
  13. Been putting off the surgery as a few of my buds (mates) were out for the count. If I have anything fixed it will be the left shoulder. Not looking fondly on that, as the right was done October 2020. Cool thing about the ear thing is I can’t hear my wife yelling at me, I know it’s there but the decibels aren’t as alarming. Ha!
  14. That’s what I ended up going with for TV/Audio. And a pair of Letscom for sweating in on the rower. You have to connect the Avantree first then add the Letscom to the other channel. Then disconnect the Avantree, so you don’t run down the battery. Not a fan of the fit of the Letscom, but because I have Surfers Ear, the regular buds keep piping out. I’m sure there are cheaper ways of doing this, but it works.