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  1. Thanks for the honest answers and the funny ones too! I wish I had more time to fish. I have fond memories of fishing the pocket at Watch Hill light in the mid '90's amongst other places. I didn't think it started un at least the end of September so I'm glad I asked.
  2. South Shore, RI.
  3. Thanks! I read Alan Hawk's article on this and he suggests cleaning the AR with a solvent, allowing it to dry completely, then oiling it and the sleeve. I'm going to try this.
  4. Thank you. They definitely had that white pattern.
  5. Today while fishing for fluke we saw maybe 30+ dolphins going west in a column, they were porpoising. Does anyone know what type of dolphins are around here and which they might have been?
  6. From the article: "Officers will also document who people are and what they are doing there and forward the information to the town solicitor. Town lawyers could later decide to bring a charge if more investigation warrants it. "Our goal is to keep the peace, and try to educate people,” said Captain Alfred Bucco of the South Kingstown Police Department." This is becoming more than a property/access issue. The government doesn't have the right to document who you are or what you're doing on public land.
  7. I went to Three Belles in Niantic, Ct but they don't finance. Any suggestions where I can finance one?
  8. Hello, I have a Quantum Cabo CSP40PTSE. Towards the end of last season I experienced what I think is the anti-reverse failing on occasion. I was also fishing this reel in the Spring and had it happen again several times. Sometimes when I hook into a fish, in the first few seconds, the reel spins backwards a few revolutions. I can't seem to "re-enact" this. I sent it out for a cleaning and repair from a local outfitter and they recommended I contact Quantum. I'm comfortable stripping this reel most of the way down but I won't take apart bearings or the one-way clutch as I think it's called. Any thoughts?
  9. I haven't used this reel all that much since this post but I noticed another thing happening that I don't like. When I I bring the rod and reel back to cast, the line roller part of the reel (due to gravity) spins toward where finger is holding the line and it sometimes catches the roller and holds up my cast or snaps the lure off.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure I've been convinced by any responses though but I greatly appreciate any input. I guess my question should be: what's the best and most effective way to fish a tin to a wobble action. I don't want my tin spinning due to the presence of a swivel but I don't want to impart line twist either. I think if line twist becomes a problem I could throw another lure with a swivel for a bit to remove it, but I want my tins to be as effective as possible. Am I overthinking this? Does anyone have solid knowledge on this subject?
  11. Hello, While fishing a tin like a Hopkins, Castmaster, Deadly Dick, or any others, does having a swivel, even connecting main line to leader, render the action of the tin ineffective?
  12. I'm not an expert but have seen sunfish and you only see the dorsal fin from my experience. So I think Shark.
  13. BTW, and extremely important, what power, action and rod length would y'all recommend for said style?
  14. Thanks for the replies so far, it gives me a lot to think about. Please disregard boat rods entirely. For this setup I'm strictly looking for a rod I'll use while wading or casting from land or beach.
  15. Hi, I've recently posted a topic related to this but I honestly feel this title is more appropriate and will hopefully get more responses honed in to what I'm looking for. I have a 3000 series Shimano reel (Shimano 2016 Stradic CI4+ Spinning Reels STCI43000HGFB). I'm looking for the PERFECTish pairing for lightweight fluking; shore and back bays. I'd like to throw bucktails up to 3/4oz. So very lightweight and want sensitivity. Please, if you don't have experience w/ Shimano or Daiwa(I would consider these) rods I'd appreciate it if you don't comment. I'm looking for recommendations of models, length, weight, action, etc. Thanks in advance.