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  1. Sounds good, PM coming
  2. Two Nomad Streaker Jigs 120g - glow/pink & pink sardine, and one Gypsy Lures 200g speed jig - Dorado. New, $30 shipped. CB One C1 Longslide, red/gold, 200g. New. $25 shipped. 7 seas hooker jig - yellow holo - 250g. New, $25 shipped Patriot Design The Blast Edge 270g, purple holo, $25 shipped.
  3. Can do, PM coming.
  4. I would indeed, PM inbound.
  5. Mangrove Studio Volador 170F: 110mm, ~65g, floating. New. $25 shipped Maria Rapido F230: 230mm, 100g, floating. Used. $25 shipped.
  6. Awesome, thanks so much for helping out my mind at ease guys. It looked like it came out of the box that way with that asymmetry being what gives it the side to side wobble, but just wanted to make sure (saw myself jigging for hours with a jig no fish would eat). Really appreciate the input, thank you.
  7. Have a question for anyone who owns or has fished one of these. Picked one up toward the end of last season and didn’t get to use it. My stuff spent one incredibly hot afternoon in the car after I got back, and I’m trying to decide whether the jig melted a bit and is now lopsided, or if it’s supposed to be this shape. it’s not 100% symmetrical, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be. It looks like it’s about halfway to one of their spin rider jigs in terms of profile, and I’m trying to figure out if that’s what this jig is - a modified spin rider, or if the fact that both the front and rear ends taper differently according to which side of the jig is facing upward (please see pictures). Additionally, one edge of the jig is slightly more rounded while the other is slightly more angular. lastly, please note the decals on each side of the jig which are distinctly different sizes, which is one factor making me think that perhaps the different tapers on each side are in fact intentional and the different size decals reflect this. Jig from bottom (front) Jig from bottom (back) Jig from top (front) Jig from top (back) Smaller decal, jig has slightly rounded edge Larger decal, jig has a more squared edge on this side
  8. PM received, just replied. Thanks!
  9. VMC Siwash Hook 7/0 High Carbon Steel open eye (23/25 pieces remaining): $11 shipped Otter Tails 5 1/8” x 3/4”, new, $10 shipped
  10. Pearl and UV Pink, 12cm. New, the pearl is much whiter than the photo came out. $11 shipped for both, PayPal F&F preferred.
  11. Henderson wetsuit, used several times, in excellent shape. 5mm, firefleece lining. Nice knee pads for rockhopping. See company’s description here: https://hendersonusa.com/product/thermaxx-mens-back-zip-jumpsuit/ $200 shipped. Pictures below.
  12. Striped Bass - 30” skin mount made by Northeast Taxidermy, in excellent condition. $175. Bonnethead Shark - ~33” fiberglass mount, some minor cracking around the jaws, in good condition. $125. Will post pictures if anyone is interested I'm located in NY and can meet up, or else please let me know your zip code and I will get you a shipping quote.
  13. $200 is good with me, happy to accept the offer if it’s still good.
  14. Is anyone else interested in these mounts? I'm out of room and they need a new home In an effort to help them find their way, I will take care of the first $25 of shipping for the items (this seems to cover most places from NJ to RI/MA and be around half of others).
  15. Either this weekend or next, either is doable. Would one of those work for you?
  16. Here is one that either piece can go on. I originally had the bass on a piece of driftwood which I began to use for another project but may well be able to salvage if it would make the mounts more appealing to you.
  17. Ok. I need to head out that way to drop off a rod for repair. Let me know if you’re interested in one or both of the mounts and we can figure out a meetup that’s close to your neck of the woods.
  18. North Salem, NY. No problem to travel a bit. Let me know where you’re at.
  19. Shipping would be $25 so it would be $200 total.
  20. I am selling my Casio Pro Trek watch (specific model of the pro trek series is PRG-650Y). It is a solar powered watch with dual digital and analog displays designed for night time (or low light), aquatic applications (very strong backlighting, water resistant to 100meters). please read the description and see the photos below. Price is $170 shipped. Thank you! I am selling my Casio Pro Trek watch (specific model of the pro trek series is PRG-650Y). It is a solar powered watch with dual digital and analog displays designed for night time (or low light), aquatic applications - it has a backlight feature so that the display is always visible, and additionally has glow in the dark hands that appear as typical white in sunlight but become very bright once placed into shade; either way the backlighting feature is very pronounced when you push the botton. It is also water resistant to 10 bars (this equals 330 ft, after doing some research and then confirming google's answer , making it more than capable of any submersion or rockhopping that you may do, as well as of taking a hard splash from a wave, etc. It has a triple sensor which keeps you aware of your bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, and outside temperature with the push of a single button. It also sets itself based on whatever city you may currently be in by automatically adjusting its time zone according to your location, which is easily adjustable via the knob of the watch. Please see the pictures below, and let me know if you have any questions at all. I was given the watch by my (ex, you'll see why...) girlfriend, after I rode the tide in my wetsuit as I fished one night and was conspicuously late for our 5:30am meetup time to watch the sunrise together - she told me she could only see breakers crashing against steep bluffs and was legitimately terrified not knowing where I was, meanwhile I was on the other side of the point where I'd found a pocket of calm water holding fish and had become completely unaware of my otherwise commitments. She resolved to get me a watch, that I could use underwater and at night, that would stand up the the abuse that we put everything through in the surf, and which would have the fishy features like real-time barometric pressure readings so that I'd actually wear it . And I did, maybe 5 times total when she and I hiked or camped together, but between having moved the majority of my fishing offshore more recently (initially due to a case of Lyme disease, which led to a severe case of bluefin fever), and not being much of a watch guy to begin with, this admittedly badass watch would be better off in a new home. Please see pictures below. The watch is in excellent condition with virtually no sign of having been worn. I've also included a bit of the manufacturer's info which gives a more comprehensive breakdown of the watch and its features/specs: From the Manufacturer Introducing a night safari concept model for the lineup of Triple Sensor Version 3 PRO TREK models. The outside of the bands and the faces of all black. The designs of these models are stylish and subdued, without sacrificing the readability required during night time activities. The PRG-650YBE/650Y models feature ion-plated bezels. The PRG-650Y/650 models come with DURA-SOFT bands that incorporate silicon materials that improve durability. The inside of the band is luminescent, so it emits a faint glow during night activities. Function-wise, they are equipped with Neon Illuminator to provide easy reading of the time and function modes, even in the dark. Other basic functions include Triple Sensor (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature), one-touch measurement button, Tough Solar, and more. Movable lug components add to a better fit and more comfort. Everything about these models is designed and engineered to create functions and designs for night time outdoor activities.
  21. ok. pm coming.
  22. Strategic Angler Walker in Ballyhoo. Thrown a couple of times but in excellent condition, please see below. $75 shipped.