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  1. bump
  2. I can do $50 for the Korkers. PM sent. Wet suit still available.
  3. $25 shipped for the pair.
  4. It's a 182-sk (7 1/4in, sinking) model
  5. Wet suit is size M, used lightly.
  6. Sebile tick shadd, never thrown, black and silver. $15 shipped (or $30 shipped for both lures) Hots Drift tune 160g white abalone zebra, $20 shipped (or $30 shipped for both lures)
  7. Pair of size M Korkers in good shape, some rust on the studs but they come with a few extra also and an extra buckle. $60 shipped. Also have a Henderson Thermaxx FireFleece wet suit 5mm that I'd sell for $140 shipped. Otherwise make a decent offer. Thank you.
  8. Received, thank you. Will get the rod shipped asap.
  9. Hi, id like to sell these 3 unused buck knives. I took the scales off of each for a project that I never got around to, so they are ready for any scales you’d like to put on them. There are two buck 110’s with a clip and a drop point each, and a buck 112 clip point. All parts as well as original boxes included. $125 shipped for all 3.
  10. I can do that. Switching to PM.
  11. It is indeed a hook keeper on the front grip Not interested in trades at this time.
  12. XSRA 1203-2, 10’, 3/4 - 2 1/2 oz. It was sort of a project rod for me, I applied the grip shown in the pictures, as well as some extra epoxy to the guide wraps which flaked off a bit. Old rod, still performs excellently. $115 shipped or local pickup in/near north Salem NY.
  13. Sounds good, sending PM
  14. Simple yet effective, I use it for everything up to 8/0 mustad hooks for bucktails. Missing this one little pin hat was easily replaced with a nail. $25 shipped.
  15. All good. Sending you a PM now.