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  1. Thanks Mike.
  2. Mountain trout to river mouth corvina.
  3. Can you euro nymph with a regular flyrod and longer a longer leader with an indicator line built in the leader. ( like amnesia).
  4. What is the difference between euro nymphing and high sticking?
  5. There are trout in many of the high altitude rivers. The Savegre flows from 8 thousand plus feet down to the ocean. Higher elevations contain rainbow trout. You can either nymph or wet or dry fly. I've catch trout on bead head pheasant tails, basic wet flies and elk hair caddis. There are some mayfly hatches as well as golden stonefly. The hatches just aren't as prolific as in the states. As the Savegre flows to lower elevations, there are river snook, freshwater drum, tepemachine and other species. Even lower you will find the big snook, corvina, as well as multiple species of snapper.
  6. Arenal used to have bomber guapote. Still are some in the less fished areas of Arenal. Nice catch on the sail. Costa Rica.......you can go from catching sailfish to high altitude trout in 2 hours.
  7. I would have had more pics and videos but my battery on my cell was almost as dead as the battery on my car. For those who are unfamiliar to what a machacca is, it is the vegetarian/omnivore relative of the pirahnna. They have incredibly sharp teeth and powerful jaws which enable them to crush nuts as well as hooks and leaders. They stout and strong fighters. My friend Jesse has some awesome videos on YouTube at Backwater Flyfishing if you care to check em out.
  8. So next trip was up to see my friend Mark Evans who hosted the gathering of the CRAFF get together. It was great toert some of my Tico and non Tico brothers and sisters of the fly. Food was outstanding with our grill Masters/Fly-fishersman feeding us well. Afterwards was a casting competition/ accuracy which was a lot of laughs as well as ball breaking. The gathering was supposed to run from 12 to 5 but ended at midnight. Wicked competitive ping pong keep the viewers as well as participants entertained. Monday was supposed to be an early morning kayak float between Mark and myself for Machacca but that got delayed due to a dead battery in my car. After dealing with that mess, we were off. The drive down from the mountain Mark lives on is some of the most spectacular scenary you can imagine. Lush greenery with volcanos in the back ground, deep gorges and rivers. Just beautiful. We stop in town before we reach to grab some meat and cheese pasteurized. Drive to our spot and unload. We are fishing with short stiff rods,floating lines and 40 lbs shock tippets. 40, 20, 40. The " flies"we use are made of cedar and a hook and painted green to imitate the figs, called chillimatas, which fall from the trees which line the river. Water condition were up and the color was a green hue. Perfect conditions. The paddle was 4 hours and it was perfect weather Mark struck first, it was his home waters after all. We drifted, only altering our positions so not to get snagged and flipped which I've done on a prior putting. Mark was up to 4 Small and then a very nice large. We drited some more constantly casting the chillimatas under the overhangs and opening. Then I cast and I saw this shape come up and take my chillimatas off the surface. Down went the line. Upstream went my kayak. I knew I had a good fish. Where ever it wanted to go, I went. They are powerful fish. Mark finally paddles close with the net as I work the fish near a cut they use to land fish. In the net and a beast.quick foto and put of my hands she goes. I'm very happy. We paddle further down and Mark lands two more large, very nice fish. We converge with the Sarapiqui and fish to our exit point. I missed a very good fish on the way down. We reach the dock, drag out gear up the launch area and I wait while Mark gets a ride to his rig for the drive back for the yaks. On the drive back, we both are grinning, trash talking and just enjoying the comraderie for a sport w err both love. Pura Vida!