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  1. I own a car, rediculous prices for vehicles here due to government regulations.
  2. Renting a car is a bait and switch here. You get a quote for 20 dollars a day and end up paying alot more. The insurance will cost you more then the rental itself and even then the insurance has different levels and some companies will not cover you for certain Conditions. If you dont need the car for the time you are here, check into alternatives. Some of the companies will give you a waiver on some of upfront insurance if your credit car company will cover the inscurance. Some do. Some Don't. But what thd rental card company will put a 2500 dollar hold on your credit card while you rent the car. Make sure you have enough of s line of credit to cover that. Another reason to not renth a car, imho, is alot of the roads in CR to the more remote fishing areas plan suck. Ive driven on some of the best roads and driven on some which looked like they were carpet bombed. And all Ticos and Gringos drive fast. It is also very easy to get lost. Waze is the kkng here but then you have to either get a plan outside of the US or sim card with a burner number. Whatsapp is is the primary system to communicate but if you have wifi, you wont need a phone. My wife has a Tico phone number and I just use wifi. Youll find almost every place has wifi even when you cant get a signal. Any other questions be happy to help.
  3. As stated earlier, if you want to spend less then staying at the all inclusive route, you can get more bang for your buck. You can pick my brain if you like.
  4. Playa Bejuco. 20 min. South of Jaco on Central Pacific.
  5. If you can arrange a flight on Sansa from San Jose to Porte Jimenez, yes. All in a day. When you live in Costa Rica, you prepare for the worse and accept it.
  6. Sails are in close now as are dorado. I am going out tomorow with a friend of mine and in a panga for sails and dorado.. 12 wt is adequit for sails. Marlin, you might be pushing the envelope. My other friend went out yesterday and they went 2 for 5 on sails and landed 6 dorado. I used to know a great Captain out of Zancudo. He used to guide for Roy's Zancudo lodge.
  7. Keep in mind, you will kill a day in transit, flying, to Costa Rica and back. Then you will kill a day in transit to and from Crocodile Lodge. You can drive or fly to Porto Jimenez. Getting from point A to B can be a logistical nightmare. Just keep that in mind.
  8. I live in Costa Rica. Fishing is unlimited. Inshore or offshore in that area. Some of the best fishing in Costa Rica. As far as surfing goes, Pavones would not be one of your best bets. Its as ferry ride and then some to get there unless you can get a water taxi to Pavones. You will find areas closer to where you are staying. Eco tours, there are plenty. Corcovada National Park is pretty close. How long are you down for?
  9. Beat down. Tide got beat by Spicoli.
  10. Most of us all surf lsunch. The Chinese knock off of hobies have a bow more suited for surf launches. My buddy who is a fishing stud and launches in an older hobie ( cant get sponsership) Has a South African company sending him a yak. Ill see if i can find a picture of the knockoff brands. I use a WS tarpon 14. Hreat for paddling offshore. Sucks for surf launch and landings. I just had thigh straps muled down.
  11. Just curious, What are you planning on fishing for with the big hooks?
  12. Spot on Iphish. Not taking anything away from what the Pats accomplished but They have had much easier path then other divisional teams in both conferences. And as stated, the Pats have kept their Coach and QB much longer then any other franchise. Kudos to Bob Kraft.
  13. I'm currently in Cost Rica, Plenty of Hobie and WS Chinese knockoffs. My Tico buddies have them. I actually think the knockoff hobie design is better suited for surf launches down here where some launches and landings can be very hairy at times.
  14. Tuco, you have always been extremely helpful with helping us weed through the information overload.