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  1. Heading to the Carribean coast to fish for tarpon Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  2. I have two lamsons. I tarpon fish when I'm in Costa Rica. I had them fail on tarpon twice in two years. Spool comes off under stress. First year I caught the spool and put it back on and landed a 115 lb. tarpon. Next year, spool came off and ended up in 45 ft of water. My buddy retrieved the spool by hand while I hand line a 90lb. Fish to the boat. Last Fall I bought a nautilus. I Fish next weekend for tarpon. Lamson is a good reel for stripers, blues, steelhead and salmon for fresh water but it has its limitations. Lamson came out with a locking spool last year. I suspect it was because of incidents like I had.
  3. Very nice Marcel. Beautiful trout. How far from Nordhausen? My Moms family is from there. She smuggled letters through the Hartz to the West after Russian ooccupation. I hope you one day visit. How difficult is it to fish there.
  4. Lance Clinton. Dude is a fishing stud and legend Costa Rica.
  5. River is murky to muddy and Carribean is deep but we use sinking lines most of the time. You will see tarpon rolling and can catch them using popper flies.
  6. Down here in Costa Rica I like to tye my flies with grizzly hackle and black and olive mariboo. I believe the mariboo ads life to the fly.hook size 5/0 with dumbells eyes. Length varies. Sometimes I'll cut the hackle shorter if the fish aren't biting and that does the trick. In rivers in the kayak, I tye them smaller. Fish size is smaller, 50 to 60blbs.
  7. You'll see plenty of Gallos from the beach cruising depending on time of year. Problem is a majority of them are out of casting range.
  8. My friend Lance. Caught around Jaco.
  9. I live in Bejuco. 20 minutes south of Jaco.
  10. Looking to have some uv epoxy down to me in Costa Rica. I've used the older loon stuff but it was tacky afterwards. I'll be tying big salt flies. Any combination epoxy and uv light? Thanks. Pura Vida.
  11. This was my buddy with a rooster out of his yak yesterday morning
  12. Baaaajaaaaa. Costa Rica. I live here for 6 months out of the year. Pura Vida!
  13. Neither one of those fish were long armed for the photo.
  14. This was the other fish caught last year
  15. So last Friday I landed a bomber corvina on my buddies borrowed and rigged up rod and reel with a lure sent to him from Japan. A year to the day, I landed a bomber pompano on my buddies equipment on a lure sent to him from Japan. Both fish were caught at the same place. Pretty cool.