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  1. you won't find a new 10' evolution for $500. You won't find a factory rod either. These are all custom. If you have someone that can build it in 2 weeks and have it to you jump on it. Just make sure the builder is reputable. If you are doing it yourself good luck and have fun with it..
  2. Marco (PPW) in Staten Island would do a good job on it for you.
  3. If you can take $150 I'll take it...Pick up today with cash..
  4. No longer available..
  5. **.
  6. Hey John, if they are stripped sand them down. You will never match the color. (I've tried"). Clearcoat with a very thin epoxy .......That color was transparent.... Maybe I'll see you in a few weeks..
  7. GSB1081L is 9'. If you are looking for the 10L cut to 9' that is something else. The "Skinner Rod" is 9'3" I believe.
  8. It's not the length of the foot that is the problem. The width trying to fit in the front hood....
  9. yes. i have the 18's if you need one....
  10. Not the fuji. I have ergo seats a few of us have been using for 3-4 years now that do fit...
  11. He's in Florida. Shipping is cost prohibitive on anything over 8'.
  12. Action feels the same.
  13. The raw blank is the 1321m unsanded. It has the ridges like a tsunami which adds strength and durability. You welcome to check it out..
  14. I do have a brand new built 1321M raw rod if your interested. Your welcome to come take a look...