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  1. Deepkona funny how I was just mentioning to my wife that I don't know who to pass reels onto if anything shall happen to me, I don't have kids of my own but I've got numerous nephews but they are still to young for these reels. I do plan on passing my reels down to a family member that will hopefully enjoy these reels as much as I do. Mahalo's brotha. Bryan
  2. First time posting pics so bare with me, daiwa fan at heart but these penn greenie's are starting to get a hold of me been lucky to grab a couple 702 in really great shape.
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  4. So I've been reading on this site about penn greenie's and I am intrested about starting a collection on the greenie's. I read there are two rare black greenie's 710 and 711, I've seen the green 711 with bronze emblem and the black 711 with silver emblem lefty. Well I was on "the bay" when I came across a black 711 lefty with a bronze emblem, and I almost bought it but after reading and looking at pics on SOL I decided it ain't the true black but instead a green that was sprayed black. Can anyone clarify my judgment? Thx. Bryan
  5. Hello all, new guy here thanks for adding me to this awesome site. Just a little about me, I am from an island out in the Pacific, Guam I enjoy fishing when I have a chance lol. Been fishing for several years mainly inshore and reef fishing sometimes cliff fishing. This site is very informative and I hope to contribute back . Bryan