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  1. hey is your avatar pic a Jimmy Davies Painting ??
  2. Looks Tasty Marcus !!!
  3. I count four Beards . That Lead Gobbler looks to be the Boss Tom. Beard's draggin . Awesome shot Allen !
  4. Awesome Derrick !!!!!!
  5. That Rod looks Familiar
  6. save yourself on fuel and time . Troll the Jack Spot . Bites been pretty good on Mahi and King Mackerel . We are about at that time when the Blue Fin show themselves there . Last few seasons early August was Red Hot at Jack Spot . Good luck .
  7. If you are releasing them properly you're likely getting very wet . But very worth it .
  8. interesting
  9. Daaaaaaamn ! where's that circle K ??? I lived off circle K chicken when I was at NC State .
  10. What were you catching the spot and kingfish on ??
  11. Back atcha !
  12. I like it !!!
  13. as soon as they hid the first fish , it should have ended .... what they are doing is letting the violation inflate to ensure a conviction ... but at the same time are causing another 100 fish to be poached ,,, makes no sense to me . @kurazy kracka exactly .......... Last time this subject came up I almost got the boot I think so I'll just leave it at that ..........
  14. My kids grew up on Assateague .More great family memories made on that island than anywhere else on the Planet . No doubt they will spend countless hours with their families there as well long after I am gone .