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  1. They seem to be having an outstanding fall run right now in New Jersey. Why do they seem to head further off the sand when scurting the Md beaches ????
  2. Got home from work Thursday to my son Jack waiting for me . First thing he says is "They are there we have to go . So we went . And He has never been more right . Thusday 6:30 am to Friday 4 pm 7 Reds . Smallest 36" Largest 51" . We had to weed through the Butterfly Rays to get to the reds but boy was it an awesome 36 Hours .
  3. Exactly .
  4. Son Brendan shipped out for parris Island May 2 so It was just Jack And I chasing the Stripers this Spring . Jack got his PB on May 7 . That seemed to be right in the middle of the majority of the fish caught by us this year . 9 in all smallest at 42 1/2" . But we were happy to catch and release . Hell we happy to catch , period. Heres a couple pics of jack with His PB and one other .
  5. I think 2020 has been a pretty messed up year for everyone. I sure hope September will put some smiles on the faces of those fortunate enough to be on AI Surf Fishing for those Magnificent Reds .
  6. Never Give up brother .
  7. Had our first crabs of the season Sunday for my oldest son's 24th Birthday . Was surprised to hear they were Maryland crabs . I'm not used to getting local crabs this early . These crabs were pretty heavy too. Another surprise . I keep hearing about a really good year but I'm afraid the market wont be there for the watermen until at least late season if at all this year . Fingers are crossed we can get through this and bounce back stronger than ever . God Bless everyone . Stay safe .
  8. Back Atcha marcus ! And Ditto on fall ....... Hoping for similar results ....
  9. Here was our Cobia dinner . Was fantastic !!!
  10. It’s delicious! I had only had once before today myself. I’d say it reminds my of a cross of backfin lump crabmeat and mahi . If that makes sense .
  11. Had a fantastic day on Assateague yesterday . Water was calm all day with huge schools of Bunker 250-300 yards off the beach. Son Jack and adopted son Justin hopped on the SUP with one paddlin and one netting Bunker ( Talk about Fresh Bait) . The come back in saying they could swear there are very large fish balling up the Bunker . We decide to rig up for said BIG FISH and drop our baits from the sup out in the schooled Bunker . 15 minutes later we are hooked up . 41" Cobia landed by my son Jack . We have caught Big Bull Reds , Big Stripers , hell I've even caught Spanish mackerel off of Assateague . But This absolutely Tops the list of good days on Assateague . Here are some pics from our day .
  12. Spent a few day on AIMD this weekend . Caught a mixed bag of Fish including Bluefish ,Kingfish ,a shark , a couple skates and one of the targeted species . My son Brendan, #3 of 7 , caught his first Striper from the beach . It was a mere 23 inches but he caught his striper so he was more than happy to release it to be caught again another day . Was great to finally meet Critter Getter (Dave ) . All in all a successful trip to Assateague with a couple of my sons adding to the numerous Great Memories from one of the most pristine and Beautiful places on earth . I probably wont be back down till the beach closures have taken hold , so I hope to see you guys in September when the REAL FISH are in the surf . Everyone have a Fantabulous Memorial Weekend and while you're grilling and spending time with Family and Friends , Take a moment to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us .