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  1. Wtb old color mag darters prefer the bronze
  2. Ok sounds good I'll pm you my number
  3. And will you do 160
  4. When are you coming to long Island next I will take it when you do
  5. Wtb yo Zuri original mag darter any condition
  6. No problem if the 150 is available on sat ill meet u im on the east end
  7. Will you do 400 for the used black and gold 150
  8. nice catch I see yellow dose really work in dirty water like was posted earlier east central or middle of ss
  9. were you on the o ean or the bay
  10. Great job past are go get some more
  11. Hey guys sorry to throw the thread off a little I'm down in ny u guys still have striped bass up there
  12. I live well east of southampton and get in to the same amount of fish If not more than the guys I know in south but either way fish on guys tight lines all night watch for those seals