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  1. I've personally seen gnuisance catch 60+ Stripers in about 2 hours in the surf. When they're stacked up like cordwood, just waiting for the current to bring them a bite, it's possible.
  2. OC Sunday 12-4 You could walk on water the peanuts were so thick. Found peanuts spraying and bass rolling as the sun started setting and the tide started going out. Only landed 2, I dropped a few more. Left them biting because of family obligations. It was good to get the skunk off after wayyyyy too many outings.
  3. While this is true, if you have walked onto the beach to a blitz and caught immidiately you kind of want it every time.
  4. 4:30-8:30pm Saturday moco skunk. Gonna mix up my spots this week.
  5. I almost got stuck on a bar last week. Knee deep walking out, waist deep with the fastest sweep I've seen coming back. Had to use my rod as a walking stick. Gave me he willies.
  6. After getting the skunk from shore the past few outings, I hopped on a buddy's boat in RB. Fished 6am-1pm. Plenty of bait and fish. Started hot catching fish to 15lbs on paddle tails that were feeing on peanuts. Spend the morning chasing birds, when the surface action died things slowed down. We picked a few trolling umbrellas and stretches. Found tons of bunker being harassed around noon, snagged a few but only caught gators, saw other boats get some stripes. There are a lot of fish and tons of bait in the bay, they'll be pouring down the coast at some point.
  7. Fished moco from noon-8pm. Hickory bite was red hot. Striper bite, not so much. I saw a few caught aground sundown. I hooked a skate on a Bucktail, that was a fight. Tough day, too many casts to not catch bass.
  8. Lemme borrow one bud?
  9. Moco, 7-10 outgoing, skunkola
  10. Tactical anglers clip.
  11. I like the smilin bill style. Definitely check out the otter tails for a trailer too. I haven't caught with them but the action and durability is awesome. 1/2, 1, and 1.5 would cover most surf applications unless you fish inlets and rips. Te skinner book is on kindle too. Download the kindle app and buy the book and read it while you poop.
  12. Skinner's book is a must. Tinman sells the best bucktails. Out front start with 1oz. In the back start with 1/2. I like uncle josh but otter tails look good too. I like it to be 1-2 seconds off the bottom. You're gonna need a variety for montauk and you're gonna loose a bunch in the rocks. Look for a guy with blue wheels on his camper in the parking lot, his name is bill and he sells bucktails for cheap. Did we mention skinners book?
  13. Threw bucktails under a bridge and live eels when the current slowed down. 3 hours of nothing.
  14. Of course I wouldn't mention the spot dogg. everyone knows you love driving your buggy to the inlet.
  15. Lol u said don't tell anyone on the phone.