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  1. How did you do? Port Clyde turned on last year for the first time in years. I was getting 30-40 fish a day on tubes and swim baits. I’m heading up mid August. July is usually early
  2. I was at Croton yesterday in my kayak and the bite was good last weekend. Nothing yesterday but I pulled up on shore at one point to take a stretch. I smelled the odor of death and thought about the kayaker that went missing last weekend. This is what I found.
  3. Not sure what is the deal with those, but I'll see if I can find out. FYI there is a facebook group called Kayak Buy/Sell/Trade you might want to join. I hit the echo launch Sunday
  4. I'm hearing that you can't get a kayak under the trestle at echo launch at high tide. Is this true if anyone knows
  5. I live in a NYC apartment and have 5 kayaks. I store mine at a marina in Yonkers
  6. Mike, I wished I remembered you. Saturday was busy and went by fast. I didn't even eat lunch or hit the head in about 8 hours and felt like I talked to around 1000 people. I was going to go tomorrow but the 40 mph winds made me think twice!
  7. Yeah CT is probably a waste of time
  8. Everything that was purchased at the show was at least 15% off or more. If you paid more call them up
  9. Cheech, I may be in. I'm heading up to CT Thursday but later next week I'm up for it. I live on the Hudson right by the Harlem river
  10. The bibs will fit you. Guy I fish with has them and he's just about exactly your size. Kokatat also has a new full suit that is around $600. I looked at it at Jersey Paddler and it was nice
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Joed5 Going to the show on Friday, looking around. Meeting a friend on Saturday and buying a Wilderness Tarpon 120. I think? Looking for a kayak for the lake, I don't do any saltwater fishing from my kayak. At 65, I need something with a good seat! I'll be at the Wilderness booth all weekend. Check out the ride 115 with the new air pro seat. It's going to be a lot comfier than the tarpon seat.
  12. Come see me and I'll sell you an ATAK
  13. You get what you pay for
  14. Some big fish caught but everything is muddy. We are fishing a small lake a ways south. We have a 50 mile radius from Paris Landing. One guy with us caught a 22 and the other had about 34 inches today. I didn't get anything. Caught 10 Tuesday prefishing. It's tough. Kentucky lake is a mud hole
  15. I hung out with Chad Hoover Monday and we had a discussion about the ATAK vs the Thresher. Thresher is a good boat but the ATAK will handle everything the thresher will. I'm going to use the thresher on short salt trips but I have a bad back and I don't think I can deal with that seat for a long period of time. The ATAK has the awesome seat. When I'm fishing for prolonged periods where I'm in the boat 15-20 hours straight it's going to be the boat to do so.