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  1. The likelihood of a 14 member Supreme Court with 4 new members is high after this decision is made.
  2. Took down a massively old maple two years ago, very glad to have the electric splitter what is everyone throwing their wood into to heat their home? I have a hearthstone Manchester that does the whole house easily .
  3. Looks like hell but the Fiskars works great.
  4. Can’t speak to lounging but I’ve fished that beach for years and have never had a problem with any owners. That being said, the section where the wall went down is right next to Marshfield and has a different feel from the rest of Duxbury.
  5. There’s still a fair number of idiots in the field. Can’t believe some of the idiocy I’ve witnessed. “Why can’t I look at porn on the school computer? It’s my free period”. Comes to mind.
  6. This moron should be chit canned. Sucks for the kids, what’s left of their season should be saved. My coaches never used racial or ethnic language but they used plenty of colorful phrases. They had us beat the piss out of each other for 2+ hours every day. It was a primitive time.
  7. Coaching career is done, he will be lucky to keep his job as a teacher.
  8. Read a couple articles on this, he is toast.
  9. So you’re saying there’s a coaching position open in Duxbury. What’s do people figure the pay would be?
  10. Feels like we’ve been over this. Where exactly is the government infringing on conservatives free speech? Was there a law passed or a court case I didn’t hear about? If private companies want to limit speech there is a pocketbook not constitutional remedy.
  11. Facts have never been big in this forum. I question the level of intellect in here as well. Seems like a place where some members fantasize about political violence and some others bash people they disagree with.