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  1. Gansett provides free beer tastings and Guppy had a nice show special pencil last year. Zeno Hromin has a booth for his website and is a great guy to chat with. It’s a good time and Friday is a great day to go.
  2. Have not done the dressing and changing part but I do have the occasional “I need to work a little late” hit a pond, lake or stream “meeting”.
  3. Agreed, can’t speak highly enough about mine.
  4. This and sargents for removing hooks or cutting them. They last if cared for.
  5. Hell Yes! 2 rods - fresh and salt- and my truck interior looks like a tackle shop.
  6. Pencil popper spook loaded bone Redfin saltpro bomber
  7. 5 pound braid to a flouro leader is what I use, great for detecting very subtle nibbles.
  8. Big fan of the doc jr and the jigsmith loaded and unloaded. The loaded casts as well as most of my pencils and made a day or two for me last fall with fish far out. Jumpin minnow and Zara spooks also caught several for me last season. Want to get my hands on an RM Smith jackhammer and give it a whirl.
  9. Mine are probably 4 - 5 years old, wondering if yours are newer. No idea if the did a re-design or if they moved their production facility.
  10. My rod is waiting for me on the south shore (Mass) while I am riding out the storm in Shutesbury by the Quabbin reservoir. Sorry, can’t answer the spacing question. What I can comment on is the Smoothness and durability of the reel. Dunked, dropped in the wash, the reel stays smooth and dry. Never fished the penn so I can’t comment on it but I have been very satisfied with the shimano.
  11. I have and recommend the Kast steelhead gloves, they are great. On the coldest days I use a liner and these and my hands stay warm and dry.
  12. I have a 2 year old 6000 on a 9 foot ODM genesis. Zero wobble, super smooth, my favorite of the dozen reels I have used. The drag is amazing and zero water intrusion. It has been fished often and hard and has given me nothing but excellent performance.
  13. I treat my yard with cotton balls sprayed with permethrin stuffed into 6 inch sections of pvc. They get put all around my house and yard, woodpile and rock walls. Mice take the cotton to their nests and sleep on it and it kills the ticks. Have heard it doesn’t harm the mice. I spray my boots and pants with it every 2 weeks or after I wash them a few times. Have also sprayed my floor mats in my truck and let them dry outside. Ticks didn’t seem as bad this summer or fall as in the past but that could be for any number of reasons.
  14. I miss the Wursthaus in Cambridge and the Gurnet Inn in Duxbury. I bartended there for 4 years.
  15. Me too, not a Danny, but when I am crawling a Redfin across the top and get swirls and nudges but no takes I switch out to a bomber (usually school bus) and more often than not it works.