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  1. I read something on here a few years ago so I tried it myself. Took some new braid, applied just a bit of glue to it and sure enough I saw a tiny puff of what looked like smoke come off the line. No glue for me thanks.
  2. Once Upon a Time in America - a truly great movie. Godfather II Goodfellas
  3. Not since just after high school, but I bartended for years where I saw a few and broke up a few and I teach high school. My first year there I remember two very big boys started throwing haymakers in the cafeteria and when I started in to separate them my principal put his arm out in front of me and said “let em’ tire themselves out a bit first, you could get hurt walking in there”. That was a valuable life lesson.
  4. I have a 5 year old 9 footer that has been beat hard. Just took it in for new guides and reel seat repair. For what I paid and how it’s been treated I can’t complain. Plan on giving it to my 10 year old son. I agree with the made in Mexico so you don’t know what you will get. Maybe a lemon or maybe a solid rod.
  5. Same ODM rods for me paired with Saragossa 6000.
  6. Running your own eel trap. Casting eggs. Smelling cigars from the guys fishing bait and coffee brandy.
  7. You mentioned my favorites. They cast well and catch well.
  8. If you use lead it’s all good, if you use something else give a squirt of wd40 in there too.
  9. Black redgill in front of bomber or Redfin is a classic set up for good reason. Double headers are not super uncommon. Making sure the line to your teaser is 10 lbs less than the line to your lure is recommended. Agreed on the space between teaser and lure, three feet is what I shoot for.
  10. Shutesbury, saw another MUCH bigger yesterday. They are active and moving now, especially around dusk.
  11. 1. Fried flounder I caught that morning when I was a little kid 2.Smoked Candied bluefish a friend brought some of what we caught into our local tackle shop- four of us ate a freezer bag full in 15 minutes. 3. Tuna poke
  12. Daytime I look for birds, use a pencil or spook to search and will fish paddletails close to the bottom quicker than usual with a bounce. Really tough to catch with consistency during the day.
  13. 5 inch unloaded Smokey joe and a white teaser in front did a job for me tonight off a fuel dock. Lots of fat schoolies. I like to swap the rear hook for a flag, makes unhooking easier and safer for me and the fish.
  14. Yes