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  1. I treat my yard with cotton balls sprayed with permethrin stuffed into 6 inch sections of pvc. They get put all around my house and yard, woodpile and rock walls. Mice take the cotton to their nests and sleep on it and it kills the ticks. Have heard it doesn’t harm the mice. I spray my boots and pants with it every 2 weeks or after I wash them a few times. Have also sprayed my floor mats in my truck and let them dry outside. Ticks didn’t seem as bad this summer or fall as in the past but that could be for any number of reasons.
  2. I miss the Wursthaus in Cambridge and the Gurnet Inn in Duxbury. I bartended there for 4 years.
  3. Me too, not a Danny, but when I am crawling a Redfin across the top and get swirls and nudges but no takes I switch out to a bomber (usually school bus) and more often than not it works.
  4. Half loaded redfins in 5 and 7 are what I would throw and I would downsize the hooks like vssteve. Bombers and mambos crawled in as well.
  5. October 27, midnight, loaded Redfin, Duxbury, MA. Good pick of fish that night.
  6. Bait and Taxkle shops are my kryptonite, I can’t drive past one without going in and buying stuff I need and a pile of stuff I don’t. For my wife it’s shoes, for me it’s lures, leader and some of whatever else is in the shop. My local shop is great, they will leave out whatever I ask for if I can’t make it down before closing and in turn I have them order what they don’t carry for me so they can make a living. Couple a bucks markup for all the intel I receive and bait they have left in buckets for me after closing is well worth it.
  7. Fish the new needlefish I got for Christmas, use more glidebaits and fish more sunrises with my new Christmas pencils.
  8. No, just the front and rear. I replace the rings and hooks and just don’t replace the middle. Worth it to keep one unloaded even with its very limited castability. On calm nights nothing catches better for me than unloaded redfins.
  9. Bombers in black and baby striper, 7“ redfins in bone and homemade baby striper, 5” smoky joe and silver redfins and bone and blurple salt-pro, 7”black and silver mambo minnow and 5” pink mambo minnow, black and copper mag darters. Chicken scratch bomber has also been good. All have been solid producers for me. Biggest fish have come on the 7” redfins.
  10. A fatty lure in mackerel or menhaden, couple of madd mantis pencils and some whiskey. That’s all I asked for when asked. Happy to watch my kids and wife open their presents while having my baileys and coffee in front of the wood stove.
  11. Finish your retrieve. Can’t count the number of times my lure has been smashed when it’s right under my tip in really skinny water. Had fish jump at it when it left the water too. That and when you think you are reeling slowly slow it down some more, really crawl it in.
  12. I remove split rings and hooks and put them in a Tupperware container of kosher salt in the freezer. Skins I haven’t used go into a plastic pickle jar with brine I make.
  13. When I get a half-assed lazy strike I sometimes like to switch to a smaller pencil or try a sluggo. At night if the fish are half hitting I do the same with redfins and downsize from the 7 to the 5 with success.
  14. That’s taken several for me this fall, a couple of good size.
  15. Bone loaded Redfin. That has caught the biggest of the season for the last 4 years as well.