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  1. This has been true for me the last few seasons. Bigger fish are shallow and in the surf in the deep of night and false dawn. Schoolies are usually accessible at more convenient times.
  2. 5 and 7 loaded and unloaded caught my biggest fish this summer. Bone has been my color of choice. I start with my feet on dry sand quietly and very often the fish smash the lure right on the lip. Had many crush it when it seemed like the Redfin was hanging straight down from the tip. Love me the Redfin. Loaded I use #3 hooks, unloaded #1 or #2. VMC’s.
  3. I fish Duxbury beach and bay all summer and fall, never had a problem with LE or any of the harbormaster staff though I haven’t heard good things about the new harbormaster. The free lot next to the bridge always has spots available around sunrise and the walk to the beach or good spots in the bay isn’t far. Last three weekends I have had high pines and the pick of bay spots to myself at sunrise. No luck with the Duxbury ladies yet but they usually aren’t walking over the bridge when I am fishing.
  4. Eelskin 40 and kind of a lure: rigged eel round out my usuals.
  5. Redfins bone or black, bombers chicken-scratch or black. Black redgill on either.
  6. Bought my 3 tube at the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers show several years ago, love the bag. Supposedly it had a blemish so it was significantly less than normal and it has been great.
  7. The general store is open odd hours, no restaurants but the oyster place in the harbor opens up around 12 for an hour or three. Fishing club is great place to stay, no breakfast in the fall, bring your own food and use their kitchen. No tackle shop at all, bring what you need. As far as spots, the whole place looks fishy. New rules on golf carts, consider bringing a bike or seeing if you can get a golf cart from a local.
  8. Scotty at Hreen Harbor Bait and Tackle is all about the tuna, he speaks at seminars and routinely places in tournaments. He is an excellent guy for tuna knowledge out of Marshfield and the shop is well stocked.
  9. I have a pair of older sergeants and really old manleys, both have stood the test of time and perform well. I do rinse and oil them regularly and they perform as well as when I bought them 15 or so years ago. Nail clipper for braid and yes, they have cut some hooks out of me and others. I use holdzit sheaths and drilled holes in both for a lanyard.
  10. Last summer on the way home with my wife from a rare date (pair of kids 8 and 10) I convinced her to stop by a marina I fish occasionally. Just happened to have a rod in my truck... beautiful night, very romantic and then we walked the end of the dock and saw the hatch, mood killed and no fish to boot.
  11. I have run into a few hatches in the Duxbury/Marshfield area, awesome to watch, not so much to fish. So many I was picking up a bunch of the little buggers on whaterever lure I was throwing. Bass all around lazily slurping them on top. What a sight.
  12. I am guilty of plug hoarding and equipment spending as well. That being said, I fish one of two rods 99% of the time and end up using 6 lures, 3 by day and 3 by night for just about all of my fishing. Redfin, bomber, eelskin a40, saltpro, pencil and spook. A bucktail and sluggo make regular appearances as well. With all of that, many (maybe most) of my fish come on a black redgill, the cheapest and smallest item in my bag.
  13. It’s a big ****e sandwich being made right now and everyone - comma, recs and charters are all eventually going to have a big bite of it. Crocodile tears will be shed, many will lament the loss of income and way of life. Sadly, nothing meaningful is going to happen until there is a total panic and then a moratorium will be instituted. IMHO another moratorium isn’t a question of if, but when. My best guess is 2-4 years away. The massacre of big fish has been getting worse and worse, just like before the last moratorium.
  14. That’s a great idea.
  15. Never heard of the blue striper but I have made many Redfin baby striper replicas with silver and black sharpies. They are my bright night special. Never done it with the 5 inch version.