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  1. Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski: "I'm struggling" over whether to support Trump's re-election bid First of many? Will Collins be next?
  2. yes
  3. Just saw this posted by a local guide who knows his stuff. Of 380 fish caught only 2 were small keepers, and this is a well respected guide and area.
  4. Big fish are still around, but the numbers and frequency are continuing to drop. Regularly hooking a fish that pulls drag and gets the adrenaline flowing means wading through hours of shorts, scouting and more patience than some are willing to show. I kinda feel like we are at a breaking point for some anglers who may scale down their fishing or cut way back on time and $ spent on the sport. Yes, bigger fish may be a week or two late due to delayed spawn, but the fact that there are significantly fewer truly big fish is likely to be a bigger part of the equation. Time to get rid of conservation equivalency and other half measures and start talking moratorium and game fish status.
  5. I make sure my wife has the time, space and things she needs to pursue her passions: yoga and biking. In return I get what I need to satisfy my addiction as well. She goes on 2-3 weekend yoga retreats a year and I get 2-3 away from home weekend fishing trips a year. I regularly (4-7 nights a week during the summer) fish late at night or “stupid early” pre-sunrise when the wife and kids are in bed, so I am not missed. For me it’s about negotiation and taking my shot when I can.
  6. I will give this a shot too.
  7. Rear trebles are pinched on just about everything I throw. Removed on others.
  8. Read your post, thought about it and I agree. Going to leave them alone.
  9. Used a CCW darter for the first time a few nights ago and caught. I like to replace rear treble with siwash when possible, will this affect the lures action? How about VMC inline? Also how about the mini-darter?
  10. Found on the beach, south shore yesterday. Kind of a rare sight around here.
  11. Was it end of July they opened up those spots last year? Funny how early fall all those storms weeded out the beach then late fall was on fire.
  12. Bridge is open, saw someone fishing it and there were beach rangers nearby so I’m assuming it’s ok. Over sand still a no go but maybe parking On the road and walking over? Probably a pipe dream with plovers and terns nesting.
  13. Coop put me into the “right” color and location for my first false albacore and his wife passed out the chocolate chip cookies while I listened. Feel like I got an expert level tutorial in false albacore fishing for the price of 3 hogy metals which all ended up catching.