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  1. What is the lure range for this rod?
  2. I'll take it local pick, pm to arrange, thanks.
  3. I'll take it, will send check, just need your info.
  4. I'll take if deal falls through with Sol.
  5. Ok, can do regular PayPal if you like.
  6. How about $25 for both pay by check?
  7. I'll take boga grip assembly tool if still available, lost mine to Sandy. Thanks
  8. Great St. Croix series, two of my four are 8 footers over 20 years old, still catching fish look almost new.
  9. Wish I had seen this early.
  10. Years ago a tan and white clouser let me catch a 10 plus lb. boner wading the ocean side flats by the Baiha Honda bridge, water was deeper on clear sandy flats.
  11. Bought my 9ft Mojo from Charleston couple years ago at good price, still catching bass and blues thanks to that good man.
  12. Great outfit, great buy, look out bass!
  13. Do you ever come to Toms River Seaside area, very interested?
  14. Maybe Tomorrow morning some time possible.