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  1. She just had her hair cut, you should have seen her before that. She is a political figure and takes her appearance seriously.
  2. Speaking of ghetto nicknames, I've been wondering what the black militants call the white girls who march up front in the protests. I know it has to be cool and funny as hell.
  3. Never touch another man's hat
  4. Summer and Love, hmmm, that rings a bell.
  5. "shot multiple times" , not a stray bullet.
  6. Define worship.
  7. The people who "still" worship Obama, complaining about Trump flags.
  8. Barr wants to get everyone involved rounded up, so they can be Epstiened, before they rat on Trump. They libs are thinking up the facts, right now.
  9. Bradley Edwards, a lawyer who represented Jefferey Epstein’s victims, stated in court documents that Trump had barred Epstein from his Mar-A-Lago estate “because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club.”
  10. I usually stick to reality, but that's just me. I have to admit, the lib's fantasies are more entertaining.
  11. Did Trump ban him from Mara Lago ?
  12. and Trump banned JE from Mara Lago
  13. Thanks for the vid, I saw it on the news, but they cut it before the bodies flew. Hopefully there are no copy-cats, you know one person starts it, then everyone wants to do it.. LOL
  14. Never used to carry an extra mag. 20 years ago, I read an article in Guns and Ammo, I think, that stated in fatal gun fights, the lethal bullet is fired in the first 3 shots, 94% of the time. Things have changed, I went from a little 380, to a 9mm with an extra mag.
  15. I've pondered this question myself, I'm going with compulsive liars.
  16. Happy 4th
  17. It's not jumping ship, it's bending a knee.
  18. Big Don said "I'm in charge". All the Dem governors screamed, you're not the king, we are in charge. When did that change?
  19. Same old playbook, heard Al Gore give a speech in the early 90s, proposing building large apartment buildings, next to factories, so everyone could walk to work. That would eliminate excessive driving and help control GW. NAFTA ruined that plan. They hate happy people, enjoying their lives.
  20. No, but Obama could have provided Ukraine with defensive weapons and tech support. He wouldn't even sell them defensive weapons, after the USA and Russia promised Ukraine a perpetual guarantee of sovereignty and territorial integrity, if they gave up their nukes. Low point for American trustworthiness on the world stage. Obama could have at least told Vlad to "Cut it out"
  21. No need to invite Putin to the WH, he already gave him Crimea.
  22. LOL , the Pats get fined for not cheating again.