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  1. It's a lie every where else in the world.
  2. Sunday night game ! Better then, than at the end of the year, lot of new players, less film to watch.
  3. Ben Roethlisberger ready for “normalcy” after “crazy” few years
  4. Just read this, seems the leftists who loved things Obama did, are now upset that Trump is doing the same things. Hypocrisy ?
  5. So now it comes out, the polls were 3 months old, prior to the release of the Mueller report. Not fake, but old presented as new.
  6. "Each day in our nation, there are an average of over 3,041 attempts by young people grades 9-12. If these percentages are additionally applied to grades 7 & 8, the numbers would be higher." from CDC, re suicide. Wonder why this is.
  7. Did China and Ukraine donate ?
  8. Trump was right, they all do it. The MSM and DC politicians are pissed that Trump told the truth, again.
  9. A lot of buzz about rookie RB, Benny Snell. After OTAs, many of the sports media are predicting he will be the number one back by midseason. Good genes, Matt Snell is his uncle.
  10. Only fair, tit for tat.
  11. Shows who the haters are.
  12. Biden could do it with his eyes closed.
  13. His horrific season kicking a football for the Steelers last year has not cost Chris Boswell his job. At least not yet. by Ed Bouchette Boswell has delayed his 2m bonus due in March until the start of the season. If he took the bonus he was being released. Maybe Art II is wising up.
  14. Too funny coming from the Pats fan who can't stay out of the Steeler thread and has started more Steeler threads than me. I never woory ! LOL
  15. We're building up for the game, still have three months to go. I try to talk about football but the Pats trolls keep derailing. I'd suggest, if the thread bothers you, don't read it.
  16. On May 11, 2015, the NFL announced that Tom Brady was suspended without pay for four games of the upcoming season for his involvement, based on "substantial and credible evidence" that Brady knew Patriots employees were deflating footballs and that he failed to cooperate with investigators. #TelltheTruth
  17. more blips Strong Arctic sea-ice growth this year Andy May / February 24, 2019 Guest Post by Javier February is not over, and Arctic sea-ice extent is already over half a million square kilometers higher than last year at this day. The growing season has not ended, and 2019 Arctic sea-ice extent is already higher than the previous four years and six out of the last 14 years.
  18. I fished for them on a kayak trip along the coast of British Columbia, but didn't catch any, so I wasn't sure. Thanks
  19. oops How are the global warming alarmists going to explain this one? Major Greenland glacier is GROWING not shrinking Thursday, April 04, 2019 by: Tracey Watson Tags: arctic ice cap, climate change, climate science, Ecology, environ, environment, glaciers, global warming, goodclimate, goodscience, Greenland, Jakobshavn glacier, melting glaciers, real investigations, real science, rising sea levels 6,480Views
  20. Yep Government does not have feelings. Government does not care about you. Live your life accordingly.
  21. Chemical castration does not protect the future victims. Rape and sexual abuse are not about sex, they are about power and control. If their wang doesn't work they will use their fist or a broom stick.
  22. Well, using that logic, Brady was suspended for 4 games for cheating, guess that proves he is a cheater. The morals clause Ben violated said No BJs in public. lol
  23. Any proof Ben tried to take "it for free by force", the DA said not enough to prosecute, equals Not Guilty. Why do Pats fans need to make stuff up ?