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  1. Game reminded me of the old AFL, lots of scoring, lots of turn overs, lots of penalties. Football has been going down hill, since they started letting them play indoors.
  2. Boys will be boys, keep up the good work of educating those that require more than a stern word.
  3. They deny you a CC for defending yourself.....F'n Nazis ! SC won't honor my PA CC either, always unload and lock my gun in the trunk, going through there.
  4. Knew a bar owner who shot a guy twice in spring gobbler season. The shootee was with his son, in some bushes, hit his call and Cliff (shooter) cut loose. What amazed me was that Cliff laughed about it, in fact he placed one of those hunting machines in his bar. He would play and often yell, "oops shot another hunter". No serious injuries resulted in the shooting. Talking to a friend, told him if I ever did something like that, I'd quit hunting, and be ashamed to show my face, prolly move.
  5. Premature celebration.
  6. Hummm, you know the deplorable Thanksgiving routine You are bigoted regarding homosexual behaviors Are you sure you are a liberal ?
  7. Mexicans telling Hondurans to go home. Who knew Mexicans supported Trump !
  8. From what I've read SAF did all the work getting the Heller case through the courts, and they are much more involved in the actual filing of cases. Less talk, more action.
  9. Just in : Trump will have Les Nessman drop turkeys to the caravan for Thanksgiving !
  10. He did that so that liberals who never held a rake, would know what he was talking about. Very considerate of him.
  11. Agree with that, one franchise tag per player, over the course their career
  12. You have made false claims before. If you don't want people to talk about you , why post in a thread you don't care about ?