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  1. WOW, how did Brady even get up, after that roughing the passer penalty ! What, he didn't even get knocked down ? Wait a minute, he didn't even get touched. It's obvious why Brady has a low number of roughing the passer penalties called on the defense, players are afraid to go near him. What idiot wrote that article ?
  2. "You just go and lay your hand On a Pittsburgh Steelers' fan And I think you're gonna finally understand !" Charlie gets it !
  3. Good job. you found someone who worships the Pats more than you.
  4. Good, but you forgot bullet licking gun nut. Still, 4 out of 5 stars
  5. Trump will never appoint them.
  6. Been using Gillette for a long time, just ordered my first Harry's. Been thinking about trying them for a couple of years, this motivated me. Any gheys that want to call me names, feel free.
  7. Liberals did that in the 60s, Gillette survived.
  8. Another Dreamer
  9. Look boys, no soys !
  10. 8 in a row is impressive, and has destroyed my belief in karma.
  11. So you are angry that Trump is using the KKK (Dem), strategies ?
  12. Bell was upset with the organization for tagging him a second time, he didn't return texts from team mates either. Brown had his agent call for him, what a *unt. But do continue your mind reading, it's entertaining.
  13. I guess when you have nothing to offer, you yell Trump.
  14. .Tim Benz: Jerry Rice makes insane comments about Steelers' Antonio Brown . When asked about the notion of the 49ers trying to acquire Brown, Rice blew off any belief that the disgruntled star would be a clubhouse problem, simply pinning his insubordination on his unhappiness with Mike Tomlin’s relationship with Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh. ”He wants to get out,” Rice said of Brown. “But this guy, he is a team player.” Is he? Since when ? .