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  1. Just calling a spade a spade. Those mean names don't stick unless there is some truth to them, just like a good meme.
  2. Never, "double tap" the block button !
  3. Read a book by Alvin Toffler in the early 70s, "Future Shock", from what I remember he felt that with the coming tech advancements people would experience "information overload" , and shut down to everything but their own life. He may have been on to something.
  4. You can't expect someone with an attention span of 2 minutes to watch a 38 minute vid. Just saying.
  5. I think England tried to take the guns from the colonist, sometimes what is happening in front of your eyes trumps history.
  6. Someone who loves their county, and is not black, brown yellow, red or any shade of the afore mentioned.
  7. First time they will be able to fill an auditorium, all candidates and relatives.
  8. I heard her blabbing about being brave. Open the borders and face the invading horde with courage.
  9. Parent lets son borrow car, kills someone while drinking, parent co-conspirator.
  10. When are we going to tear down the Alamo. After all it is a memorial to southern slave owners, who went to war with Mexico for the right to keep their slaves, when they moved to Mexico. Slavery was illegal in Mexico, which was a significant problem for the new settler/slave owners. Solution, secede from Mexico.
  11. Do you think 2 years military service, might have "woke" them to dangers in the real world. Of course they do have missile attacks and the constant fear of invavion to stiffen their spines.
  12. Yep, some dude on SOL has verified the dossier, because Page was in Russia.
  13. I can't wait to see him debate AOC and the group.
  14. I wonder if any of our members contributed to the dossier ? We have some members who have vigorously defended it.