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  1. I went to the Carnegie Museum, to attended an exhibit of western art and guns from the Winchester Museum, in Cody Wyoming. An expert on western art gave a lecture, which I attended. On the stage he had several paintings, one of which I recognized. It showed a wagon train coming out of a canyon, with the sun on the horizon, in front of them. It looked to me like they were getting ready to camp after a long day on the trail. Boy was I wrong. The "expert" proceeded to inform the crowd that this painting showed the dawning of a new day, as the pioneers set out to start a new life, symbolized by their heading into the rising sun. The crowd nodded in agreement. Was I the only one that knew the sun rises in the east? Experts, meh
  2. Well, a democrat walking his dog, can be racist.
  3. You missed my point, the Intelligence community told Bush, Iraq had WMDs, the UN agreed, as did NATO allies. The same IC that said Russia hacked the DNC computers, without looking at them. The same IC that said Trump colluded with Russia. The IC seems incompetent or corrupt. Bush was working with bad information, Trump was smart enough to stop his IC briefings.
  4. Yea, he could make either one a very lucrative position. Can a Drug Czar establish a foundation ?
  5. Secretary of State. He can renew all of Hillary's "contacts".
  6. You do care.
  7. 17 agencies said they had WMDs. Hummm !
  8. The Bidens are a sick bunch.
  9. The teacher didn't know there were cameras in the school ?
  10. Knees will not last a season. Maybe try him at tight end, I heard Gronk Quit. LOL
  11. You post in the Jets thread, are you experiencing anxiety ? You seem overly concerned with my wellbeing.
  12. Removing the valedictorian is just putting a band aid on the problem. We need to get at the root of the problem, grades. Bad grades, cause hurt feelings, eliminate them.
  13. Agree, I just brought up the fact that Gronk waiting until after free agency to retire, may have been the reason the Pats had to pick up a 38 year old TE. It made one fan hysterical and he started blabbering about who went to the Kentucky Derby, as proof of something. I know they'll be fine. See you in September !
  14. Gronk F'ed the Pats. I'm so worried, I can't stop laughing.