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  1. Do you realize one group burned down the town and the other group assembled peacefully ? Extra credit. Can you guess which group did which ?
  2. Well, they can't get a voter ID, so Harvard is pretty damn impressive.
  3. I'll need to see a video of the police firing into a peaceful crowd, to even think of believing that one. "Pretty sure", "highly doubt", you got nothing !
  4. Sorry for your loss.
  5. I know two Trump hating libs, both have said they can't vote for Biden, obvious mental impairments. Trump is OK.
  6. I'm just going by what Barr said. "U.S. Atty. Gen. William Barr criticized Apple Inc. on Monday for not helping investigators unlock iPhones belonging to the alleged mastermind of a Dec. 6 terrorist attack at a Navy base in Florida." LA Times
  7. Money
  8. Would be nice, but Apple wont even open terrorist's phones for the DOJ to get info. They will not help.
  9. Sounds like some people are getting ready for another loss. What time does the EO come out ?
  10. Just ordered one, thanks for the tip.
  11. Someone posted the vid on here last week. I watched it, slow day. He truly savages the New Green Deal, explains how it is based on fossil fuels, and the biomass burning is just insane. I thought he had a flash of satori, but he finishes like a good lib, capitalism will kill us all. I'll bet AOC is sooooo mad !
  12. Can IV poles be considered man made objects and be moved without penalty ?
  13. No electricity
  14. I'll bet she is for open borders and employs illegal aliens.