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  1. Lucky your wife supports you.
  2. The power rankings have the Pats at 18th, seems they don't agree with the Pats fans.
  3. Yes you did, I don't need to look anything up, my memory is still intact. I'll take 12-4 over 7-9 anytime. I don't know if the Steelers will make the playoffs, but I'm glad you spend sooo much time worrying about them. You sound scared, maybe a little whistling past the grave yard ? .
  4. If he didn't vote for Biden, he is not black.
  5. You picked the Browns to win the division the last 2 years, you are always wrong !
  6. The Steelers 7th round. Pressly Harvin III "Harvin is an interesting case. At 5-foot-11 and 263 pounds, he doesn’t look like an elite NFL athlete much less a punter. But he might have been the best punter in all of college football last season. He won the Ray Guy award and had a 48-yard net average. Last season Harvin also gained notoriety for showing off an impressive arm on a long touchdown pass on a fake punt." I think he will win the starting job and improve the punting game, which was poor at critical times last year. Tomlin says open competition for back up QB, between Haskins and Rudolf. Hope Haskins gets straightened out, by being in a quality organization.
  7. You made up the power rankings yourself ?
  8. Midway is sold out of most LTL ammo, but I got a box of Lightfield medium range, 700 fps. I honestly never looked at LTL before, it's more impressive than expected. I have a Tac 12 ga with a light and lazar, should work out well. Thanks again.
  9. Thought you didn't listen to the "talking heads" ? The Steelers are putting a lot of faith in two young tackles Banner and Chukes, enough faith that they let Al V walk. Solid at guard, Dotson and DeCastro, with a new TE "Baby Gronk" Center is a question mark, Steelers hoping 3rd round draft choice K Green will win the starting job. The new line will have a "meaner" disposition with a new Oline coach and a new OC. New OC Matt Canada, lots of motion and misdirection, QB under center. If Ben can't cut it, next man up. Tomlin has been talking up Haskins lately.. Add last years #1 college running back, Najee Harris and the future looks good.
  10. Well, last night's game had one of the most interesting starts that I can remember. NHL should be proud.
  11. "Patriot nation"
  12. 'Tragic': Durango, Colorado, woman killed in apparent bear attack after taking her dogs for a walk John Bacon, USA TODAY Mon, May 3, 2021, 9:07 AM·2 min
  13. I'd be shooting from inside the house, 45-70 for back up.