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  1. Baldwin might have been dead, but he voted Dem in the last two elections.
  2. Quit betting on sports after the Hagler vs Leonard fight.
  3. Hunter's laptop?
  4. Yep, unbelievable someone would admit to researching Biden and still vote for him.
  5. Why do you want to limit people's right to vote for the candidate of their choice? Didn't you research Biden before you voted for him?
  6. A Dem started this thread about limiting voter rights, but only pay attention to what a Rep said.
  7. The Dem is wanting to deny people the right vote for politicians of a certain age. Limiting their vote.
  8. A Dem started this thread, but babble on,
  9. Allegations lol Now do the Biden family.
  10. Oz is weak on 2A, pro red flag laws, holds a Turkish citizenship and served in the Turkish army. Running against a Vet, who is shooting black weapons in his commercials. Oz will need to win big in eastern half of the state to have a chance.
  11. I don't disagree, I just think both problems are caused by uninformed/stupid voters. I don't see anyway to fix this.
  12. If this is for me, I think age limits and term limits are ways to get rid of politicians some don't like, by circumventing the voting process.
  13. Me too. Why is the left asking for age limits?
  14. I've never said anything about term limits. This thread is about age limits. Got anything?
  15. Sounds like the left is saying, we need laws to keep us from making stupid decisions.