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  1. bringing a large cooler for livewell purposes as fish over 6 pounds will be released, deal with it :cheers:
  2. hey buddy boy! you either die a hero or live long enough to become a rail yam
  3. i will reenact the whole thing for all interested and uninterested parties. if tim didnt put us in exactly the right spot i never would of had a chance, it got quiet for a minute then bam. thing didnt even know it was hooked & went to the bottom like 4 or 5 times. then tims fish minutes after, then back to a normal pick. theres a wolf pack of these bruisers out there, id pay to see this crew on video.
  4. probably 100 years old. eyeballs the size of a vikings fist
  5. thank you for that tom. biggest one anybody ever seen. first they only wanted to give me 15 then 16 then 17 but tim called to admit it was larger, alot larger, until we settled on 20. well i settled on 20. due to the freshwater rod multiplier and slippity handling. thats a good reason to fumble as any i think
  6. not available. he made a move but as kneel is my witness, yuge. or as he put it, an important fish (for an important person). tom just kept going why why why. tim hugged me before i had a short breakdown of sorts. it was going back anyway, we've since moved on want to see the 2nd biggest fish of the day? substantial on its own. 8 pounders were like a let down after awhile
  7. mcniffffff, are you in on this boondoggle
  8. cannot confrim looney but if theres a soundtrack to these trips, its this
  9. trigger wrist. i like that yeah so get this, timmy was sayin they did a study. tog can live for 70 years or something. he estimated mine to be like 50 years old it was yuge
  10. nobody does, all we know is that after we clip balloons to their fins with clothespins and some string it'll be alot easier to find the big ones. hope you put a beating on those bronze bass this year
  11. all manner of beads, spinners, and whizz bang do dads should be deployed whenever possible, keep things moving and flashing down there, keep them interested. if tim has taught us anything over the years its that tog are very curious and photogenic
  12. hey bud, did i miss any tales & lies?
  13. we did, kids and sharks - perfect together
  14. damn i cant remember. think it was d2 in NY