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  1. You see he mooched on it anyway?
  2. Gas pump the wrong place to be lookin for extra coin these days. He probably figured Toyota’s fuel efficient and skipped over the chevy guys
  3. Bouta get harder he keeps talking that mess
  4. Bro can you hook us up with pills
  5. It’s kinda like seaside but nobody cleans up garbage or maintains anything. Stones kicked all over the sidewalks, dried puke pretty much everywhere. Just gotta manage expectations
  6. That test is no joke, we helped an Irish friend study for it last year and I’d probably fail
  7. That’s the main point bru
  8. Ex nfl and current Canadian football guy Brandon somebody charged with assault, United guy got fired already. Any questions?
  9. Seconded recess in middle school?? This explains a few things about that area
  10. This is for doc hop not douggie so please do not click on it
  11. Sir would you like to check a bag or THESE HANDS There’s a longer video, homie might get paid but he def swung first and was slapping the crap out of fat boy before the dude attempted to defend himself
  12. Kancho but I didn’t know my uncle was Japanese
  13. If me and mine were victim to tire tracks (gasp!) nobody would call the cops. Yet here we are
  14. fair enough bro, I would ask that you not make us think this hard on a Monday going forward
  15. I guess you gotta weigh it popper, seems like something is telling you to act. Before you do anything make sure it can’t blowback on your family like dingy said. Maybe talk or over with the wife or a trusted friend who you can share more details with for a sanity check