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  1. ^^ see. This is what happens when Tim started letting just anyone in
  2. Good copy on that. They couldn’t even do me a reach around and hi Jack it like they do every other got damn thing. Pearls before swine…
  3. And yo, mercy post takes a full hour bro. Not 37 minutes. Unless you were launching preemptive strike of mercy, in which case I think that can slide but not everybody
  4. It was a longshot from jump street. We plow on.
  5. I don’t think my last topic got much shine from you dilweeds so let’s pick it up with the participation. meet randy Williams, the sultan of slowjamastan. An actual place now. All hail!
  6. That’s been done to death here I think
  7. Scientists Record the First ‘Virgin Birth’ in a Crocodile A female American crocodile living in captivity reproduced without a mate there are stories like this out there and you all want to argue about global warming and covid stuff. Somebody done ****ed a crocodile
  8. Otter


    Well that puts a damper on doesn’t it
  9. Otter


    Well we have stuff to do, they’d never expect us. They’d say oh no Billybob he’s probably retrofitting superchargers and catching fish, feeding the people. He’s got no time for these things. Everyone would nod in agreement and speak well of you. They would drink to your name
  10. Otter


    That’s hilarious. Wait, y’all have picnics??
  11. Otter


    Half of you crybabies plug Marlboros. My kid didn’t think he should have to work today due to the smoke affecting his lungs, so I retrieved his 3 footer and made a face. He went to work
  12. He convinced me I was in the wrong and did not end up getting a handle on him. We used to spend a day collecting racers then release a bucket in my buddies little brothers Guido house parties… pumping music, fists pumping lights flashing then suddenly, snakes
  13. Good grab buddy. When Lakehurst base was open for fishing permits I came across a big pine snake, tried to flip him in the boat at bass lake, thing turned on me and reared up like a cobra, I was surprised how game he was, like a racer on steroids
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