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  1. Big fan of Honda small engines gonna check the pawn shops first for something legit like that but I'm under the gun here and undergunned, might need to make a move
  2. This is tight, good call sir
  3. That's fantastic man congrats
  4. what do you need to do Francis
  5. Not this d-bag now. New category Francis grade
  6. Nightmare fuel, replace the sponge with vedder that's exactly what I'm concerned with here
  7. Thanks for visiting you can head back now, off you go
  8. Their miserable lives and the inability to take the pants suit L, in a nut shell
  9. you don't bail on almost 4 acres, plow it and throw up a prefab worst case. im in a short sale foreclosure now, stole it but took 6 months to close
  10. Hey man what you do on your free time is your bidness this is a no judgement zone and a billybob endorsed safe space
  11. Other side of 9 off oak, within pickup & dropoff distance for the mud city drunk bus free uber bro
  12. It needs a little love. The pool. The firebox is cracked, luckily dads a mason and I'm getting some artisan stone work for free, need to replace slider in kitchen, uncle is a GC and doing it for a song. It's still a steal and I'm a low class big shot with 2 properties now mom is proud, 2 blocks from little mans best friend, what can possibly go wrong? Besides jases outer space valuation
  13. Probably not. No
  14. I can literally drive quads out my garage and be at couches pit in 10 minutes, I searched for a year for this place