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  1. No ladders buddy, let’s put them boys to work
  2. ^^ can’t take a pic of his drivers license and upload properly
  3. That’s what I’m saying bob. Heck hood, your boy is on the kraken. I also use trust wallet and signed up for binance trying to figure out btt mokes we have a dedicated team of specialists working to resolve your matter thank you for your consideration durokg covid
  4. Do you want to be a stalker tho
  5. They use etherium as an example but same same for cardano
  6. Tell them you want big dough and see if it changes your mind. Or join the crypto bros and get rich while being in one of the premiere clubs available on Sol
  7. Well. Leaving it open shouldn’t matter but I hear ya, the bits and bytes get where they’re going eventually and you see it as a staked asset rather than a regular crypto asset. The removal process from one to the other is scary time
  8. That’s good news, will keep the O’s in our prayers
  9. Try and stake from the site not the app, it took awhile to go thru after disappearing for what seemed like a long time Then an hour or 2 later, poof staked and up 35%
  10. You can just not there. From what I’m gathering you will need to convert to USDT, buy Tether (or ETH but they take more per trade) and trade for BTT, I’m still not sure tho. It’s similar to bingus, kinda wonky. Will report back once I figure this all out
  11. Elon does SNL this weekend, expect movement crypto bros. Buckle everything, stand firm and there’s a new dog(e) in town, his names BitTorrent. .007 set to explode thru decentralized file storage partnership with coldstack, the “uber for cloud” guys. Should be a good year for BTT
  12. Home built and any kind of flying passenger vehicle probably shouldn’t intermingle but hey I mean what happens if a long hair tried to fly it
  13. Wayne could you report to the doge thread and drop some wisdom, Adam is freaking out
  14. Well buddy I can only harken back to a tussle with a ~25lb tog (witnessed/confirmed by mayor tom, kaneel himself, and also Timmy honcho) using my buzzbait rod and a little freshwater baitcaster, that fish had more than a fair chance and that’s what makes it sporty and a good time. Sad kneel hours after tho, he was insulted by 8 pounders saying “what’s the point”